Walking for 1 hour or gym 1 hour: which is better?

Reinhardt S.
All depends on what u do at the gym if u workout hard or moderate the get would burn the most calories but if u just want to stay in shape walking and running if a great choice
Ryan A.
Walking, more enjoyable for me and therefore easier to achieve regularly. It also allows me to relax and my mind to wander.
Hugh U.
Gym will do a lot more better by burning calories like walking but it also pushes you to make your shape and form alot more better
Fernando Q.
Going to the gym for 1 hour is better than walking in most cases. The biggest reason for this is due to the wide variety of machines and exercises you can do at a gym. However, any exercise is better than none, and walking in a park or on a treadmill at home is free.
Belinda U.
I believe walking for an hour is better, but I personally do workouts. The gym is a little different however, especially if it is just on machine ls, then one won't be able to do much in that time between sets and reps and changing machines. Bodyweight workouts I believe add more in an hour. Ofcourse that depends on what you are looking for. Whether it is building muscle, losing weight or just moving the body
Lou Q.
I rather wake for 1 hour. It helps me relax more without the pressure of everyone around me. Its help to think out loud and even helps relieve expectations when I do it at my own paste.
Hoi X.
Tbh, both are good but I'll prefer walking for 1 hour because it's easier, simple and i get to get fresh air and sunlight.
Norival Q.
I believe walking is better.
And why 1 hour.
Even 20 minutes is good enough.
Try to go out in nature and walk at least 20 minutes.
Say hi to other people and feel their energy.
This is good for bothbody and mind.