What kinds of exercises do you like to do? Which ones are quicker and more easy to get on with and how do you motivate yourself to exercise?

Bob U.
I use an app to help me regulate my exercises and the type I do. My favorite exercises are leg exercises. My legs are the things that always hurt the most during the day, so feeling them get stronger really helps me stay motivated. What makes me motivated to exercise is the results I see over time. It can seem like a waste at first, but once you see the small gains, it's amazing.
Lice Q.
Running is my cardio choice, as well as yoga, at home workout videos and Strength training. I've started listening to an Aptive 5k training on Audible. The woman coach is super motivating.
Thomas S.
Every day I like to get started with the ‘strech’ exercise, as it Briggs your body in active mood. As I rune 3 times a week, I find this ‘strech’ exercise perfect and acceptable to maintain. Good luck!
Caleb T.
I like doing planks (including side planks) and this thing my teacher calls Superman. They are pretty quick.
To motivate yourself try having a reward system. If you do say, ten minutes of exercise everyday for one week have a bowl of ice cream. If you do it for a second week in a row you get another bowl of ice cream (or whatever treat you like that’s not to big) and so on. Just don’t beat yourself up if you don’t manage to do it everyday for a whole week. Start small (maybe four days in a row) and get bigger slowly.
Imke Y.
My favorite exercise is running, I run a lot (40-50 miles a week) but since I have 2 dogs, walking is a must first thing in the morning.
It’s hard to stay motivated, so I write down my goal and put it on my bathroom mirror, on my nightstand, on the welcome screen of my phone, etc. So I ALWAYS see it. And after exercising, I always allow myself a little treat, like a square of chocolate or 1-2 gummy bears (I have a sweet tooth!)
Stephanie E.
Nearly every morning I do these 3 excercises: squats, pushups and pullups. It sets my day up nicely. Working your way up.

These are simple and easy to do exercises. I start with the squats as it's the easiest of the three. Then once I am moving pushups or pullups are so much easier to start.

I often look at my body in the mirror and celebrate my progress of my fitness and strength. This moment of appreciation helps me to keep reminding that I need to keep doing my exercises and keep increasing the sets and reps to keep improving.

After getting this incorporated to your day will make any other excercises easier. Eg martial arts, squash etc.

Zaida Z.
I honestly just like to dance. It doesn’t matter if you’re good or bad at it, just turn on a sweet tune and get your feet moving! Dance to the kitchen, the car, anywhere! It’s super fun, and gives you good exercise!
Philip W.
I like lunges as they are quick and stretch my leg muscles I motivate myself by always thinking that I want a good body and complimenting myself that my body has Improved so I get determined
Diane X.
I like to do some gentle stretching to prepare my body for the day. Since starting Fabulous, I tried taking a walk outside, and to my surprise I really enjoyed it! In the early morning there are not many people outside, and my short walk goes through a small woods, and I can see how the plants and flowers are growing a bit each day. I’ve never been a morning exercise type of person, but I think it’s about finding the right type of exercise that you actually enjoy. I hope you find yours, keep trying!
Creusa B.
I have been doing the 7 mins workouts. I do it as soon as I wake up as otherwise it is easy to get sidetracked by doing something else.
Frederik F.
Running and body weight workouts are the easiest that can be done anywhere and anytime. I motivate myself by reminding myself that I achieve my goals one day at a time. I have to finish today's work before I can achieve tomorrow's goal.
Lucas U.
Your exercise routine is not something you need motivation for. It's you duty. So just do you duty. Start with stretching and after that do some abs exercises or anything else. Just 10 squads will be enough. Day by day, you'll want more just by yourself.
Emma E.
My favorite excercises are dancing and Pilates! Dancing you can do anywhere! And the harder and faster you dance and the more you move around the better you feel and it helps keep my body happy! Pilates are also fun and they make you look great really quickly! I also have a few belly dancing dvds that I watch and love! It makes me feel pretty!! Lol good luck and I always have better results working out with a friend! It makes it more fun!
Frank J.
I like to include the element of surprise and follow along YouTube videos or download weight routine apps on my phone. I’m motivated by checking the boxes. Also I joined a hiking group on the weekenf
Bella O.
I’m not (or I was not… I’m working on it) an active person. I have try several excercises through my life and found different kind of joy in each but never enough to keep me going when obstacles got on the way. I have found now that much is in the mind and not so much on the type of excercise. The desire to challenge myself can make me enjoy different kind of excercises. I love yoga for calming and focusing my mind. I feel strong when I master my body to reach and stay at a position. I just need my mat and the occasional youtube/fitstar yoga video. I love running amd for that I just need my shoes. I love reaching farther and where I thought I couldn’t. I also like high intensity training for how strong they make me feel when I move ahead with them. Many series of these HIT can be done at home without any equipment (try STRONGER by nicky hollender). Look for an excercise that challenges you and has the less obstacles/excuses for you, cultivate the desire to be a better version of yourself and have fun doing it!
Ida B.
I mostly like lifting. i enjoy lifting in circuits so Ihave mt heart rate up around a cardio level. All of these workouts for me are around 30 minutes to an hour.

For shorter workouts I like to do HIIT (high intensity interval training) which are generally between 10-20 minutes for me.

Klemens Z.
I like to warm up exercise first and then deeps, string jumping, HIIT. I am motivated through people's journey watch and read on Instagram.
Rene S.
I like to walk and jog on the river and on the coast. I also enjoy going to the gym. Both are just as good. Walking because you take in the beautiful scenery and gym classes because they are already thought out for you. I want to exercise to look and feel good, that’s my motivator.
Ricardo S.
Elliptical. Low impact, good cardio. I motivate myself by looking in the mirror. I want to like what I see. I am the only person who can change me. I have the ability to do so. I will do it!
Sacramento N.
I do push ups(85),pull ups (75), abdominal crunches(150), 4km running,wall inclined inverted push ups (20), resistance band exercise es and I am doing this from last 3 years and I keep my self motivated by looking into mirror that how my physique is getting stronger and getting big muscles. The strength and pain which I feel during workout is like a drug to me and I am addicted to my workout routine. That's all it keeps me motivated
Patrick U.
I really enjoy weight lifting. There are so many different things you can do just with some weights. I also enjoy going for walks and dance breaks. I get motivated by promising myself to get changed and start.
Candice F.
The key, in my opinion, is to find a motivation, your motivation, something that you care deeply and strongly about. If you have enough motivation, nothing can stop you; without adequate motivation it will not only be hard to get started but it will be even harder to maintain your exercise routine. Find a vision that you care deeply about, something larger than yourself. For example, if self-love, taking care of yourself and giving yourself the strong body and strong mind that you deserve isn't enough, then perhaps love for someone else is, like your spouse or children or significant other. My wife deserves a husband who looks good, is physically fit, and has the energy and vitality that come from being physically fit. I happen to love myself enough that it provides me adequate motivation to start my workout, stay focused and push through to the end, never quitting or giving up until I have achieved my outcome; however, I also love my wife deeply and use my love for her as double motivation. I believe there is no greater force or motivation in the world than love. Find what you love, really truly love, and let that be your motivation. Once you have this powerful motivation everything else will automatically happen. I hope this was helpful.
Sandra F.
I like to do weights and strength training. I feel like the results are more measurable and I can see the changes better. I also like rowing and walking
Maritis S.
My favourite exercise is swimming. Especially in open water. Its beautiful. However my main form of excersie is biking. I bike 20 mins to work everyday.
Bastian U.
Check out the app Nike Training Club, its an awesome app for exercising and its free. It has a lot of different exercises, for all levels. I’ve got a set of playlists that I listen to whilst exercising, that I’m constantly adding to and revamping, this helps to make exercise more exciting 🙂
R Mi E.
I like yoga and walking 🙂 I do 15 minutes of yoga every morning and try to fit in a walk or two when I can (usually on weekends). For me, I love how gentle they both are- they make me feel like I’m really caring for my body rather than punishing it (which is what more intense exercise feels like to me). Keeping my morning session to 15 minutes (although I do longer ones sometimes when I can) means that it stays achievable – I’ve made the mistake of trying to commit to half an hour every day and it just became too overwhelming with all the other commitments in my life.
The last piece is motivation – the above both help, but ultimately, I keep coming back to exercise every day as an act of devotion to myself and care for my body. Days when I don’t feel like it are days when I need to show myself that love and respect the most, even if I choose an easier or shorter class. Coming at exercise and nutrition from the perspective of deserving care, taking responsibility for my own care, and gentle, compassionate self love and respect have been life changing. It’s no longer a battle every day, more like a gentle hug that I give myself.

Hope that helps 🙂 (also, just a reminder, you are wonderful!)

Ambre O.
Pushups! Quick and easy, but can be very challenging and rewarding with proper form, and you can always go for one more each day! Motivation is garbage. It's fleeting and rare. Exercise your discipline. Before you do any task, simply drop down and do 10 pushups. Straight out of bed? Pushups! Kettle is boiling? Pushups! I can't decide what I should do?! PUSHUPS!!!!
Ascenso Q.
I like to lift weights and finish with cardio. If your just starting off, start by doing 10 minutes of cardio or 30 minutes of weight lifting 3 times a week. Start listening to motivational videos on YouTube. I motivate myself by writing my goals, looking at my goals every morning and talking to myself in the mirror(I tell myself everyday I’m a beast and I want to be better!)
Gundula C.
In the mornings, I try to do exercises like push ups and sit ups for my core, but other times I’ll just dance around my room to some music. Either way, it gets your heart beat up and your body moving!
Johanne C.
I like to do yoga and Pilates because it targets strength and flexibility at the same time and makes me feel strong and capable of doing more than I think. I also like it because it’s meditative and you focus on your breath. My body motivates me to exercise because I feel stiff, weak and slower if I don’t exercise. I also feel more scattered and restless and I crave exercise if I don’t do it for a few days.
Maya W.
I like to set a timer, grab my iPod and dance around the house for some quick exercise. I don’t have to go anywhere or get ready and I actually have fun.
Jorge Q.
I love water exercise, and I also work out with a trainer once a week. She motivates me and keeps me from getting bored. I also love the tried and true treadmill, which is a good place tou start if you're getting back into working out. I promise myself screen time if I do it on the treadmill.
Martin E.
Cycling is my favourite, but when in a hurry, some abs are better than nothing. changing the bus for a bicycle was the best gift that I did for myself in my life. It makes me feel so good!
Marius Z.
I find workout routines online or on apps, the app I most frequently use is the Nike training app. The workouts are categorized according to skill level. I like to to integrate yoga into my routines to allow my muscles to stretch in between sessions. I like working out, it gives me a sense of accomplishment and makes me feel healthy. To keep myself motivated, I always remind myself the reason why I started this in the first place. If I need a break I take the break, but always keep in mind that I will continue this when I feel ready. Working out shouldn’t be a chore or something that you force yourself to do because you have to or because its demanded of you. It should be a conversation between you and your body. Listen to your body and it will let you know when it’s time.
Edgar C.
I mostly like to take a quick brisk walk…since I’m just starting out, I only do short walks in the morning… 10mins tops ..around the block or even just around my house! I’m forcing myself to wake up a few minutes earlier in the morning to do this… since I have to be at the office by 8am and I LOVE my sleep this has been a little challenging!! I’ve decided to shower at night to save a little time also… I hope I keep it up! 🙂
Eduardo O.
I like running because you can quickly burn a lot of calories, and it is great for your cardiovascular health. If I need help getting motivated to run, I’ll listen to music that pumps me up while I put on my running clothes/shoes, and I’ll either keep listening to that music or put on a podcast I like while running. If you want a slightly lighter workout, there are short, guided vinyasa yoga sequences on YouTube that get you breathing deeply while stretching and strengthening your muscles.
Isabella Q.
I run as I find it meditative and I can do it without worrying about timings . I find running fits in with my life and I can get on with it . I put the schedule in my diary to stick to it