I’m wondering about podcast recommendations. I really like starting the morning with a podcast; something inspirational or devotional. Doesn’t necessarily need to be religious or anything like that. But I’m looking for any recommendations!

Albert P.
The perfect question for me, because I started with the following podcasts last week and they are incredible! Optimal Living Daily – Personal Development – https://open.spotify.com/show/1hygb4nGhNhlLn4pBnN00j?si=gvegPkXGRiu46bdesgknMg
Kenneth Z.
So far I hv had the bible app give me a word for the day and an devotional verse ending in a prayer. It seems to be good but honestly I do not remember as much as I would after it is done.
Isab U Q.
I really dig Joe Rogan’s podcast. He’s a big believer in learning anything and everything and keeping a level head and open mind while doing so. Also a big fan of Ben Greenfield lately, who is a big nitrition/wellness guy.
Carl Z.
I like one called Tracks to Relax, most are to help you sleep at night but they do have several to start the day as well. They are free on podcasts but you can subscribe on Patreon for even more selections. I also like Darren Hardy, Joyce Meyer, and InTouch with Charles Stanley.
Francisco Y.
Great question! TED Radio Hour by NPR is incredible! So many amazing topics and very high production value. It’s usually very smart, so interesting, peaking one’s curiosity for learning about ourselves and the world, and usually quite humourous. At least in my opinion.
Viveque E.
The mindset and motivation podcast looks good. It’s got great reviews and seems like good to the point content without distracting ads or unnecessary chatter. I’ll be trying it out tomorrow!
August G.
I really enjoy Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday’s, especially the 2 part series with Michelle Obama. I enjoyed Jen Gotch is Okay Sometimes as well, although that’s more about working through anxiety/depression with an upbeat, smart twist.
Milos J.
I don't really enjoy inspirational or devotional podcasts. I often listen to Reply All, it has very entertaining stories which are all loosely related to the Internet.
Blake Q.
“How I built this” and “99% invisible” are both pretty inspirational! How I built this focuses on entrepreneurship, 99% invisible is about innovative design.
Cecil C.
Hey! I don’t have any good podcast suggestions sorry 🙁 The only one I ever listened to was Planet Money and it’s a finace/economic podcast. I do start off my day with audiobook tho and I really recommend that. Hope this was helpful!
Paula S.
I listen to the youversion app. It has bible versions that are audible and many different bible plans to choose from depending on what you are going through.
Ga L O.
Life is dream answered, thats the philosophy. You need to dig yourself, dig in you a bit more. To make your life prosperous and beautiful.
Lou Q.
I have found the app Insight Timer to be beneficial. It has podcasts, meditations and a timer for silence. There are numerous genres to choose from.
Andrei C.
I really enjoy listening to podcast and have a variety depending on my mood. My overall favorite is TMS. It is a morning radio style show with a tech/geek tinge. They have won numerous podcast awards and now considered a “legacy” show. I haven’t come across anything else that makes me laugh so hard…when I am in public, with earbuds. A good one to start your day if you want motivation is The Daily Boost. Another favorite if you are into meditation is Daily Meditation Podcast.
Jacek I.
Sorry I don’t have any recommendations about an inspirational or devotional podcast.

However, I enjoy a lot CNN10 (a 10 minutes video of current affairs), The Economist radio podcast (they have like five or six), and also Daniel & Jorge explain the universe (this one is really cool and entertaining).

Caetano C.
I've just started to listen podcasts and I always tend up listening to those where I can learn something or it's related to art somehow. Now I'm listening some guy who has never read Harry Potter books. He reads them by himself and then in podcasts he talks about the books with Harry Potter "experts". I love it.
Guadalberto Q.
I listen to the anxiety guy podcast. I was a podcast virgin prior. If anxiety is not your issue, I’m sure there are many others.