What is the weirdest yet most effective thing you do to stay on track? Ex: sleeping in your gym clothes

Terrance Q.
I have a golden that I find very effective, if I stick to it! The rule is simply to leave all technology outside of my bedroom, in another room. That means that I remove all temptation to break my routine by sleepily reaching for my phone when I wake or before I sleep. It allows me to focus on sleeping and waking up properly and exercising in my room before I brush my teeth and head to the kitchen for breakfast. It is my foundation stone.
Isabella G.
It ain't weird but the mot effective way to stay on track for me is to write down a list of goals for each exercise for the coming weeks and make a table out of it. Each time I exercise, I take them of the list, and I can see the consistency. Wouldn't want to break that perfect consistency, eh? 🙂
Tracey0769 N.
I am a huge lover of reading so I tell myself that I'm not going to read my book until I have checked off everything including my daily workout which could be a nice walk outside if the weather is nice or an indoor workout using fitbit coach
Marie W.
Whenever I’m meditating most of the time I start to think of things I’m grateful for but I also think of things that I still want, for example imagining scenarios in my head of something that I want to do or something that I want in the future. One of those things is to have a good health and a more toned body, so somehow meditation the night before helps me realise that I need to start working on that now.
Holly E.
I just am a kid, and I want to make habits that will last forever. Like I said before when I put my mind to something I want to do it.