How do you keep your workout routine consistent? I always skip days. Also, how do you start getting onto working out? I want to do weights but I am very intimidated by it.

Olivia N.
I wake up at 5am and drink a glass of hot water before brushing and after drinking water i do my workout and then start studying. I hope this helps you ik you can do it my friend:)

Gene O.
Get in alarm or a clock and set an alarm for whenever you want to work out so that it will remind you to work out daily. And also start out with lighter weights you don't have to always have heavy weights start out small. Or you could work on other exercising like running or just taking a walk outside and remember to not force yourself to have heavier weights you have to start out small.

Ersa E.
try to workout for 1min only for a week. if u can do that for 1week. u can add time for 2-3min. i remember when i start workout for 1hour. and at the 2nd day i'm exhausted. and stop for a week haha. because i dididn't used to workout.