How do you suggest I get shredded as cheese? I want to assert my dominance with my muscly body.

Leah F.
Well, Fabalous tell you to exercise every morning. This will make you stronger. But Fabalous is for more that just I look good. It’s mainly for I feel great and I am mentally well.

Gladimira I.
working out to assert your "dominance" will never be sustainable and you won't achieve your shredding cheese body. the best thing to do is to work out to feel good which will be the biggest motivating factor for working out otherwise your progress will fall off. however, the best way to get shredded is to up your protein intake and work out first thing in the morning in a fasted or near fasted state (ie before breakfast or after something small like a slice of toast) and then consume protein straight after working out. working out in a fasted state will aid you in burning fat and protein straight after will be beneficial for muscle growth and development as well as muscle repair after a work out