I have been working out for about three weeks now and I know this is going to take time before I can see the results a want…however for those of you who have lost 20 or more pounds of weight….how long before you started seeing significant change in your body size?

Robert Z.
It can differ depending on your current weight, age, activity level, work activity level, current fitness level, diet, genetics, ect. For me I changed my diet first for one month. No sugar (or very carefully measured portion size because lets be real..), no added oil (not even salad dressing, I just added juicy fruits and some lemon juice, maybe avocado). After the first month I started to loose weight weekly, until 3 months in I'd lost about 25lbs. Then I started working out and things started to get more visibly toned. I've fallen off the wagon and recently got back on, but the most important thing for me to keep the weight off was diet.

Urias N.
In my opinion, the only reason we care about body size is due to white supremacist capitalist cis-het patriarchy. I thus refuse to engage in conversations about changing body size and would like to encourage everyone to examine the motives behind changing their body size. Eating healthily and exercising regularly is more conducive to health than concerns about body size.

Bastien Q.
Well, I haven't had a weightloss that big, but keep going! You are great. I have been educated in training and nutrition though, so I just wanted to share two insights: yes, it takes time. You need to create a new lifestyle, not just lose weight – otherwise you'll just bounce up again. And you need to make adjustments to your food as well, since that has more impacts on bodyweight than exercise. I believe in you! Go strong!

Otmar C.
I think the change body size will start after 15 weeks. It depent also how you exercise and eat. It's better to look after what u eat after workout.

Claude B.
Usually around the 2 month or 3 month mark, but I mostly notice when my clothes start fitting looser. Sometimes the scale will stay about the same and your body will just be growing muscle mass and toning up, which will result in looser fitting clothes. Muscle weighs more than fat so never get discouraged with that scale number. A combination of weight training and cardio works best.

Aymeric T.
Each of our body type is different , weight loss depends on individual's metabolism . It involves various factors like 80 % diet 20 % lifestyle . More importantly you should pump your body with adequate nutrition and have a healthy active lifestyle you can lose weight and be healthy . Losing weight is temporary and healthy living should be a commitment .

Anna Luise W.
I think the question should be, how have you been feeling? I think is pretty awesome that you are nailing the habit of exercising!! Results will show eventually if you keep up the good work, the most important thing is that you are already in the right track!

Nicholas U.
Losing 25 lbs and it took me 5 years to get here. I am still losing weight yet in a slow rate. I don’t know if you can see my answer. I am against deliberate weight losing. The way I keep a figure is to adjust my habits. If jogging is not an exercise I can stick to the rest of my life, I won’t do it. Try substitutions like walking a dog or walk to work, anything can be embedded into your daily life.

Geert O.
Working out actually isnt the most effective way of losing weight. I saw a video on youtube by Vox, a news source, that said about 80 percent of calorie expenditures is from your resting metabolism, while exercise is like 20 percent or something.

So working out helps for that, but keep in mind its super easy to eat wrong and counteract any gains there.

The main reasons I exercise are for cognitive gains (learning), mental wellbeing, and to help me sleep.

In case its helpfull, I can offer my tips on the diet aspect of losing weight. Personally, I am a skinny guy. And if ever one wants tips on how to lose weight, just ask a skinny guy XD

Ok ok ok…
Well, anyhow, a while back I saw that the best diet for weight loss, which also happens to be best fiet for health, is the mediteranean diet with no processed foods.

The greatest thing about that is that you dont have to count calories either. All the fiber you eat keeps you full. The whole grains you get tempers your cravings for sugar. All the sugar you get is from fresh fruit. Processed foods cause unnatural cravings and cutting those out will make your appetite go back to normal. Plus you'll have more energy. Eventually after a few months maybe you wont really crave any of the garbage people often eat. Plus that kinda food is just awesome!

Also, eat most of your food between 10am and 2pm, and dont consume anything but water after like 5pm or so. This is called early time restricted eating. You're digestive system is primed for digestion during midday hours as far as I understand. Eating late will throw your body out of whack.

Yusuf Q.
Usually it takes around 3-4 weeks for a beginner to see results. I've been going to the gym for few years now, and if your goal is to loose weight it's important to do conditioning 2-3 times a week. But what is even more important is eat healthy, not starve yourself just watch your calorie intake, eat 200-500 less calories per day and you will see the results soon!

Hellmut X.
When I list weight previously, it was very gradual. I was doing heavy labor work every day and ate once a day after all work came to an end. Every couple of days I FELT a little lighter but never weighed myself. After a couple of months, my clothes were much looser. After about 3 months, bigger visual changes were much more noticeable. If you are losing slowly and more sustainably, it'll take longer to notice. Don't look for instant gratification. The time is going to pass regardless so just know you will arrive in the future lighter and fitter than you are today if you keep on going. The only other choice is to change nothing and likely look back to now in the future with regret. Why not be looking back to now with a sense of gratitude, thankful that you embarked on the journey?

Oc Ane S.
Depending on your diet, it usually takes about two weeks to a month. If you aren’t seeing any changes in at least 30 Days, I would evaluate the diet choices. I use the 80/20 method. 80% is your nutrition and 20% is fitness. My Fitness Pal is a great app to use to track caloric intake. Best Wishes on your journey.

Rachel F.
Actually I can see some basic changes in a week. For certain and noticeable signs I need maybe a month. But I worth it

Stephanie S.
It all depends on how many pounds you weighted before starting. In my opinion, you will notice a change whenever your close ones notice it – approximately 4-5 weeks. At first it won’t be as visual as you dream of. It would rather be feeling certain outfits a little bit baggier (if they were “perfectly fitting you” or so to say)that you wear more often.
Oh, and take progress photos every week – for this is the best way to see a difference.

Erik P.
It’s different for everyone. A good place to focus in on your sleep. If you can get 7-9 hours of good quality sleep you will be burning the fat from the workouts you do. We burn A LOT of fat when we get good sleep. After that it’s diet. Little by little you will start seeing a difference.

Theresa O.
I too had a hard time waiting for the efforts of my hard work to show. I have lost 20 lbs. and I am in the process of losing some more. In total, it took about 4 months before I saw the change from my exercise program. But I was happy knowing that my clothes were fitting me differently and that was enough encouragement for me to continue with my exercises.

Allan Z.
It really all depends on your body. I would take daily or weekly progress pictures and compare pictures from different weeks from time to time. You will definitely see a difference as you go along.

Ricky F.
Six weeks is usually enough time to see results. Take measurements and pics along the way. Our perspection of ourself can be skewed, so evidence is best.

Heather T.
I’ve tried many combinations over the past with diet + exercise, just diet, or just exercise. I’ve found that while both is important (muscle maintenance is key in maintaining health as we age), having a healthy diet is where you will actually see results in body size. The most effective diet for me has been the microbiome diet, where you focus on maintaining a healthy gut biome. I lost 10 pounds in a month by just healing my gut flora.

Margarete C.
It depends on how your current condition is. If you very overweight, losing a few pounds is easier. But if you are normal weight and want to lose your belly fat it's going to be hard. The key is consistent diet and exercise. Remember to count your daily calorie intake if you are serious

Taliana P.
It is not something that we can have in one minute, But i fell change in my body day by day after workout, like my muscle and my skill, i fell healthy and healthier day by day

Freja Y.
I learned to take measurements and pictures once a week in the morning because I was losing weight and couldn't see any change. It helped me so much being able to see my progress in pictures and measurments because my eyes kept lieing to me. I lost 30 pounds and couldn't see looking in the mirror and it helped me so much.

Marcele T.
Hi! I will sincerely say that it all depends on how much you actually have to lose! I have lost 71 lbs over the last 16 months. So, needles to say my 1st 20 showed up immediately. I have 5 lbs to lose. I have been working on that for 3months. If you have 20 lbs to lose it may take at least 10 lbs before u see the difference.

Urte E.
I have just started to exercise and I am in the same boat, but I have learned that it doesn’t work without the right foods

Emily U.
Food is 70% of success. The more control in food the faster you see results. If you only work out your weight will remain the same, only volume will go down

Erwan Z.
I could see results after 2 months 🙈 At that time, I didn’t lose weight by applying any diet or exercise program. I was very unhappy, miserable etc. I have been suffering from major depression disease for a long time. I couldn’t eat, and have lost weight. If you’re exercising regularly, you can see the results earlier than soo much time 🤗🤗 I wish you will be happy with yourself. Celebrating every goal is very useful. Be happy 😍😍