How do you prepare for an exercise in advance?

Kiwi N.
The night before take out your workout clothes, put the water bottle that you want to fill near the cloths, I’m short keep everything you need handy.
Rose O.
Schedule it and treat it as an important event. Prepare what you will be dressing.
I find it easier to have a fixed schedule, I personally exercise 3 times a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Samantha F.
I usually make sure to choose the program I will follow early. So when the time comes to exercise I know exactly what to do 🙂
Graf X.
Since I dance in the morning, In the evening I think of what song I want to dance to/what choreography I want to do and what makes me feel good
Fateme R.
Hello there! These days I’m busy with my exams so I change my exercise routine to go for a 15 min walk to university. I mean I change it to something that mostly match my time and energy. I hope it works
April P.
You should stretch well your muscles because it might hurt your body, just by doing a leg stretch, arm stretch and neck stretch
Janet E.
I make up my mind the night before that I am going to exercise in the morning. I keep my clothes and shoes ready. And also I go to bed early to have enough sleep so that I don’t feel too tired when I wake up.
Katsa Y.
Put your workoutclothes somewhere easily accessible, possibly in the order you're going to put them on. Lay a towel somewhere easily accessible. Put together your outfit for tomorrow and pack your bag in advance. This saves a ton of time! You will prevent the "I won't have time for this, I should just skip it" thoughts. Go to sleep at a reasonable time, being tired from sleeploss certainly won't help your motivation to work out in the morning.
Terry E.
I get into comfortable workout clothes, pull my hair back, make sure I'm wearing gym shoes, and do some stretching to loosen up my body
Kalinka B.
I make sure the space at home is comfortable enough to exercise and I also look for standing up aerobics thats 30min so I am moving but not taking up too much space or paying for the gym.
Tara Y.
I will wear some comfortable clothes and shoes. And wear headphones to listen to songs.. and warm-up and then drink some water.
Ida W.
I make sure I am following a weekly exercise program( usually a fitness YouTuber of my choice)

At night time I prepare my workout clothes and ensure my Fitbit, towel, and water bottle are ready to go the next morning for my workout.

Allison S.
Depends on the exercise I've chosen to do. If I'm walking, I get my shoes and clothes ready, pick out a walking meditation and then set a time for how long I want to walk. If it's yoga, I get my mat in a place I can see it, decide when I'm doing a practice and for how long. Mostly, it's just mentally preparing yourself for the activity and then following thru.
Jeanne F.
I get my gym wear ready, fill another bottle of water at night and lastly prepare what workouts I want to do or feel like doing.
Shrinjini F.
if i walk in the mornings, i wear my walking clothes before I go to sleep and put my shoes right by where I would put my slippers so I can go immediately and not second guess myself. If I exercise using a yoga mat I put the mat in my room so I wake up and see what i have to do. If I dance I keep a playlist ready so I don’t have to queue stuff which might make me lose my motivation. If I need to go to the gym, i wear my clothes from earlier and pack my bag as well.
Nina J.
I try to get ready as if I’m going to the gym even if it’s just running on the treadmill, that way I have more motivation.
Kendell T.
Mentally, I normally have to remind myself that I will feel great after. I can usually find reasons to want to remain lazy and skip a workout, so this helps. I also prepare my surroundings. Prep clothes the night before, make sure I have water nearby.
Mikhail Y.
Before I start a workout or exercise, I make sure to know how much time I want to spend on it, whether it’s at home or at the gym. If I exercise at home, I make sure to have a workout picked out so that I know exactly what it will consist of. It could be a workout I came up with on my own, or it could be something I found from searching online, or even a workout app where I can choose my workouts. If it’s in the gym, I make sure to have an idea of what I would like to target before I arrive, so that I don’t waste time. An alternative would be to sign up for a class at the gym with an instructor that will guide you. No matter where I workout, I make sure to have a water bottle ready so that I have access to it in order to hydrate. I also make sure to have any necessary workout equipment such as, a mat, towel, weights/dumbells, etc. I also make sure to drink some water BEFORE I start my workout and I also make sure that I’m not starving so that I don’t feel too tired or a lack of energy.
Jojo N.
First I text my friends to ask them if they want to go outside for a walk, then I put on clothes and brush my teeth and hair.
Cameron Y.
Make sure to get in the correct clothing so I don’t sweat up my main clothes, set up the music, get myself pumped and I’m ready to go
Jonas C.
I actually don’t I just walk in big steps and fast to school and when it’s weekend I hang out with my friend or family outside now that it’s summer
Signe C.
Get your Heart Beating my doing dynamic stretching and take time it’s all about form not hoe fast or how much you can do.
Anusiyaah N.
I will do table for my exercise in each week. It will help mefor.achive my goal. And also I will keep a time to do my exercises
Manon I.
I think of how accomplished feel after it. My day is now more then just going to work.I’m working on my strenght and that is awesome
Laura P.
i sit on the edge of my bed, and think about all of the things i need to do afterwards, i drink water and remind myself that if i don’t i won’t be motivated to do the rest of the things i need to do
Jes S F.
To work out at home, I make sure I go downstairs and sit in front of my Xbox one, where I dance 6 songs with the Kinect (Just Dance 2022)
Midori F.
Honestly I don't really prepare- if you want to switch to different clothes for it then I would suggest always having those clothes put to the side and easily reachable
Ella L.
I wake up nd i'll just wash my face then I drink 1 glass of water and then i tie up my hair then 15 !minutes later I start doing my exercise!
Loretta T.
Create the space for me to fulfil whatever exercise I will do
Set myself up for the time I want to spend here and then have some water, coffee or tea, a blanket or pillow ready (just in case) and also playing frequency sounds for bringing myself back to centre ☺️🙏
Alberte Y.
I know what I’m going to wear, bring and do beforehand so I don’t have to think about that just as I’m leaving. Once I start exercising I always start with the same warm up which helps tell my mind it’s time to exercise.
Sunniee Y.
I clean up my space and make sure I have enough room to do each specific exercise. I don’t have a yoga mat so I try to make my ground as soft as possible if I’m doing yoga.
Stella T.
Hey !! It's nice to chat with you. Now ,its your question taht how i prepare for an exercise in advance.
Let me tell you that my first challenge will be to accept that I am going to exercise and yes my work is almost done. I will be now 90% prepared for an exercise.the next i do is changing my workout clothes AnD a enjoyful music in background. Try one of these and let me nknow if it was useful. Thanks for your time. Bye. Will be nice talk to you again.
Lanie Y.
The best way is to have everything prepared the night before. Have your exercise clothes locked out and ready to change into, have your water bottle all ready and filled up, and have your sneakers right by your door.
Sara P.
I try to motivate myself by thinking of the result after I do my exercises. For example, “you will get fitter!” “You’ll become healthier!” etc.
Miti F.
I lay out my workout wear an hour before my workout, have set out a time in the day, so I show up at that time, have also started wearing a fitness band, just so that it shows some progress, I do something. If I am not working out, I try to walk 5k-6k steps, do 10 mins of vigourous exercise. It helps me if I can’t workout for an hour
Lucas Y.
I say to myself the night before what I am going to do and write it down. Remeber also depending on your exercise a warm-up might be needed to loosen up your body and mind.
Dominika Q.
The night before, i always prepare about 5 songs, and the next morning i dnace to them, or when i forget to prepare them, i just run my stairs up and down that morning.
Diego Z.
I always leave my yoga mat in the place in my home I love to work out at the most. I make sure there is plenty of natural sunlight by opening doors and blinds. I too, set a timer so that I’m not overwhelmed by trying to do so much. It’s important to start small.
M Line C.
I have not been exercising in the morning but further into my day. I contemplate the importance of doing so before I go. How it will strengthen my heart. How it will improve my physique. My goal is to build muscle, flexibility, dexterity and endurance. I can do this through strength training and cardiovascular training. I want to ensure I have a strong heart and an able body.
Apolline Y.
Boil some eggs ahead of time and keep in the refrigerator. In the morning, it is easy to grab a boiled egg, some walnuts, and blueberries/raspberries for an easy, nutritious breakfast. If you are hurried, this breakfast is simple to take along with you to work, etc.
Noilves P.
Start a week before you planned to work out. In that week you're gonna write down what your goals are. Like: gain muscle or lose body fat or gain stamina. Maybe you want to be able to do certain things like do a hand stand for 2 minutes, it doesn't matter just write it down and after that you are gonna look up what exercise do what, which ones do I need to get to what my goal is, what do I need to preform them.
Penha N.
I meditate, have a glass of water, and then find a yoga teacher on YouTube and follow their lead. It's very simple. Sometimes it's difficult for myself to do it because the old me doesn't want to be involved in a routine, I just want to lay in bed or watch TV, LOL but I've only missed one day in 6 weeks. If I can do it so can go you. Good luck beautiful lady. You are fabulous!!
Kgothatso L.
I firstly drink cold water to be refreshed. I than watch motivational exercise videos, if I'm not motivated to exercise. I than warm up and that's it.
Tommy B.
If it’s yoga, I roll out my mat and pet my dog Zeus (he’s my hype man) before I start. If it’s running I go through the routine of changing into a new outfit, lacing up my shoes, and plotting my course right before I go. If it’s weights, I change into a new outfit, get a good playlist, and organize my workout before I begin.
Frida C.
Write out the exercise plan in advance and try to do it at the same “time” every day -meaning the same place in your morning routine. Don’t make the plan too big, make sure it’s easily compatible with your daily routine, and make sure it’s rewarding or you reward yourself after by tuning into how it makes your body feel better.
Lucas C.
I start by making sure I have enough room to exercise, finding some music that will keep me fired up, and then stretch everything and take care to pay attention to which areas of my body feel more stiff or sore. Usually I'll exercise 10 to 20 minutes after a meal so I don't make myself sick trying to exert myself on a full stomach. Comfortable clothes are also important, I usually wear lighter and more baggy clothes to achieve the most flexibility and range of motion in my exercises. Heavy shoes or tight outfits won't do anything but reduce your range of motion, but clothes that are too baggy can get in the way.
Nishad Z.
I drink at least a litre water. Get the bowel empty. Listen to good work out music and start flexibility exercise followed by the main exercise.
Lawrence P.
I wake up wash my face, open fabulous and start doing my exercises, I start with the getting started and then do some abs workout, and then I repeat the getting started routine.
Shalini U.
I’m not sure what exactly you mean by “in advance”, but what works for me is having a fixed time to do my workout. I usually don’t work lots in the afternoon and so I use that time to exercise and then I get some sleep. I have a set routine I do and please do make sure to warmup before you start ( I forget sometimes and it leaves my muscles so sore 🥲). If you’re having trouble getting started on working out, I’d suggest having a partner, or maybe join an internet challenge to keep yourself in check 🙂 Good luck with your exercise habit!
Ted Z.
Hello! Well, my daily exercise is the seven minute workout Fabulous itself gives. I don't put on gym clothes since I take a shower after U finish it. So i do it on my pajamas and don't have much prepare lol
Eduardo P.
I don't do random workout miscellaneously, I have certain days where I do certain exercises, and I prepare by expecting to do those exercises that day and I try to stretch those muscles out sometimes before I do my workout
Mc Call C.
I wake up in the morning and drink about half of my water bottle, then I make a healthy breakfast, and then I get dressed in some comfy clothes, and I prepare my Fitbit for exercise. After I exercise, I drink the rest of my water bottle and refill it.
Alessio E.
I put my yoga mat/exercise equipment next to my bed before I go to sleep. In the morning I’m reminded that that’s what I have to do.
Rich U.
The length of the exercise certainly helps. If i think of it as just 8 minutes to get the day going it's nothing. Let's do it:)
Rabs N.
hi stranger!
when i prepare to exercise, i like to get dressed into something i feel comfortable exercising in, without overdoing or under-doing it. i usually go for runs when i workout, but if i’m doing a full body workout, i’ll get my exercise mat, weights and everything else i need out. i’ll make sure to drink something before i workout, and after or in between as well. sometimes i’ll eat something really small before, but nothing too large, because it’ll give you cramps. finally, i mentally prepare myself to workout, and tell myself it’s not as bad as my subconscious is saying it is.
i hope this helped! bye bye stranger!
Arthur N.
I manage my time, and give to task time that they need. No hurry or something like this, if you are always in hurry, you can’t manage your time.
Henry Q.
What I like to do is to frist of all clearly decided what type om exercising i would like to do, so I have all time left to do it the day I want to. I also like to write it in a calendar to clearly se it and check it off when I'm done.
Shalini U.
I actually don’t exactly prepare in that sense. I keep my running shoes near me working table, and I always choose different challenges from Chloe Ting so I have a schedule to keep to, to keep me motivated. It keeps me from slacking.
Guillaume T.
I stretch in the morning so that’s easy and I don’t have to do much to prep. In the afternoon I just have to make it downstairs to the pole to exercise.
Az Lio F.
Look I am one of lazy so to do exercise in morning I have to put all the Iteams of yoga and running beside my bed so when I wake up so I would have no choice but do that work
Juliane Q.
The night before I get my gym bag ready and my clothes set up on my chair. Or if I’m just going to do a home workout, I set everything up before I go to bed, so that when I wake up I see it all and remind myself of my “why” I want to exercise. I then put on music or a podcast to motivate me. The other way is to organise my bestie to do a session with me, so I have someone to be accountable too.
Inguelore I.
You can prepare your exercice clothes the night before and also plan how your exercise is going to be the day before as well. Plan and visualise what you are going to do, so that you know what you are going to do when the moment comes.
Benjamin A.
Put on your exercise clothes! This will help you to start (or go to the gym) more easily. If I work out at home then I put down a yoga mat and a water bottle, look up a video/tutorial that I want to try and just start!
Valdemar B.
I usually figure out what exercise I am going to do then I find out how long it is. That’s how I know when to do it in the day
Lucas P.
I don't prepare for it mentaly nor physicly si all i can do is suggest some exercises . Push ups are great do squats and russian twists :they crak some bones to the right place . Lastly i suggest calve extentions they are great for giving you willpower for the rest of the day!
Melina N.
So normally to exercise I use an app that will tell me what move to do and how to do it. The night before I just go on the app and choose the workout I want to do. This actually comes in handy because in the morning I waste so much time picking the workout. But if you’re going to be going on a run choose which road or path you’ll be using and choose a playlist if you want to listen to music while running.
Cassie N.
Personally, I like to prepare everything the evening before. I’ll set out my workout clothes, or at least mentally know what I want to wear, mix pre workout, and fill my water bottle and put it right next to my bed. The hardest part about getting up for a morning workout is getting out of bed! I remind myself why I’m doing this and think how proud of myself I’ll be. I also plan workouts that I will enjoy!
Barbara Z.
Prepare your clothes on the evening for your morning exercise. Plan on what time you want to work out, if you are a busy person.
Adail F.
Sometimes before going to exercise I do various static stretches, and I always do a warm up whilst in the gym whether it’s a short walk on the treadmill or a more intense form of cardio.
Philip C.
I have this app which is called female fitness (but there is also one for males) and this app reminds you at the time you want everyday and for this app you don't need any strument. So I just set the alarm at night before I go to bed and than in the morning the app reminds me and I exercise. You just have to feel like exercising. You can do it💗
Gustav C.
I prepfor exercise by stretching. If you have trouble getting out of bed to exercise then do a few stretches. I wish you would add my advice to your app if you can.
Vera X.
First I tell myself that it is necessary for my health, I try to breathe properly and in each movement I feel how my body comes to life. 🥰💜
Milos X.
i set up everything i need to do before it needs to be done if i need to bring water or a healthy breakfast i’ll set it up the night before
Hans W.
I think about the exercises and movements I am going to do before! I make sure I stay plenty hydrated as well because it makes working out easier!
Mahika F.
I ever ever prepare, I will just do it and excersise doesn’t have to be push ups or crunches. it could just be walking around your area or swimming.
Mina N.
I like listening to music and getting pumped up, as well as drinking water and dressing up in workout clothes i feel comfortable in.
Dieye N.
I usually keep it in my mind and remind myself that somewhere in the day im gonna workout. I also make sure i sleep well cause i find it easier to execute things when im more energetic. Also know that you’ll feel good after you’re done with your workout!
Amber J.
Give myself 5 seconds to get up and stretch. Every 2 day I try to do a longer exercise routine by running, workout and squatting
Dolores Z.
it always helps me to get it done early in the morning so that it starts off my day. i like to lay my workout clothes out the night before and make sure i have everything ready to go. it’s also nice to have a cold glass of water to wake me up.
Rosa H.
It depends on the exercise.
If it’s a physical one, I research the type of movements that will help me do the exercise, so I try and give myself a schedule of workouts. I warm up, do the preparatory exercises and do lots of stretching as a cool down. As I feel more and more confident, I start practicing easier version of the exercise, until I have enough confidence and muscle memory to master the exercise as it is.
When it comes to “mental” exercises, like the ones you have to do in homework, tests or exams, the process is pretty much the same: research, master the basics, and start from simplified version of the exercise I have to do. Apparently, practice makes perfect 👌🏼
Yomerly E.
I would say the night before doing a workout session, grab your workout materials and put them near to you so that you are prepared the next day to exercise. I would also say to not exercise too much the day before because that can cause your muscles to feel sore the next day and you'll be less motivated and prepared to do a sufficient workout.
Lee E.
You know, I always just start exercising because i want to lose weight and it makes me feel better after the exercises! I hoped i had a machine for trainings in my house like in a gym.
Marlene Y.
Cambio mi ambiente de manera que no me cueste hacerlo. Trato de no pensar en TODO lo que tengo que hacer y me dejó guiar por la rutina de Fabulous. Preparo todo y me ubico en el lugar en el que hago la actividad.
Gerald S.
Normally, I just do regular dance like stretches. I stretch my hamstrings, biceps, hips, and neck. This makes my movement capability increase for the workout. I also drink water.
Victoria O.
This is mental. I listened to a successful man talk about when you are struggling to do something to tell yourself that this is life now and we are GOING to do this. New equipment helps too 😁
Bethany X.
Lay out your workout clothes the night before and keep your running shoes near. If that does you no good, sleep in them to get up straight away.
Rebecca O.
I’ve just stared working out myself, so I’m still figuring things out. How I prepare for a workout is I clean the room I’m working out in making sure I have my hype Music on and just starting! I don’t use any workout supply’s only bodyweight ( but that’s up to you to chose) hope that helped!!
Elise U.
Waking up and focusing straight away on what I want to do. Seeing it as a plan and thinking about how good I will feel afterwards
Jamal J.
I don’t do much. The night before I can get my clothes ready for the day, including workout clothes. I might even sleep in my workout clothes if that’s the first task of the day.

Alternatively, my workout bag can contain workout clothes and shoes, towel and gym lock. I kept it in my car in case I decided to go to the gym and wanted to be ready. Never actually used it though. I’m trying to get back into exercise though so I might do that again.

Lance W.
Firstly I Prepare My Mind.After that I do some warm up exercises.And then I follow whatever my workout plan is.take a Deep breath and start its pretty simple.
Amer Z.
I prepare my outfit and my bag and any drinks I need , then I say bismallah and leave my house with a mentality it’s going to be a good workout
Shreeya I.
Plan it before and get yourself prepared and make your mind and body to be determined to start afresh and new beginning of the day
Taylor G.
I get dressed In workout clothes, I wrote out my workout, I grab my water bottle, and head outside. First being in workout clothes make me feel more motivated and comfortable. Second if I write out my workout it makes me feel more prepared. Third water is to keep me hydrated and cool so there is no excuses to do something. Last I get vitamin D by going outside and it always makes me feel better about myself
Le Nidas C.
To prepare for an exercise, I typically drink some water. Not a full bottle, just a few sips. Then I immediately start exercising without stretching. I give up easily when I get tired, so I don’t do much. Then I go about with my day. So for me to prepare for all of this, I just have a few sips of water, oh! And I play piano music to give me peace and four in my mind.
Sarah Q.
Here's what I do. I first meditate to get myself in the right mindset. Then I play some motivational music or speeches to get myself hyped up. Then I warm up with a few stretches and some light cardio (boxer shuffles). Then I crank up the volume and start killing it! Good luck!!
Jos G.
Sometimes when I don’t wanna exercise I just do it in bed. Like if it’s planking I do it in bed under the blankets. But when jumping jacks come I will go out of bed and do it. And then I’m awake and happy to do exercise.
Rocco E.
I try to psyche myself into it and just like remind myself that it’s good to stay active , the benefits it has on my mind and body and just to try not to push myself above my limits and be patient with myself
Philip A.
Start two days before the date that you've planned to do the exercises. Take those two days and write down what your goals are. You wanna gain muscle, you wanna lose body fat, maybe you wanna be able to do certain things like do a handstand for 2 minutes. Just write those things down and after that look up what exercises there are and do and what you need to get to your goal
Ellen C.
To prepare for my main exercise, I make sure to have the clothes, that I don't mind getting dirty, on and I always do a pre-stretch. The longer the the pre-stretch, the better my workout is. It's still hard sometimes but knowing I have less of a chance of injuring myself in the long-run makes me want to work harder. Also, drinking only 1 bottle of water before (otherwise I get nauseous) and having some water to sip on during the workout is great too. If I have it at the time, I'll also put on my sweat waist wrap.
Princess Y.
I don't really prepare much now like I did when I was first trying to exercise. Back then, it was get the yoga mat and get my space clear, then decide on the exercise routine to follow. That was 3 weeks ago 🙂
Am Lie O.
I based on training my mood. So i am starting to imagine how will be the workout for the day and it remains in my mind in this way the idea that i have to do my workout
Lara J.
I just leave my bed, get fresh, wear trousers or tracksuit and go to the play ground wearing a neckband and fitness band also.
Thalia Q.
It starts with when I make my to do list the day before, I think about if I have time to go outside for a bigger workout in the afternoon, if so I just do my 10min exercises at home and go do something else in the afternoon. If not I check the weather for the morning to see if I go for a short run or do the home exercises. So first I figure out what I’m going to do. Second step is preparing; finish to-do list (I’ve a problem with distractions so make very excessive to-do lists with time schedules; sometimes it works, sometimes I’m running behind, but still try to follow the order in which I put things), see if my sport watch needs charging, sort out what I’m going to wear and put it next to my bed, together with my water bottle. So yeah mental prep and stuff prep 😅
Mitchell Q.
Set out clothes and shoes night before. Set alarm to wake up in time to go and return to get ready for work. Got to bed on time.
Philip N.
since i will mainly do streches or some gentle yoga and review what i want to do the night before and write it down its ok if i cant do everything i write down but for me it makes the process of getting i to it easier than if i just tried to exercise without a plan
Amber N.
Some ways to prepare for exercising is:
– planing the time you’ll do it and set a alarm
– set your clothes out in advance
– make sure you have everything you need in a easy to get place so there are no excuses to not exercise
Good luck, I hope this helps!
Alberte Y.
A day before only I prepare for it…I set my mindset to it..and I promise myself that I can do it…and the next morning I start the exercise with full motivation and a fresh mind
Weird G.
I keep motivating myself by watching videos of people enjoying their workout… So i have a list for motivating videos and i have another list includes home workout videos.. so i wakeup and choose any of these vids to follow,..
Daren F.
First thing when I wake up and just sweat it out even if just for 5 mins before going off to work so that I won't not have anything that worry or stress about with no excuses
Anthony Z.
1 of 2 ways but both are equally as important depending on your schedule and how much time you leave yourself.
1. Set yourself a good 10-20min before bed to write down your exercises, how long each exercise will be, rest time in between each exercise and full length of your exercise. Can put it on a piece of paper set on fridge, in your phone notes, set as a reminder.
2. Set yourself 10min to completely stretch and breath before your workout. It’s helps with relaxation, for muscle soreness or cramps (before and after) with blood flow, you want your body to be loose And relaxed. Thanks for the question and hope this helps if you have anymore questions just ask.
Martin C.
I have decided to go out for a walk which doesn't need that much preparation, So I take my running shoes out from wardrobe and put them close to my bed. When I wake up I see it there and it reminds me that I'm going to get some exercise this morning.
Dorian P.
I make sure to make it as easy as possible to make it happen. I actually sleep is something I can workout in or if I need more support I have an outfit ready to go for the morning and my gym shoes are right in the gym so I put them on as soon as I walk down. On my way, I gram my water to have my morning water and after have my breakfast. By tying it into my other goals, it’s easier to have it as a seamless part of my morning.
Laurindo Q.
I don’t really know, to be honest I hate exercising. However I would recommend do a little stretch before doing heavier exercises. Plus stretching usually gives a little
energy boost that helps to get through the whole workout 🙂
Scott P.
Depends on the exercise, but the idea is to make it as easy as possible to undertake the exercise. If you go to the gym, then this might mean laying out your gym clothes and packing your gym bag the night before, so all you have to do is get dressed, grab your bag, and go.
Frederik C.
Mental ang Physical preparations are necessary in hyping myself up before an exercise. To do this, I usually dress up in athletic attire to feel physically adept in handling any physical activity that I'm going to perform. Seeing this in myself also prepares me mentally as I communicate healthy thoughts for myself in preparation for the exercise.