How do you motivate yourself to exercise when you are really tired?

Cameron J.
I always say to myself that if I stopped exercising I will lose my progress so I have to keep going even if I'm tired and not to gain weight or gain fat that I already have burned
Abigail S.
To motivate yourself to exercise when tired, start with walking every day. Even if you're only able to go for 10 minutes before you're exhausted, keep it up. Don't feel motivated? Set an alarm to put on your walking shoes at the same time each day. Then tell yourself you're just going to step outside—or maybe walk to the corner—or around the building. The idea is, do a little and you may find you can do a lot.

Add resistance training three days a week: weights, rubber bands, or even holding yourself in plank position (face down, support yourself on your hands and toes) for as long as possible.

Once you're warmed up, add gentle stretching.

Exercise about four to five hours before bedtime for best results. Your exercise plan should fit your current level of fitness; it may seem like nothing, but if it's challenging to you, it will do amazing things for your energy levels, mood, and sleep patterns.