What fun ways have you turned exercise into play?

Aaron Y.
Idk i don't think it's "fun" but i just exercise and I'm not working out atm coz my back hurts in a bad way so i'm just resting rn
Julia R.
I’ll put on my favorite music and dance. Just to dance or while I’m doing chores or walking around the house. Anything to get moving!
Tom E.
I have learnt that exercising is good for me in every way, and by that i mean GOOD good. It is not only to have muscles and be fit, but it helps me shake away stress and be more present. Whenever I exercise I feel more energetic and more like me. On top of that i have also found some tutorials that i like.
Yolanda F.
Small and steady and having a clear target and vision of you in the future and having a motivator in your life turned the time of exercise a joyfull and funny full time
Amatullah F.
Making it something you want to do instead of saying "I have to exercise," put it like this, that you are going to exercise. Also by the time you finish, you can give yourself small rewards. Hope that answered your question :).
Rom O Q.
I was very unhappy about my weight and my diet .. and I was always seeking about a program in order to Commit to , but now Fabulous gave me motivation to exercise just 8 min in a day and to make this habit as a routine .. so all in all , short time and having someone who motivates you every day and being free of what you wonna do from exercises and not be restricted with an exercise program is the best thing ever and the most thing that motivated me and made my exercise full of fun and joy 🙂 ..

Thank you Fabulous ♡