I am trying to lose stomach fat. What exercises can help me with my goal?

Morris Z.
Contrary to popular beliefs, abdominal focused workout wont help much since muscles are hidden under layers of fat. U need cardio first. HIIT training is great too. Try that combination. Gluck!
Jamie J.
Cardio and fasting, (not together), and repetitive exercise with low weights is great for reducing fat
Kent X.
Cardio and Strength training are your best bet. Anything that puts you into a calorie deficit will get you there (except withholding food- all that does is slow your metabolism. It does you no favours.)
Adamastor I.
When you lose fat you loose it all over your body, and to lose weight the most important factor is what you eat. When it comes to exercise the key is finding something you enjoy, so that you can develop a lasting routine. Ask yourself if you prefer indoor/outdoor, alone or in a group, high intensity or low intensity for example to narrow down your preferred exercise.
Toni Y.
Plank or half plank is good for the core. Crunches or sit ups or both. Russian twists are good for muffin tops. Just make sure to start out simple and basic. If you hurt yiurself before reaching the advanced stuff, you'll have to start with the easy stuff anyway.
Dianne E.
Core work will build muscle. Cortisol, the stress hormone, increases the storage of belly fat. So meditating, reducing stress, and core work will help.
El Onore S.
@BradleySimmonds is a great instagram fitness personality to follow for that kind of content. HIIT, resistance and weights, but most important thing is a calorie deficit in your day to day.
Suzanna C.
Do situps with your hands stretched forward parallel to the ground. Remember to breathe out when you sit as far down as you can. Keep you spine straight, chest up, gaze forward and balance stable. Also stretching your body properly to warm up is always always necessary before exercising. Aim to start with 3 sets of 10 reps every session preferably once a day and gradually bump it up to 3 sets of 50 reps over a period of time based on your comfort and fitness level. Also pay attention to your diet. Drink lots of water and stick to less sugary items and avoid processed foods as much as you can. You should begin to see the results in 2 months. You would spend perhaps less than 30 minutes per session including your comfortable breaks between sets.
Heinz Dieter J.
Mix cardio (running etc) with exercises such as squats, ab crunches. The stomach will be one of the hardest places to lose fat from, as that’s just how our bodies are designed to store fat
Suzy F.
Targeting any specific area of fat is typically not effective. It basically comes down to this: burn more calories than you consume. Do this and fat will begin to disappear. That being said you could focus on eating more protein than carbs day to day to help accomplish this. Also, muscle mass burns more calories while doing nothing than compared to fat, so it's important to exercise all parts of your body.
Dick S.
Good question, first of all, eating healthy, that is less carbs, more proteins and good fats, will have a more direct impact on losing your bodyfat then exercise.
Exercise is offcourse imoortant aswell, for this I would recommend a combination of cardio like swimming and/or running and abdominal exercises. I recommend the app 'sixpack in 30 days' for this. It has a good beginner session! Best regards, Mark
Kevin Z.
Unfortunately there’s no way to target fat from one specific area. The only way to lose stomach fat is to lose fat everywhere. Ab workouts and stomach toning exercises will only strengthen your stomach muscles.

The best way to lose fat long term is to eat less calories every day than you burn. One way to do this without having to track every single thing you eat is to replace sugary junk food and breads and pastas with fruit and other foods with a lot of fiber. That way, you’ll be eating calories that keep you full throughout the day. For your breakfast habit, try to avoid toast and sugary cereal and replace it with oatmeal. I personally eat one serving of quick oats with banana slices along with some eggs every morning. Doing this keeps me full for a long time with a lot less calories than toast and/or cereal would.

As for lunch and dinner, try to incorporate some rice or other healthy carbs in your meals. Brown rice is a great slow-digesting carb that keeps you full for a very long time.

As for exercise, try lifting weights for strength at least once or twice a week. I would recommend starting your workout with some weight lifting and end it with some cardio like running or cycling. The strength training will increase your muscle mass which in turn raises your metabolic rate. This basically means you can eat more without gaining weight. The cardio will help you burn calories as well as perform better at lifting weights and improve heart health.

Start slow with all of this. Maybe start with only requiring yourself to eat a healthy breakfast every day and then, after you’re comfortable, add some exercise with plenty of rest between workouts. Once that becomes easier, start eating healthier dinners, then healthier lunches. When you do it one at a time like that, you’re really identifying all of your weak spots with each habit. This lets you strengthen these weak spots one at a time instead of being overwhelmed by many at once, which is discouraging.

Good luck! 🙂

Olav Q.
Cardiovascular exercises will surely help you. That is exercise which increase your heartbeat up to 50%. To be more specific Sworkit is a Android application which is a great app to help you loose stomach fat
Laertes I.
It really isn’t possible to target a specific body part for fat loss. The way to lose belly fat is to reduce overall body fat. Cardio is good for losing body fat, however, strength training is what will boost you basal metabolic rate to use more fat when not exercising. Also keep in mind the adage “abs are made in the kitchen”. Diet is critical for losing body fat. I don’t mean “diet” as in restrictive eating necessarily, I mean your o really diet, what you consume. Take a critical look at what you’re eating. Maybe even track it so you can find any less-than-healthy patterns that you may have. Start with small bites and create realistic goals. It won’t happen overnight and there really isn’t a quick fix. Lifestyle changes and exercise are the keys! You got this!
Alfred C.
Classic sit-ups work alright but try using an incline bench and a disc weight to do sit-ups. It hurts a bit more but it works your stomach even more. Cardio is also a great way to cut fat everywhere.
Lino Y.
Reducing stress will help with stomach fat. Also, you can not spot reduce but you can do core exercises to tone the area like planks and a basic crunch or reverse crunch.
Thea G.
For me HIIT (high intensity training) exercises helped a lot when I wanted to lose fat. I bought a program called BodyBoss. It really worked, but you have to stick with it for a longer period of time in order to see the results. I am sure there are other apps or YouTube videos that you can use. I hope this was helpful. 🙂
Lauren A.
along with a good diet and lots of water, exercises like crunches, sit-ups, planking, and wall sits will help. i would reccomend going on a keto diet- it helps you eat nutritious foods that are fun to make!
Jean Z.
Contrary to the popular belief, body fat can not be targeted. Some people have more even distribution of fat in their body than others, but you'll only be able to reduce stomach fat by reducing your overall body fat. The most important equation here is calories in minus calories out. Running an entire marathon burns approximately "only" 2,600 kcal, so this equation is most simply balanced with your daily diet. Any extra movement helps though!
Jade O.
I’ve been told that when you lose weight it’s evenly distributed throughout your body you can’t target one specific area but can try to eat foods that are less bloating but it is good to have strong abs to protect your inner body. I do some sit ups everyday to make myself stronger. Hope this helps!