What’s your favourite way to exercise?

Audrina Y.
I enjoy working out with teammates or other people. When I am alone I feel bored and unmotivated but when I am with other people I feel more the workout being for fun, intense, challenging, and enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong I love working out alone but there’s only so much intensity when working out alone. I like when other people push me to go heavier and I love supporting others to go heavier as well.
Jaime Rae F.
I like to run. Not only to increase my lung and heart healthy but mostly because it clears my head. It's a wonderful escapism for me, listening to music I love, and using it as a tool to deal with my emotions. I also love to stretch. Not only to help my muscles before and after running, but as a way to relax and ease my fibromyalgia pain, or help it depending on how bad it is that day.
Madeleine U.
My favourite way to exercise is playing a team sport so that I’m surrounded by friends and encouragement. However I mostly exercise using interval training/running and have found that quite easy to continue.