How do you make it easier to exercise instead of hitting the snooze button?

Alex X.
I start my morning by relaxing, then I eat breakfast and start working out. I always start the morning by getting into my workout clothes so I get in the mood. Also, not over achieving and setting a small goal such as working out for only five minutes.

Angelica O.
I try to remind myself that this each time I workout I’m just a little closer to my goal. This morning I walked 4 miles. Every step sucked. But with every step I knew I was getting one step closer to my goal so I pushed through all four miles!

Mi A.
Find a type of exercise that you love! When you see it as a dreadful task, it’s easy to prefer the snooze button. There are so many ways to make exercise enjoyable for you and you just have to find what works. For me, it’s yogalates and I can’t go a day without it. Another way to look at it is to see it as a favor, just for yourself. If i would do it to make a loved one happy, I should have no problem doing it for myself.

Andrey N.
I started with just one minute for a month then I moved on to five and now I’m at ten. I’ll get to half an hour or an hour in a couple of months. Tiny steps has been my secret.

Urbano Q.
I wear my exercise clothes as pajamas and have an alarm clock in my bathroom. It reminds me to get out of bed entirely and, since I'm already dressed to work out, it gives me few excuses to not excercise.

Am Rico N.
By beginning my workout routine with calming yoga. I feel excited to wake up and do a calming, soothing activity. It pushes me out of bed and then I'm in a headspace to work out harder.

Ivan O.
It's continues from something else. Say, in the morning routine, I begin by drinking water, than eat, than do a short exercise. Going from one to the other requires less will power.

Eva Y.
Think about longggg term gain. Think you don't have to go to hospital. Think you will have more energy and Will enjoy your day now. Think you will feel good about yourself. Think it will allow you to eat whatever you want. Think of life you want to build

Hugh O.
This is a classic initiative! I suggest preparing your workout clothing in advance and laying them in sight. Then try moving your alarm clock or phone away from your bed. This will force you to actually get out of bed to hit snooze and get you moving around. Put your workout clothes by your alarm perhaps.

Alexandra U.
Well, it’s quarantine now, so I can sleep longer which means I have no problem with hitting the snooze button. I’ve made a habit out of it. I wake up at 8:40 every morning, drink glass of water, eat something for breakfast, brush my teeth and stretch or exercise.

Andrea K.
By now it's habitual for me to workout so it makes it a bit easier. In the past (sometimes now) when I felt like *snoozing*, I would look on YouTube for "motivational workout videos" to pump me up. I do best when I spend some time during the day of my workout/days before my workout to plan it out. Planning things out left me feeling confident, as well as helped me visualize my workout goal. Nowadays, I workout because I know that working out makes a stressful day feel better and it helps me sleep faster and better. I just make better choices when I put in a good workout, feel better and look better than when I didn't. 🙂

Lison Z.
Wore exercise clothes to bed and started listening to audible on my headphones before leaving the door. Began to associate good feelings of starting the day with the exercise routine.

Lilia O.
Make it fun! When you think of exercising, you probably think ugh. Instead turn that ugh into a yay! What do you like doing? Dancing, walking, stair climbing? Find an exercise you can do, isn't to straining on your body, and one that you like doing! Also putting your exercise clothes somewhere where you can easily grab them as well as your shoes will make the exercise hurdles disappear. Don't forget to stretch!

Zachary J.
I give myself a limited number of snoozes and I plan for the time they will add to my morning. I'm trying to get it down to 1 snooze, but at the moment its 2. And they arent short either, most people have a 3 min snooze but mine is 10. I plan that extra 20 min in the morning to relax in bed, nap, check my phone, snuggle….whatever and then I avoid the bed entirely once I'm up. I dont give myself a chance to get comfortable which can make it hard to get going. I go from morning bathroom break directly into exercising without giving myself time to get distracted or talk myself out of it.

Aaron Z.
Because all the time i want to push sneeze button i think about how feel good i am after although a short exercise and how i feel blood going to my wanes

Mathias P.
Start with something small no matter how small it is. The point is not so much about having a full body workout routine at this stage. The point is to get started and get it to become a habit. With that in mind do a push up. Tomorrow, do two push ups. You go like that until ten and now you're doing one set of ten push up a day. It doesn't have to be push ups it only needs to be something you can do easily. One day, you're going to change thoses push ups into an actual routine, because it's going to be something you can do!

Erdmute X.
I try and remember how great and energized I feel after I work out! Also, be sure to try and hop out of bed right away because the longer you stay there the harder it is to get up!

El A Z.
Trying to not drink alcohol late has been the biggest key for me. Definitely helps me feel rested and more motivated in the morning. Have everything ready the night before so you can just start your day. If I'm really struggling to work out, I just do some low intensity stretching and light weight stuff, that way I can maintain my habit.

Siegried C.
If I get my mind moving it's easier to get my body moving too. If i need a boost of energy new music wakes me up. If im unmotivated a new podcast gives me the drive to push through it.

Hugh U.
You must find an exercise you enjoy. Open up exercise like you would a conversation…with a question. What movements can I do today that would offer my body vigor? Invoke a sincere curiosity. Find the movements that feel good. Think of a few body parts (arms, shoulders, abs, calves, etc…) you'd like to work that day. Use YouTube videos for inspiration if needed by typing "easy workouts for (body part)." Find ones you enjoy or at least try to remember certain movements that felt spectacular. Once you find what you love, it's hard to hit the snooze. You know it makes your day better, you know it's good for your health. It's one of the most proven scientific theories we know of, consistent (even easy/small acts of) exercise will improve energy, sleep, mood stability, and help us feel confident.

Staying curious about yourself is key here. How you can hack your own body into not hitting that snooze button… guess you'll just have to find the perfect trick! 😉

Laurie P.
Honestly I would hit snooze but I have a puppy that gets up at the same time every day so I just put my shoes on and take her for a walk first thing. Once I have done that it is easier to follow the rest.

Morgane C.
It's determination i want to be healthy i want to become a top model on my 30s.i want to look at the mirror every morning and be proud of myself. I need this change for me i need this light in my life. Small things with determination lead to big things happy things.

Lisa O.
I lower my standards!! 😉 Some days I can barely stand to go for a walk. Other days I bike a long ways or row on the ERG. For me, keeping the momentum going is most important to motivating me the next day. And if I don’t do much, I still did something. It adds up!! Good luck!! You got this.

C Ndice E.
I treat every small positive step forward as a victory. By celebrating small changes it makes me feel better about myself. Even if the only change is being able to a sit up or two more than the day before

L N.
I found lately that surrounding myself with my weights and having them in clear view, within reach makes me hold myself accountable for achieving my exercise goals.

Doireann A.
I exercise straight away in the morning. If I sleep in, I exercise and have to eat breakfast in the car. If I get up on time I exercise and have time for a nice breakfast at home. It’s the only way I can exercise without making excuses!

Kemal I.
Well, hitting the snooze button felt like to me that i was not taking full advantage of life and if I snooze now then I snooze my entire life. I felt that getting a cute little to do list book would help me get things done and it did, every night I plan the next day and I plan my morning routine and my exercise routine. For example, my morning routine include waking up at 8:30, brush teeth, drink water and then clean my house and then finally exercise. Once I know that all of that is done I can continue with the rest of my day. Some days I felt like not exercising so I went out for a walk or I did a 10 minute exercise which would give me the satisfaction that I did some sort of exercise today. Hope that helped.