What tricks can help to motivate me to exercise?

Briana Z.
Have a routine. Set the same time every day. Start light. 10 – 15 mins. Download an app for begginers. Something for a full body workout so you do 10 reps of a bunch of different things so it doesnt seem to overwhelming by do 50 of the same exercise.
Alicia F.
Start little, by maybe 10/15 mn. Find the right way for you: a supportive group to join, a more intimate online coach with your mates at a certain time of the day.
Look for the right exercises for you, the right move, the right speed, the right person teaching it.
Choose some uplifting music to listen to our an whole podcast if you want something longer.
Don't hurt your body, you won't come back to it otherwise.
Jesse G.
Health and being healthy is what i should be thinking as i have a long way to go. Remember Tshewang that you have started your business late and to keep going TJ must live strong and healthy. I must and can do it…
Emma C.
Start small, find shorter workouts that make you feel great! After while, gradually increase your excercise time, and maybe change the workouts up a little bit to make it more fun for you.
Thibaut O.
That's a tough one. For me I decided to wake up early when everybody's still asleep at home. Waking up at 5.30 I know I have 2h max to do my workout, meditation, shower and then prep for my work day. That's the motivation: I know that if I don't it right away at 5.30, I just won't do it.

Also, I talk about it with my wife: what I did, how hard or easy it was to do it etc. That helps me with a bit of peer pressure!

Gary U.
Think of the reason you started. For me it's knowing the money I raise from running/walking challenges can save people's lives.
Turn the "I have to exercise" into a positive.
Put your exercise clothes out for the next time you exercise.
And do whatever works for you.
Good luck
Ryan W.
Start very small and simple. Personally for me id alwayd tell my self i need to start exercising and ill just start out of nowhere to try to run everyday. and ill feel terrible and not even be able to make it through the week. making me all tired and exhausted. now that im using fabulous starting out i only walk (of a goal 3 days a week) for 10 minutes but so far im 2 days in a row so i wanna see where it goes. i dont wanna push my self to hard or get burnt out so i wont push, ill just go with the flow. and if im having a bad moment or just wanna move around, now that i started walking i feel kind of more free just to walk whenever i want on top of the 10 minute walks a day. mainly because for some reason for the longest time i was just axious to leave the house without a destination. But now it feels like more of a privilege. Hope i could help. Thanks!
Silviara C.
I wanna look nice in a swim suit also I won’t be wearing a uniform next year so I wanna look pretty for myself.
Another thing I’m insecure about myself coz I’m short and stubby so I wanna look nicer and toned
Kania R.
Start by doing a short exercise (for example 7 minutes exercise). Don't "try", just "do" it. It feels difficult in the beginning, but you will feel great when you've started it. You can try to do it longer everyday, but if you feel you don't want to do it or too busy to do it, then try the shortest one. The point is to build a routine 🙂
Kelsey A.
Doing it as soon as I get up. A quick 7 minutes after i go to the bathroom and then it's done. Plus i feel more energized… keeping your workout short and sweet at first is in my opinion, the best option. I've also done my workout in my pjs, even in the nude, so changing wouldn't be a barrier.
Meg N.
Instead of tricking yourself, recognize your attitude towards exercise and reframe it. Instead of saying to yourself “Ugh, I don’t wanna exercise today because it’ll be hard”, tell yourself “I know that I don’t wanna exercise today. That’s ok. I’m going to take it easy and be mindful of the thoughts that come up during the exercise, let it go, and come back to the present moment.” Set intentions for your exercise. I also like to exercise first thing in the morning or earlier in the day to not let myself get anxious about the workout!
Asta Y.
To feel motivated to exercise, I like to go for a little run it walk to get some fresh air and then come inside to do a work out
Cecilia N.
I try to reach the green goal in a week from the coaching section of the app, always. When it is yellow, that means I have to upper my effort. Also, if you get used to excercise regularly, your body will "ask you" for more when you are abandoning it. You will start to feel fluffy, easily tired, like any effort will feel heavy. Then it is time to start moving!!.
Hannah F.
Signing up for online classes (either on-demand or in person), and schedule time each day/week in your calendar to do these. I find that left to my own devices, I don't know what to do, so following instructions at set times each day makes it easy!
Darren X.
Well since we in quarantine I think what pushes me is to picture my best self when were out of quarantine rather than just wishing for myself to be fat
Mallika N.
1. Start small and build up. If you do a bunch of intense workouts for a week, and then not exercise for a month, then that's not as good as exercising a bit ans introducing movement into your day everyday. Doing something however small in a consistent manner helps you create a new identity of yourself as someone who exercises. This is something you can then build off of. Inviting friends to do virtual workouts and motivate each other can also be super helpful.
Oli X.
Find someone to do it with. It helps having someone to motivate each other to keep going. If you can’t find someone to do it with you, find someone who will hold you accountable.
Alexandre P.
I'm attending virtual pilates classes. In this way I'm sure to do 40minutes every day and to do all the proper exercises!
Carol C.
Contemplate over the hold momentary happiness has over your long term happiness. Think long and hard about the results you want to achieve and take small steps in that direction. Avoid being overwhelmed, and be kind to yourself at the event of a setback, but don't excuse away so that you stop doing what you're supposed to.
Bernardo B.
Start easy. Even if only for the first 2 weeks, starting with exercise that doesn't seem like a chore when you think about it will llow you to get your blood pumping, muscles working, and to make a habit out of it. Even stretching counts! Or going for a 15 minute walk. Start with 2 times a week minimum, ideally 3, every other day. Ready all you need the night before, or slee in your workout clothes if you find it removes barriers to starting. ;3 good luck! and enjoy
Adelaide T.
Take some time to sit and reflect on WHY you want to exercise. Then write this in a list, a paragraph or a letter to yourself, and put it somewhere where you can’t refer back to it. If I’m low on motivation, I write in my journal a list of why I like to exercise: it gives me energy, it makes me feel strong, it makes daily tasks like carrying shopping easier, etc.. Then write down some specific goals you want to achieve, e.g “I will work out 3 times a week for this month” or “I will be able to squat 20 kg by 25 May”. Now work out how you’re going to achieve your goal. There are tonnes of apps and online resources that can help. Choose a goal that is challenging yet realistic, then make it as easy as possible for you to achieve it. Set out you’re workout clothes the night before. Know exactly when, where and what your workout will be. Ask a friend to be your workout buddy and keep each other accountable. You could even get a personal trainer. Experiment with what works for you and finding something you enjoy that fits in well with your lifestyle.
Miguela Q.
Start with fun ways to move your body, like dancing, jumping, whatever you like. Make a smoothie to bust your energy. Do it one day, the second and you will start loving it. Most important, don't push yourself if you feel exhausted, keep it calm so you don't feel lazy the next day.
B N.
That is personal, I think. For me, I’d recommend challenging a friend or flat mate, change what you’re doing every couple of times to keep it new and interesting, or find a way to integrate it in something you already do/ a hobby; for instance, walk a couple of stops instead of taking the metro when going somewhere, or reward yourself for exercising by taking the time to make a great lunch. The most important thing is, keep it fun!
Ma Wenn Q.
Usually the best motivation is to do something you enjoy. Youtube is a great resource, why not try something different like Belly Dancing!? Anything that gets you moving. However, on the days where nothing feels interesting then tell yourself you only need to 5 minutes. Just do 5 minutes to get you moving, usually after this point you will feel a little more energised and if you dont then perhaps just go for a walk, you're in your workout clothes anyway!
Katrine N.
I would start small, very small, start with taking a walk everyday if you don't do that or begin with just a YouTube stretching video or beginners anything. Start small and then you'll want to do more keep adding more bc you feel good about yourself. You are doing this for you, let that make you feel good, you're improving you life.
Joshua P.
I like to listen to music. So if I know that when I exercise I get to listen to my favorite playlists, I’m in. Music is my way of keeping calm and reflecting. So when I exercise not only am I being fit but, there’s a hint of self care and setting my intentions for the day!