How do I stay committed?

Floor Q.
First of all I keep in mind why I am doing it. If present me starts a routine now, future me will be super happy I did.
Secondly, I write out my routine, including how long I want to spend time on it. It then become easier to do because you literally just do what is on the paper; in that order. Also if you have less time for whatever reason, ut is easier to see what part you could skip instead of just skipping the whole routine.
Lastly, I try to engage other people. For example, when I am not feeling my best and have no energy to exercise in the morning and I am at my parents; I go with my mom on her morning walk with the dog. After we usually have a nice breakfast together.

And an extra tip: get a dog 😉 It really forces you to have a steady routine because you need to take care him or her. It then is a lot easier to implement thing in that routine for yourself.