How do you make time for exercise? I am in a position where I have to choose between exercising and sleep. I am struggling with this!

Kimberly W.
Go to bed earlier.
The Alarmy app works for me. I have a mission to scan the dish soap bottle UPC code in one minute after the alarm sounds. That's how I get out of bed. It has been effective for two months now.

Jessica E.
Sleep. You burn calories wile you sleep anyway. If you're sleep deprived and work out your body's too exhausted to actually benifit much from it.

Christopher Q.
Science suggests the best time to work out is in the morning. If you can get up before work and get your exercise done in the morning you will feel like you have more time at night. Even if it’s the same amount of time, getting things done early helps make it feel like there is more time in the day.

Helma N.
It is not easy. Some days I fail, but I keep trying each day. I agree some days I just need more sleep. I feel better the days I accomplish the goal and that helps