How do you fit in exercise when you’re unexpectedly busy in the morning? I find that’s the one that tends to get skipped if something comes up and I’m in a rush

Carmen P.
So do it before you even get out of bed is to at least get your muscles and tissue moving. I do 60 short sit-ups( in intervals of 10) Then I do leg-lifts(10 on each leg, you can increase as you feel stronger and you will). Then I stand in place and just jog in place ( outside of your bed to two- three intervals of 10). All of these you can increase in time and add to but just to keep this in mind you must stretch after these exercises because they depend on your core muscles . If you don't stretch properly you will suffer the consequences! I have strained my back muscle, my inner thigh muscle, torn a ligament in my arm and am still trying to heal from these injuries. So take heed and listen to your body!
Kayla L.
I wake up early specifically to get a workout in. Sometimes it’s a weight training session, sometimes it’s a run, but if I’m in a rush, it could be as simple as a 15-minute walk. I just need to get my body moving somehow in order to feel like I’m getting off to a good start.