How do you keep yourself motivated when trying to incorporate exercise in your daily routine?

Juanita E.
I keep track of how much I can do. How long I can run or how many weights I can lift. It helps you realize the progress you are making and sets your message ndset to a competition against yourself not other people. It's all about getting your own personal record not comparing yourself to other people which will cause you to think you aren't good enough because someone is better.
Tajda V.
Maybe for start try with short 5 minute exercises. Think to yourself you could be doing anything else for 5 minutes but the best way to spend it is to do something good for yourself – it’s only 5 minutes of you day!!!! Results don’t happen if you before or during the workout they happen at the end! 5 minutes in 24 hours is nothing but if you spend them doing something for yourself and for you health it’s a major factor in the change of your lifestyle. Push your self, put yourself in first place. It’s you that we are talking about why not give yourself everything? Don’t think about it just do it, lay on the mat and do it without thinking.
Meg J.
I do exercise I enjoy such as dance or bike riding and allow myself a small reward afterward like an iced coffee. I also prefer to exercise outside where I can feel more free and energised.
Daniela Z.
I start with simple goals, and then move toward more far-reaching goals. The important thing is to set realistic and achievable goals. It is easy to get frustrated and give up if the goals are too ambitious.

I haven’t exercised in a while, so my short-term goal was to walk 10 minutes a day, five days a week. Then I established an intermediate goal which was to walk for 30 minutes, five days a week. Then I set myself a long-term goal, which is to complete a 5-kilometer walk.

Cida Z.
Start with small manageable steps. You might not get to your goal right away, and that's ok. If you can start slow with one day per week, great. Or a short walk every day, that works too. And remember to not get discouraged with small setbacks. Maybe you missed a day, don't worry, you can get back on track.
Owen Z.
I fell off track 5 yrs ago and I have so regretted it. I was doing so good, I felt good and I was healthy, I think what got me was, I kept getting UTI and I yhought I was doing something wrong. I'm not going to do that again I will make a appointment with a urologist.

I want this change its import to me and if I want others to follow I need to lead by example!!

Acilino Q.
I'm not really sure. I am hoping this app helps. Lists/workout materials, having a gym buddy, remembering WHY when I'm not motivated more by poor food choices. It really comes down to the kitchen and the 100s of handfuls of peanut m&me I shoved in my face. I also like an AM workout as I can't motivate AT all at night
Trish T.
I start small and not too hard, to build strength and the habit. I try to do it at the same time each day too. And know which days are my rest days, so my schedule becomes automatic.
Julia P.
I just don't set the bar too high and I also don't take it that seriously. It is better to something. Any little movement is better than no movement at all. Even a little dance break between studying or a little evening yoga.
Shahla V.
I look back on how active I used to be and I use it to drive me now. Just getting up and going playing the workout makes me move.