I have a really tight morning schedule, how can I fit in the 8 minutes of exercise that’s part of the routine?

Pia S.
Same here. Try to wake up a tiny bit earlier, and think that these 8 minutes will be worth of exercise! It will refresh you in the morning, and the afternoon. So try to think positively about it, and wake up even just 10 minutes earlier. 🙂
Iulian Z.
I sugest you to exercise just 2 minutes for the begining. Or just make 5 pushups. I’m sure you will increase to 8 minutes along the time.
Sierra U.
I also have a really tight morning, I probably only have 20-30 minutes from waking up to leaving for work. I leave water next to my bed so that I'm drinking it on the way to the bathroom, and then if I don't have a quick breakfast ready, I'll dance while I'm getting ready. It doesn't have to be a crazy choreographed montage, but just a little extra wiggle and jive while I'm brushing my teeth and putting on my clothes. I'll fill every last minute with a little boogie on the day's I don't have a breakfast ready (and on the day's I do have food ready in advance I do 10 minutes of yoga)
Rose O.
As it is only 8 minutes, to me is likely to do it as a first thing… The sooner, the better. Set your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier:)
Becca F.
Something that helps me during a busy morning is doing as much preparation the night before as possible; I set out my bag and outfit for the next day, charge all of my electronics the night before, even sometimes prepping breakfast the night before and leaving it in the fridge helps. If that doesn't work, or if you already do this, then you may just want to try working out in the afternoons/evenings when you have more time.

I really hope that this helped.
You got this!

Annelies X.
By choosing an exercise routine that is not too exuberant. It will always motivate a mere 8 minutes of your busy time to get some exercises in
Eleonora Z.
Honestly, I never manage to exercise in the morning. The best time for my daily exercise is just before dinner, so that I can also have my "post workout meal" (which is, actually, dinner 😄)
Sebasti O Y.
You can do two things:
-You go to sleep earlier to wake up earlier and have time for everything, even if that's ridiculously early (this is what I did. I don't know anyone that goes to sleep and wake up as early as I do).
-Or you have to prioritize the things you do in the morning. This means that you have to put these 8 minutes exercise in front of everything you don't consider important enough. And believe it, doing exercise in the morning is the best thing you can do to yourself, if your fit or not.
You can always save time forcing yourself to not be at your phone in the morning for example (at least not with the wifi on). I take about 2 hours every morning doing my habits (breakfast, exercise, etc) before I start my day. It may seem a lot, but it makes me so productive and happy, that in the end of the day, I've done more than in the other days. Even in a bad day, I can say: "Hey, at least I did exercise, toke my breakfast, cleaned my room, etc, in the morning".
Catherine U.
The easiest way is to wake up earlier but what I do is I park my car 1/2 a block away from my job then walk the rest.Hope it helps.
Amberleigh Y.
I would say fit dancing into some of your morning routine. Jam out while you brush your teeth. Step in place while you decide what to wear. I ended up adding my 8 minutes to when I get to work—I dance around or hop on my stationary bicycle chair and knock it out. I’m really trying not to have to wake up any earlier than I already do, but that is another option and I’m sure if anything else is added to my morning routine I’m going to have to. Good luck and don’t get down on yourself if it isn’t working right away. You have to figure out what’s right for you.
Lilian O.
Try to get out of bed between twenty and thirty minutes earlier each day to give yourself time to complete your morning routine without having to rush. This keeps the routine stress free.
M Rcia T.
There's a couple of things that you can do..
*Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier
*Perform exercises while waiting for your breakfast to cook
*Leave for work 10 minutes early, park further away and walk 8 minutes to work.

Personally, I'd set my alarm earlier and make it the first thing I do, then its done. You'll make sure you're ready for work, because you have to be. But if you still have exercise to do, we put it aside in favour of being ready for work. So do it first up, even in your pjs 😉

When you really want to, You will find a way that works for you, even if there's a few trial and errors finding what doesn't first.

Elizabeth U.
I guess that depends on your schedule, but for me, extending my morning yoga from 10 minutes to 30 minutes each day only worked when I woke up earlier and did it first.
If that’s not an option, can you find time by moving things in your morning routine to other parts of the day or different locations? E.g. shower at night, have breakfast on your way to work, make extra at dinnertime so you have leftovers ready to go for lunch, get your work gear (or whatever you need for the day) ready the night before and so on. Write down your routine and really question whether each thing NEEDS to be there, or if there are other options.

Or just wake up 8 minutes earlier 🙂

Hope that helps x

Dale F.
I found that if I wake up a tad earlier in the morning to get myself moving before the workout rather than just jump up and expect myself to go through a workout, I have more motivation and more awareness of being in the moment. I used to get up at 7:30 for 8:30 work but now I get up at 6:45, move around and get started on my morning routine, do a moderate workout from 7:00-7:15 and then continue getting ready for my day!
Luis T.
Try not to be too hard on yourself. Bake it in to your morning routine. If you are commuting it can be just as simple as power walking to the station for example
Galyn O.
The only thing I can think of is also the yuckiest choice! 😄 Wake up 10 minutes earlier to allow time to do the exercises. Another option would be to put it somewhere else in your day. I know they want you to do it in the morning, but if the only time you have is later then so be it. In my opinion, it’s Better to fit it in where you can than not do it at all!
Amanda J.
Consider waking up earlier. If you can, start going to sleep earlier so that you can still get a full night's sleep, while still giving yourself time.