How to exercise 3 time per week?

Bethany Q.
Okay so start small. With a three minute stretch, then a short 7 minute work out, followed by 3 more minutes of stretching. You can also go on morning/evening runs or walks, or simply walk around your house while you’re watching something or listening to music. Some sort of exercise is better than none.
Wade N.
I usually work out almost every day of the week and I have three types of workouts my leg workouts my arm workouts and my ab workouts
Alice Z.
Find creative, nontraditional ways to get some activity in! For example, I consider doing laundry exercise for me because it requires a lot of carrying, walking, and spinning.
Victor P.
Start with small, quick and easy workouts. Then add to it. I started off with sit-ups and push-ups. Now I have a 15 minute workout in the works