How do you get up and exercise in the morning?

Tiffany T.
I started by just waking up and having a coffee for a month then I started waking up and stretching for 21 days. Fabulous says that to create a habit first you need to create space for the habit. After the 21 days, I started just walking for 10 mins and increased from there gradually. You really do have to take it slow and do it every day.
Dominic E.
Set my mind before going to bed. Set my clothing out to be prepared. Set my alarm early and got 1 snooze allowed walk 3/4 mile
Roberto Z.
Is really important to be motivated, found what’s driving you towards this especific goal (be more healthy, get productive, loose some weight, etc..) and once you have it prepare everything you need to do it, recognize the main obstacles and build an estrategy to fight them back. You can start from that! And definitely Fabulous is going to help you a lot as it has helped me!
Delmano C.
I think you should start by getting up and drinking water and/or wash your face to wake yourself up a bit. The rest (the exercise portion) is up to you.
Ermina N.
I honestly dont like exercising in the morning,but some of my tips would be to:drink a bottle of water,try getting up as soon as you wake up,get enough sleep and stretch out!
Hashba U.
You need to have some motivation to get up in the morning. I ask my friend to accompany me for my early morning walk. This way I am obliged to wake up so that my friend will remind me to go even if I don't want. So my best tip will be to make someone accountable.
Nino Q.
First of all, I like to stretch my body while still in bed. Then get up, splash my face with water and maybe dance a little, finally I do get my exercise mat and work out!
Autumn X.
It's honestly really hard, but it also helps me to know I don't have to do a hard core workout, ex. this morning I did a simple stretching working to ease my sore muscles but still know I did something. For me the biggest struggle is getting it done in the morning rather than the evening but I'm working towards fixing that and possibly even doing both, a light work out in the morning to get me going and a more intense workout at the gym in the evening to feel accomplished.
Taryn Q.
I prepare the night before. I lay out my workout clothes, set a bedtime reminder, and plan the workout I’m going to do. This way all I have to do is wake up and everything is all set! It helps to check the weather, if you know it’s supposed to rain, plan for an indoor workout so you’re less likely to use it as an excuse to skip. And have a plan b ready, if you didn’t sleep well or wake up feeling stiff, having an alternative like yoga or foam rolling as a back up help to minimize the chances of skipping.
Alexander C.
I get up when the kids wake up at 7, try to get some work (WFH) done. When my partner takes the kids to daycare, I'll take an hour (using Les Mills or another app), exercise between 30-45 minutes, then get on with my day after my shower. Life happens, I don't beat myself up about it. If I can't get a full workout in or it's a rest day, I either do the 8 or 10 minute set in th Fabulous app, or an evening yoga session when the kids are asleep.
Chloe U.
I find that just convincing yourself to do 5 minutes of exercise at least is motivation enough to get me out of bed. Anything worth doing is worth doing just a little bit!
Briella Q.
I normally have a motivation, like I run cross country and track and I strive to get better than my peers that’s my motivation but what’s yours?
Araksi T.
At first I was using alarm, I was doing exercises in my pajamas (it's comfortable and you feel free), but these last 2 days I woke up before the alarm and I think it's great.
מאיה אריאלי N.
I use the blogilates morning routine in YouTube! She’s super fun to wake up to and it’s a pretty easy exercise that still gives you a bit of energy to start the day.
Carleigh B.
I have an exercise buddy!! I found it very hard to motivate myself to exercise in the morning on my own because my alarm would go off, and then I would come up with some excuse for why I should not exercise and then fall back asleep. However, exercising with a friend helps keep me accountable!! And is fun socialization 🙂 A lot of my friends live far away so we will do an ab workout and/or cardio workout just over FaceTime
Jennifer E.
I do exercise in the afternoon, after school. I get ready to get out feeling strong and exited, because I always feel good after doing exercise. And then I either ride on my bike, play a sport, or just walk with my family.
Katie U.
It is very hard at beginning, I tried many times before I made it as my routine. You need to celebrate with something when you do work out, some sort of motivation to do it next time.
Gabi W.
I try to think about how exercising will make me feel after I do it. It does not feel too great in the moment but I know I will feel great after I am finished!
Gaspard C.
Depends on the day, some days I have early morning practice for sports, and other days I like to do something simple, like go for a bike ride, yoga, shoot some hoops, or maybe an early morning jog
Heidi Z.
i try to go to bed early so i won’t complain too much in the morning, then i get some breakfast and go outside to exercise.
M Ni X.
I wake up always early. But about the exercise, try to put your phone away from your bed, so you can get up and do what you should do.
Cory P.
I get up, drink some water, and start with a little stretching. Then, i turn on my favourite playlist and dance, or i do some yoga! Sometimes, if im in the mood, i go downstairs and run or walk on the treadmill.
Maggie Z.
The day before I just think about it and Im get excited for when the next day hits us Im pumped and get energy sometimes.
Victoria N.
It's been 34 days but today I just did the one minute workout. I feel bad about it- so I suppose that's your answer! Every other day I've been up and doing a ten minute workout. I suppose it's important to make it accessible and to make it short and to make it important to you.
Patricia X.
I wake up and I, after I pray, I start stretching and, after that, I go, I drink a cup of water, then I go and do my exercises. After I finish them, I go and eat breakfast.
Zoe O.
I keep my morning exercise simple, taking about 8-10 minutes to stretch and breathe.
I have a space for stretching that faces a window and try to begin during sunrise because that helps me wake up and focus
I don’t eat breakfast beforehand, just starting the day with some water so I start feeling refreshed and with the promise of a good breakfast after movement