Do you eat before or after your run, or both?

Priteche S.
I always eat after my workout. I find that eating before can make me feel lethargic, bloated, and sometimes nauseous. Also if I eat afterwards I'm more inclined to pick a healthier option to eat.
Humaira Z.
I eat after my run, I run for about an hour every morning, come home take a quick shower, have some herbal tea, then make myself breakfast.
Victor X.
Maybe I'll eat an Apple before running, but I run at my best when it's been about 2 hours since I had a meal. I try to eat at least some proteins after running
Kimia T.
On days that I run I eat one banana beafore runing..
One hour after that i eat something small ( small breakfast) And of course I drink water
Detlev F.
I have a kid, so I exercise after we are both fed, usually I turn on some groovy tunes while he sinks into lego land and make up my own dance/stretch routine.
Nijai Z.
I do both ! Which is okay ! You don’t want to work out on an empty stomach. That’s really really bad. That’s like trying to drive while on E. It’s also good to eat afterwards if you’re still hungry which is the case for me 😂😂
Adelmo Q.
Both. Before, something small but full of protein. Spoon full of peanut butter, sausage patty. After, whatever I would like, and that usually somethingthat makes me feel full. Half of a bagel, toast, or even a full breakfast if I have time