How do you overcome nerves when dealing with going to a crowded gym?

Katie U.
I usually have my beats anywhere I go. They put me in my own world where I don't worry or care about anything else. The good thing about having earbuds or headphones is people don't bother you and your not in an akward place to have to chat with anyone.
Nora E.
Workout with someone else. Select equipment that you feel comfortable with. Mix it up or do body weight exercises if the equipment you want to do is occupied. Observe and follow the gym etiquette. They vary in terms of how long you should use equipment.

Consider buying a few pieces of equipment for home so you can avoid busy times at the gym.

L Rke Y.
It seems like it can't be true, but nobody cares about how you look while working out. Everyone is concentrated on their own thing. I've discovered this is particularly true in a busy gym. There are times I've full-on fallen off a treadmill and no one has really batted an eyelid. I smashed my face with a bosu ball – someone casually passed me a length of cleaning tissue to stop the bleeding and carried on with his pull-ups. So don't worry, no-one is looking. Use this cover for time to scout out the place, and pick up on any local etiquette. Be firm and clear about what equipment you need, and ask directly if you're not sure someone is using something, or how long they'll be. If it's your first time then do a workout you know to give you confidence. Most gyms have a quiet corner or handy pillar to set up your mat behind for privacy. This is your time, you did this for yourself, go at it!
Emily Z.
I was scared at first and went in there while in fear. It was once I was in there that I realised there was nothing to be nervous about!! Just don't pay a full year fee or whatever, so that you can change gyms if the one you first chose doesn't suit you. But really, the people there are usually awesome and down to earth.
Gitte F.
First and foremost, know that 90% of the people there are not going to pay much attention to you. They're going to be focused on their form, the exercise, what's next in their rotation, or what they are going to eat when they get home. The people that do notice are either going to be mentally cheering you on, or taking note of what you're doing so maybe they can work it into their routine. For the select few judging… They just have nothing better to do, that's their problem. I spend a lot of time there, and the only time anyone comments is when someone else is doing something potentially harmful.

If you're nervous, and you have some flexibility, time your first visit or two to a time when fewer people are around. Familiarity with your surroundings make it less intimidating. And if all else fails, take a friend! Support in numbers, and you have a built in cheering section.

Christina P.
Put on some headphones with music, believe in yourself and mind your own business. Headphones for the sounds around you, if you don't feel safe alone, get a friend to go to the gym with you. Sorry if it wasn't helpful. But I tried my best. 🙂
Savannah O.
I don’t go to gym these days. There are plenty of exercise routines available online. Alternatively, I go for runs when I want a long workout.
Carlos S.
I focus on what I need to do & understand that everyone there isn't superhuman. At some stage either a long time ago or sooner, they were where I am… A gym novice just starting out.
Iza N.
I don't go to crowded gyms, but everyone has to start somewhere. If you do not have a place at home where you feel comfortable, then when you go into a gym, try to find an area facing a wall to forget all the people and when you feel like you're ready, try to ease your way into the crowd
Cl A E.
Think of the end result. Everybody has to start somewhere. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. You're doing this for you, nobody else.
Heraldo E.
Firstly, I allow myself to feel awkward. Then, I decided to observe like a no human being what others do. And finally, I asume I'll fine myself funny and laugh gently at me when I do something grong. This is a commitment with me and that's all what matters.
Hans J Rg T.
I have a set without routine that I made before coming to the gym. I put all my focus and energy into just doing my exercises mindfully. If a piece of equipment is being used and I don't feel like asking to work in, I'll find an alternative for that exercise. If it's all too much, I do what I can then leave when I feel overwhelmed. Then I celebrate the success of getting myself to the gym and doing as much work as possible with the crowded conditions.
Rafael T.
I plan and visualise what I’ll do when I get there and what equipment I need and what order I’ll do things in. I find that even if I get there and nothing I need is available and there’s no space (like this morning) I have the desire and ability to freestyle a bit more
Gladimira E.
The gym I go to is not too crowded but there are very fit people there sometimes who bring out my insecurities. I try to imagine I am all alone and there's no one else. I am my own competition.
Hemet Rio Z.
I go to a gym in the morning and it's almost empty at that time. But if it happens that I go later and it's overcrowded I don't worry about it. I try to find any free place or tool to exercise according to my daily program. Or if you mean getting nervous because all they look at you then remember: it's not a shame to be weak, it's a shame to stay weak.
Aliana Y.
I’d suggest adding mediation to your daily habits and I’ll explain why. Why is it that you feel anxious when at the gym? When do you not feel anxious? YOU continue to accept the thoughts that make you feel anxious as real yet you probably never question those times when you don’t feel anxious. Your mind has been programmed to offer feelings and thoughts to you that make you feel anxious because of a reason. That reason could easily be rationally transferred into a motivating action instead of continually accepted them as an anxiety trigger. Your mind wins whenever you’re doing or feeling something you’d rather not. See those thoughts as they arise which only give strength to that feeling of anxiety. Intentionally focus your attention on those negative thoughts and instead remember that before you thought about working out or arrived at the gym, YOU were fine. YOU may even have been motivated or happy to fulfill something you’ve committed yourself to. Practicing meditation daily WILL rewire your subconscious which is what is in charge when you, without noticing, feel anxious, and over time allow you will be better able to see those thoughts that feed those negative emotions and chose to put yourself back in a better, more motivating, happy place. Don’t let your mind win! You’ll feel better when you don’t:)
Maxime Q.
When I used to go to the gym he. Even though I know no one is looking at me. At least the first few times. Noe however I have a busy schedule and work out at home.
Dylan E.
Usually, I turn my music on and tune out the crowd and any nerves when dealing with a crowded gymr. Half the battle is getting to the gym the rest is to help me improvevmy overall health.
Serenity Y.
Unfortunately I don't. Being very plus size, being in a very crowded gym is tough if it is filled with really tone athletic people. If there are more people who look like myself or not like they jumped out of a magazine, I am much more likely to go!
Heinz Z.
Listen to my music and focus on and picture accomplishing my goals.
Gaspard P.
I am actually horrible at that. I should just block that out of my mind but instead I literally have turned around and went home and did a 7 minute workout or tried to go to the gym at another hour when I know it won’t be crowded. But those are extreme situations but otherwise I start listening to music on my headphones as I am walking into the gym and then I may just adjust my workout so that I don’t interrupt others and also use machines and exercises where others won’t interrupt me. Also… strangely… I have been doing Orange Theory where literally everyone exercising seem to be at a higher level than me but it doesn’t matter because it feels like some cameraderie that we are all just trying to workout to the best of our own individual abilities but still as a group trying to do our best.
Clarence P.
I usually work out at home or in a smaller environment like a studio because I'm a dancer, I would go on days no so busy or try to make friends that go regularly.