Do you do the exercise habit with others or just by yourself?

Lvia Y.
I do my exercise habit alone, because I usually wake up early or I am the only person who has some perseverance. This doesn't make me to give up on a habit and not do it. I like Fabulous App because it gives you the platform to do some achievements in a game where the main character is you.
Carol U.
Once upon a time I exercised every day before I went to school, I exercised with friends and family. I don’t have anyone to exercise with now, everyone is either to busy and want me to do things on their time that has nothing to do with Excercise so to answer your question I try to exercise by myself and I’m having a very hard time with motivation.
Erika Y.
By myself. I feel insecure when others watch me workout, but if having a partner is what you need to stay motivated, go for it.
Rosana Q.
I exercise by myself and at home. I like the feeling of pushing myself without the influences of other people around me. I get to pace myself better and I don't feel pressured to overwork if I were to see other people surpass my limits.
Mila X.
I mostly do it by myself and I really enjoy it but I love exercising with my friends too and it gives you more motivation.