If you exercise every day do you always have the same routine? I’m thinking mostly if there is a difference between your work days and weekend or holidays.

Luke Z.
I think if you do a different exercise everyday, or have a pattern of different ones each day/week, it would not be the same routine.

Derek N.
I don't have the same routine everyday. Most weekdays I would walk home from work which is about an hour of exercise, or if I took a transport home I would do a home workout to get that daily exercise in. On weekend I usually go out walking somewhere, so even though I get sufficient exercise in each day, I don't have the same routine and I like to change it up depending on how I feel.

Mildred P.
For me it depends on the time of day sometimes I get bust and work out late at night instead of in the morning. It all depends on how busy you are that day

Liva F.
I always start my workouts the same way. This helps to build consistency and get your body and mind ready for what you’re about to do. Beyond that, I vary my workouts in terms of what and how I do things, but the beginning stays the same.