What do you do for exercise in 8 minutes?

Lya Y.
I use a 7 minute workout app that is basically HIIT; lunges, squats, pushups, crunches, planks, etc. The morning is the best time for me because it starts my day off more energized and moving in the direction of my goals.
Kreszentia X.
I used the 8minutes to do some yoga. With a Yoga app I could set the timer and the Yoga type. Short duration has helped me build a habit. I’m now focusing on extending the time for Exercise.
Michele J.
I walk my son to kindergarten every morning and walk myself back home. It’s usually about 15 mins of walking, total. On the weekends I try to go out for walks too but never force myself.
Iohana Q.
For 8 minutes I put on my exercise dvd and do a short workout like boxerise or sometimes I put the Hoover round the house and dance about with it at the same time. Cleaning music and exercise all in one fabulous ;))
Marius C.
My favourite thing to do is yoga in the morning, other days I have had a dance around the flat. On sunny days I’ve thought about going for a walk around the neighbourhood but I’ve not had the motivation to do that yet ! 🙂
Rubi C.
I Can use a resistent band tot train met Chest, shoulders, back and arms. I Can do as a cardio excercise Some burpees en squats
Anna U.
I had the same question and after somedays I remember a video that I saw in the past about mobility: https://youtu.be/pc2xlLuCp4Y
I do calisthenics, a body weight sport where you need to be flexible in some cases. Flexibility is really important for everyone actually, even if you don’t practise sport in general.
I’ve just started doing these mobility exercise but I feel that is one of the best thing I can do.
If you search others mobility exercises will find a lot. Even if you try to increase the heart pump in those 8 minutes some mobility exercises are perfect!
Try some day and notice how your body react 😉
Luis T.
Depending on how my body feels I’ll either dance to music from my phone, play Just Dance on YouTube, do some yoga or just stretches. Anything is better than sitting around so I focus more on how can I at least move my body more right after I wake up. If I’m super motivated or have extra time I’ll go outside for a walk
Mitchell Z.
I do a sequence of morning stretches and yoga: twists, squats, planks, walkouts, tree poses. Sometimes I’ll launch a 7-min workout from an app or my FitBit. Looks like The Fab has a few quick workouts, so does Nike Training Club. I like to do this between snoozes in my alarm. Makes me feel like I’m getting the goods on my old self. Personal records, baby.
Barbara A.
If I have to Exercise for eight minutes I will do the exercise from the fabulous app but right now I am doing an hour every day at the CrossFit gym
Ernest R.
I have taken up the challenge to do 100 push-ups a day, and I begin with doing as many of these in the morning. Currently I haven’t been able to do all 100 push-ups in one session, but each day I push myself to do a little more than the day before.
Olivia N.
I start with a really good stretch to open my body up, then I do a set of dumbbell movements from shoulder presses, to shoulder shrugs, to two arm curls to chest, to bent over rows, to reverse curls, then quick rest and second set. Gets the body warm and pumped for action!
Maurizio Y.
i specifically target different parts of the body, like core, leg, or arm, each day and throughout the week work the whole body.
Ana S Y.
I walk to work, which is longer than 8 minutes.
I do some yoga exercises
I will continue with yoga classes, after I return from Slovenia
Johan A.
stretching is a really good way to loosen those muscles when you wake up. if your like me and like to procrastinate a lot , instead of just exercising do something fun too like climbing up stairs to drop a slingy down
Nanna Z.
I have an indo board and circular balance board. So I practice different yoga poses on that. I also use them to do push ups and lift light weights to involve the arms.
Oc Ane T.
If I have time (8 minutes feels a lot to spare in the morning!), I love the 7 minute workout. Otherwise pushups are a fail safe exercise if you’ve only got a couple of minutes
Philip Z.
I have physical therapy exercises that strengthen my core and hips. If you don't have PT, I recommend body weight exercises like squats and planks combined with stretching.
Layla C.
I do Qigong standing pole exercises. Three positions, two minutes each. Another option would be one round of sun salutations yoga poses
Clara A.
Shadow rope-skipping 2-steps at time left-right-left, deep sit-downs, crunches, bridges, push-ups – ♦️-push-ups and sometimes pull-ups
Beatrice I.
Today, I try to do the 7-min exercise and 4-min abs strengthening exercise. However, in the first exercise, I cannot find a chair for one of the step. Therefore, I am still improving myself on this routine, by either changing the environment or find a alternative step.
Yolanda P.
I’ve always liked combination workouts. For example, I’ll usually do arm workouts (Ex. Bicep curls) on the Bosu ball so that I get a combo workout of arms, core, and just overall working on my balance. I’ve also never been one to stay too long in the gym. I like to set a pace, and keep that going. I’ll have 20-30 second rest in between. For me, the key is to keep an eye on the clock in between sets so that I don’t rest for too long.
Elya S.
Personally, I prefer to do my intense exercise at night, so for my morning exercise of 8 minutes, I do yoga or stretching. I feel like this gently helps my body wake up and feel more free throughout the day.
Cindy P.
Honestly I’ve been renaeging my Fabulous Exercises because of a bad fall at the beginning of the Spring and hope to get back into it soon, but since our house has 3 levels with a 10 stair difference between the 2nd and 3rd levels which I use frequently during the day I’ve settled for the stair traversing as my exercise routine until I am better able to take on the Fabulous exercise routines.
Nicholas G.
This awesome YouTube video that opens the energy gates .. Jennifer Kries is on the beach and we do a beautiful morning exercise to open energy gate and set intention for the day.
Jane J.
I go for a short walk, and I love this the most as a morning exercise. The fresh air wakes my senses and I get a mini connection with nature. I’ve done streching sometimes as well, and that’s great too.