How do I break the habit of constantly looking at my phone?

Carole S.
Shut the phone off, put it on silent, focus on being more inthe present and goings on of the day. Work on something that keeps hands occupied, look at the time by checking the wall clock. Disassociate from the digital realm
Lae N.
Give more time to your family, friends, and yourself. Set a goal to read for at least 30 minutes everyday. Write on your journal if you want to use a screen. Writing and reading are just as entertaining as screens, if you ask me. I also recommend drawing and doodling, and even if you cant draw, scribbling random stuff is also okay. Set your screen time limit of 1 to 3 hours of screen time a day. Go outside for a walk and look at the beautiful nature. You’re welcome, and good luck. I believe in you! ❤️
Tiberiu T.
try not to watch it for 3 hours, but watch it twice, watch 1 watch 30 min, watch nothing at all, a little bit every day, that's how you get rid of it
Florinda Z.
By doing other things that make me feel more productive and satisfied such as painting, learning Italian, reading a book, basically giving my hobbies more attention.
Pedro X.
Put the phone out of your sight so that you don't get the phone whenever you want and ultimately this will break the chain of constantly looking at your phone.
Mitchell B.
What works for me is that I find something to replace it with, if my phone is in q different room and im really invested in something, I'll be less tempted to pick it up. Also, the longer you do this, the less inviting your phone will be
Pi See S N.
Well it’s simple and we all know the answer if we truly look at the question.
Just stop!the Uncomfortablity and itching desires and feeling, of sticking to the plan, is the actually burning and shortening of the electrical impulses coming from the brain. We have wired ourselves to these habits and the mind is the self regulating super computer. So there are literal wires going from thoughts to feelings to actions. It’s quite cool. But you just push. And ask yourself. Why am I feeling this desire to do something I don’t consciously want. And that’s it! You’ve created a gap from the subconscious not controlling the conscious. And then repeat that everytime!
Virgil P.
Ask a family member to keep it hidden from you or put time restrictions on apps. You should try find a hobby that is more entertaining than a phone because then you will want to do the hobby instead
Owen T.
Put in living room away from bedroom for a start, unless your using it as an alarm clock. Get in habit if going for a walk bring headphones and play music thru phone but place phone on deep pocket.