I find it hard to exercise in the morning as I live in a very small house with my partner and don’t feel I have sufficient space. Do you think exercising in the late afternoon or early evening is as beneficial?

Aureliano N.
The best time to exercise is whenever you will actually do it! Exercise is so good for your mind and body that you will get the benefit no matter what time of day. Do keep in mind that exercising right before bed may make falling asleep more difficult, so take a warm shower and meditate to calm yourself before you get some shut eye.
Roger X.
In my opinion, the point of exercising in the morning is to wake your body up, readying it for the day ahead, while also maintaining a healthy level of fitness. Of course the former wouldn't work if you do it during a different time of the day, so I guess my short answer is 'no', but the exercise itself would still be beneficial either way. If you can't find a way to exercise in the morning, just make sure you do something e.g simple stretches to get the blood flowing, and do the exercise when you can.
Rapha L Z.
Yes i think so. Doing my routins everyday is good. And If I don't have the time to do it in the morning, I'll try to do it during the afternoon, or before going to bed. It changes my days, or as I could say my "everyday life". So everyday is benefits. But I also think that it is important to do it in the morning to have the benefits for the entire day.
Tais P.
I would still try to find a way to exercise in the AM, even if you dont have a dedicated space. You can do squats or even just put your foot up on the toilet and stretch your hamstrings while brushing your teeth. When you put your shirt on, do some shoulder rolls. When putting your pants on, alternate pointing and flexing your toes. Do some runner's lunges against the wall after you put your shoes on, try to touch your toes, there's so many different things you can do! I find it fun to try to find ways to stretch my body out in the morning while doing other things. This way, you're not wasting any time, nor are you using any additional space you wouldn't be using anyways…. and you're preparing your body for the day.