How can I celebrate my everyday success?

Rasmus F.
Think of an action and memory that Sparks happiness and hold on to that feeling and empower it with a victory dance. Lol.
Lillian C.
I like to look in the mirror and affirm to myself what I did well and notice how good that feels. Might look like talking to yourself, but you can’t be insincere if you’re looking into your own eyes talking about your successes 😍
Abigail J.
Anything you enjoy can become a celebration! If you finish a report or nasty spreadsheet for work take yourself out to lunch instead of staying at your desk! If you just completed the hardest workout of your life jump for joy! Hug someone, laugh, dance, listen to your personal anthem, post a pick, kiss your honey, play with your kids! Turn every moment into a party! Smile and feel good! Celebrating can be loud or inside your heart just living each minute like a blessing instead of sad and you will always feel like the celebration never stops! Even in a hard moment there are small obstacles to overcome and can be celebrated as learning your soul may need. Life isn’t easy and an easy life has never been promised so why mourn the world when we can bring joy to those around. “If you see someone without a smile give’em yours!” Dolly Parton.
Sarah O.
I celebrate my successes by first congratulating myself, telling myself how proud I am of myself really helps make me feel accomplished. I realised I should thank myself even for the simple things. I also celebrate with a nice hearty meal, a cup of nice warm chocolate
Ainhoa Q.
Go back to that tennis imagery! What do you do when you shockingly come out on top when it was neck and neck! That impuslive reaction of joy, do that.
Victoria G.
Well I treat myself with coffee or tea and chocolate, If your goal is not to cut on sugar! also, watching a movie can work!
Rosemary X.
I often just simply enjoy the completion of the task, but you could make some sort of victory ritual like a little exclamation, dance or gesture. Or you could buy some stickers to put in your calender everyday when completing your tasks. It's about finding something that does it for you.
Franklin Y.
Go and hangout with the person that makes you Laugh or the person that you love. Or even watch your favourite show/movie
Raymond S.
Start with gratitude. Everyday be thankful for and acknowledge all the small things – from just waking up, breath, sight, sunshine. Then celebrate that you got up and you went somewhere. As you celebrate the small things that are taken for granted, it will encourage you to do more, and then you can celebrate those achievements as well.
Benjamin N.
You can dance to your songs on your iPod, phone, or iPad. Or you can get your nails done. You could also get a spa day or soak in Epsom salt. Whatever you choose you can do.
Maria A.
I get silly and giddy when I celebrate my daily success. In my mind I know it is a big, you know what, deal!👍🏽 I have been a person who used to not stick with changes once I started them. This time is incredibly different. So I take the time to look at myself in the mirror and tell myself in no uncertain terms that I’m the bomb and I got it going on. I also sing and do my happy dance. I let myself feel joy!🤩🥳
Cherly U.
It's funny you asked this question because I was using Fabulous app & thinking to myself. (I came so far, I stayed consistent with my Fabulous challenges even when I didn't want, & how great I feel) Using Fabulous daily is really it's your own reward. It will dawn on you how good you feel. You think to yourself (wow) I'm really starting to feel & see my success from the little things I do daily on Fabulous Not to sound like a cliche, but using Fabulous feeling the effects is my daily reward. In which I celebrate. 🎉
Ian F.
Celebrate being able to wake up everyday. Celebrate the opportunity to be a better person and overcome my setbacks. Be at peace. Mind, body & soul.
Jill A.
I think rewarding yourself with a walk on a nice day, dancing to your favorite song, watching your favorite movie are good ways to celebrate. I'm just enjoying the fact that I'm staying on track right now. Things seem to be sticking. I think I'm actually celebrating by continuing to meet my daily goals.
Cl Mentine E.
I dance a lot!, I smile with joy, I have fun by using noise makers and getting my kids involved so I am teaching them my healthy habits, I play my most famous rock anthem of all time!!! It is like 4 songs put together all by Queen starting with We Will Rock You and ending with Bohemian Rhapsody!!!!! Sometimes I add in Fat Bottom Girls or It’s Time to Break Free!!! I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Queen if you couldn’t tell!
Kate E.
I think the best way to celebrate everyday is to take a few quiet moments to reflect and be grateful for your accomplishments.
Anna P.
Think of something that you love to do (but rarely get the chance to do), like reading or doing a craft or calling a friend and then give yourself the gift of time to do that thing when you accomplish your daily goals. It gives you something to really look forward to!
Nora Q.
First and foremost, be present! Second, with honesty and humility, look in a mirror and be kind to myself! Lastly, say it out loud, "You are lovable and you deserve to celebrate, because YOU are Great!!!"
Lillie P.
Simple:- praise yourself, give yourself a hug, look in the mirror and say I love you, and by all means do your happy dance.!!!
Andres C.
You can tell to someone that will feel happy or proud for you !! Or treat yourself. With something you like . For example some longe relaxing bath . I mostly just take 2 min and give myself a nice smile o did it ! I actually did it !! This gives me strength to continue
Raimunda Q.
At the end of the week treat yourself to something anything small things count too. Buy something, do something different, travel even Chocolate works for me!
Rivelino Q.
By making sure you give yourself credit for doing it. If you are just starting and you aren’t sure that you are doing it right, doing it the best you can is better than not doing it at all
Lester F.
Lay on your bed at night. Think about how much you accomplished that day. Tell yourself how great you are. You are an achiever. Realizing of that must be the greatest rewarding moment of the day. A moment with yourself that will push you forward for the next day.
Ann U.
My favorite celebration is to look at myself in the mirror—really make eye contact—and say/yell “F*CK YEAH!!!” Really pumps me up 🙂