What kind of exercises are the best for losing tummy fat?

Mehak A.
Just begin exercising and you'll see changes, it varies from person to person but they will come. If you are only targeting tummy fat, I recommend leg raises, side planks, crunches, mountain climbers and cycles (if you can, add some weight to greaten the intensity). Good luck!
Anna P.
Diet is the key to belly fat, eating more lean and more protein will help. Some ab workouts will also help like: Russian twists, in and outs, leg raises, toe touches, etc. if you cut out junk food, drink plenty of water, and workout, will be best! Also, running will help, it takes at least 30 minutes. Continue to push yourself everyday!! You got it!!
Maddie N.
I have been trying to lose tummy fat myself too. I have found that crunches – any kind of crunches – have been helping me a lot. I have personalized my own work out that I do every afternoon and before I go to bed.
Monday and Thursday-
10 sit ups
5 push ups
20 squats
15 lunges
35 jumping jacks
15 sec plank
25 crunches
25 sec wall sit
10 sit ups

Tuesday and Friday-
20 sit ups
10 push ups
30 squats
20 lunges
45 jumping jacks
30 sec plank
20 crunches
45 sec wall sit
20 curl ups

Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday-
30 sit ups
15 push ups
20 squats
25 lunges
50 jumping jacks
40 sec plank
20 crunches
60 sec wall sit
25 sit ups

These are just suggestions and something that I do daily. You can personalize them to your liking. Just exercising will not cut it. Make sure you are eating healthy. When I find myself craving something unhealthy, I resist the urge by drinking a glass of water (it works!). It’s okay if you treat yourself to something once in a while, as long as you are not chowing it down and not being active. Make sure to eat a healthy breakfast and eat all three meals of the day.

Ariane Z.
I like to go to GooglePlay or whatever app you use do download apps and search for e.g. 'lose belly fat exercises' then download some apps, check them out and than keep the one that suits me the most. You can than do those exercises at home and at any time! Hope that helps 🙂
Fernando U.
No exercise can selectively target your tummy fat. Doing exercises increases your total energy expenditure for the day and when it exceeds your caloric intake, you will start to lose body fat.
Alba B.
The thing is that it is impossible to lose localized fat. That does not mean you can never lose your tummy fat, but there is not anything specific you can do to achieve it. For any type of fat that you might want to lose, you have to keep a healthy diet and a healthy sports routine, based on tonification (building muscles) and with cardio as an additional thing from time to time. From there, start to spend (with sport) more energy than you eat. Also control your diet so it covers your basic needs but not much more.

Keep in mind that I'm no expert on the subject, I've just read and search for it a lot too. The best way to do this will always be with the help of nutritioner and a personal trainer.

Frederik C.
Cardio excersises such as sit-ups and crunches and activities such as riding a bike, jogging uphill, skipping (jump rope) or doing twists while stretching can help.
Martin O.
All exercise is good for weight reduction, so it is best to simply make a regiment that is well rounded (hits all parts of the body). The more muscles are engaged, the more calories will be consumed (because all the muscles need stuff to repair themselves). The belly fat will be burned as a result of calorie deficit induced by exercise.
Megan P.
It's not really possible to trigger one spot. The best bet is to lose weight everywhere by doing cardio and strength training exercises to build muscle and maintain a healthy weight
Ashley N.
There are no exercises that target losing fat in a certain area. Strength training builds muscle that will burn more fat and cardio helps slim us down. Strength training that targets the core or stomach will have more tone which sometimes gives the appearance of fat loss in a specific area.
Leeloo W.
Abs, planking, crunches, cycling crunches, bridges… Most of them can be done lying down. But also yoga and stretching helps a lot
Bradley Z.
The best exercises are the power training from all muscle groups. Because fat lose evenly from all over the body. Not locally.
Lauren T.
Hey, you can’t choose where you lose fat from unfortunately! You have to be in a calorie deficit i.e burning more than you consume, you can work on your core (planks, side planks, etc) but your body chooses where the fat comes off! Sorry 😊
Lungfu N.
There actually aren’t any exercises that can spot target the stomach to lose tummy fat. Usually this is done through proper nutrition. If you are familiar with the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen” – you lose tummy fat by eating and drinking healthy while practicing calorie restriction (make sure to have proper nutrition!). However once you do see some fat loss from being on a good diet you can still maintain ab and core strength And some toning through exercises like planks, leg lifts, crunches and boat pose in yoga.
Celina E.
I don’t think it works like that— your body will decide where you lose fat from first, though eventually you’ll lose it all over. If you do abs exercises your stomach should become more toned
Frida Z.
Cardio, and overall muscle toning combined with a lean, low-sugar diet. Focusing on exercising a single area of the body will get you muscles in that area, bit will not help burn tummy fat. Power walking with some light weights, dancing, and yoga are excellent.