Is it a complete disaster if I start with maybe 4 minutes HIIT instead of 7 (although the program is usually 7 minutes)? I am a bit worried that I will start cheating if my muscles scream very loud the day after. And if I do it in the evening how much do I lose against doing it in the morning (e.g. 25% of the energy boost)? Thank you!

Graciele A.
If you think that you will have more longevity in the end if you do 4 mi utes and work your way to 7 the. You should listen to your body and do that.
Darlene U.
I usually wake up and go straight to the gym! There I do a HIT class for 30 mim! My muscles scream very loud every day but then I always think: it’s my 30 mim that will lead me to a great performance and body! So… keep up with the good work!
Maja Z.
You may try the whole
7 min and find that it is invigorating to push yourself. I’d try it and if you notice that a day or two later, you are feeling depleted, then back off. But if you haven’t tried 7 min yet, you might want to just “go for it” and psych yourself up for an adventure. When I know I am pushing myself outside my comfort zone I try to do it early in the day so I have time to recover, reflect, and then sleep well.
Sebastian G.
Small progress is the key! Do the 4 min one and once this becomes a habit then you can start doing the 7 min workout no problem! Also there is a 4 min abs program too! Check it out!
Franklin C.
I think that you can certainly do four minutes of HITT instead of seven to start with & then increase the time spent exercising as your body gets used to it and grows stronger. The whole point of this is to develop a habit you will be able to continue with indefinitely. Therefore modifying it so that you are enjoying your workout is very important, much more important then the total duration. Unlike the recommended morning exercise I myself choose to do my workout in the afternoon . Again the point is to develop a habit you can stick with and if mornings dont work for you, choosing to exercise in the morning is setting yourself up for failure. I choose to see my afternoon exercise as an opportunity to restart/reset my day. Its a fresh start for days that suck and an energy re-charge for good days so I can continue to enjoy my day. FYI you gain the same benefit regarding health and energy regardless what time you exercise. There is research suggesting that exercising late in the evening makes it more difficult to fall asleep so beware of that if you’re deciding to exercise in the late evening. However, research also states ,that regarding sleep , exercising in the evening is better than not exercising at all. Personally, I have found that exercising helps me sleep regardless when in the day I do it. You got this ; keep at it!
Milka X.
I would suggest doing it in the morning since it’s proven to help your energy for the whole day. Also, it’s actually a positive feeling to feel sore after working out! Make sure to celebrate after each time. Lastly, if you really can’t work out in the morning, the doing it in the evening doesn’t make a night and day difference or anything so you’re completely fine.
Natalie F.
It is NOT a complete disaster. 4 minutes is tops, many people don’t do any exercise at all! If you do 4 minutes now, maybe in the future your muscles will feel fine for more.
No idea what the studies say, but I don’t think there’s a problem with doing it in the evening, as long as you do it at the same moment/time every day. The important thing is getting the habit!
Leslie C.
Hi there! I’m quite new with this myself but I’ve read quite a few things about the 7 minutes routine previously. I wouldn’t say that it’s going to be a disaster if you start out with 4 minutes but even with 7 I don’t think you are going to have any problems if the intensity of the routine is lower. As for when you should do the exercise, I wouldn’t say it matters. Doing exercise in the morning gives you a boost in energy but doing exercise in the evening(before 8 pm) helps you feel relaxed and sleep better, so it’s a win-win situation no matter when you exercise. I say not after 8 pm though because then the energy you gain will make you want to sleep later and as a result, sleep less. I hope this helps and good luck on your journey!
Louanne P.
Try it a few times and see what happens. It’s more important to do something and see what happens. Don’t get overly wrapped up in optimizing. It’s really more about establishing and doing the habit.
Jordan O.
I feel like it’s very important to do things at your own pace! Anytime I doing circuit training or HIIT, and I start feeling pain instead of burn, I stop to breathe for a second. Exercise is good, but if you’re doing so much that it hurts you, that’s a problem. Especially if you’re a worker like me and need to be able to feel your muscles to do work well.
As for when to exercise, it’s important to fit your schedule. If you’re trying to combat your schedule too much, it’ll cause you to stop sooner. If it fits into your schedule later in the day easily, you’ll be more likely to continue. I do mine either at noon before a protein packed lunch or when I get home from work. Because I’m not a morning person and again, I need to be rested to work well. That fits my schedule so I’m more likely to continue working out because I have to reason not to.
Kirk F.
I think it's better to do the full 7 mins at a lower intensity. I injured myself doing HIIT training when I first started. It was because I pushed myself too hard, not because of how long I was training. It's okay to give less than 100% effort if it means you can complete the full session and not wreck your body.
Patsy T.
Any exercise is good for the body in my opinion. Maybe start you day with 4 minutes, and slowly build your muscles up to seven over time. Pushing your body is good, but not to the point of damaging it.
Ignaz S.
You can always start with a 4 min hiit if you’re new to exercising. Go as steady as you need, listen to your body and how it reacts during the workout but keep in mind that progress won’t happen if you don’t push yourself, the next day go ahead and challenge you’re self to go a little harder or a little longer. Build the habit first! Working out in the morning is better because your body gets to used the fat stored in your body as well as feeling lighter but don’t let that stop you because you can always get the same results working out in the evening it doesn’t matter as long as you’re keeping up with your habit. make sure you meet your goals at the end of the day
Luke X.
Well it is better to exercise in the morning every day, but it’s ok to do it in the evening if you have to. Just make sure you get back on track and to it in the morning the next day. Always remember you are strong enough to do this and you will succeed!!
Katrine Z.
You’ve already started and it is great! Maybe it is not 7 minutes as it proposed by app, but it’s up to you and your ability to work! You can start with 4 minutes and add minutes day after day, or week by week, finally you will get the result and your body will appreciate it! Don’t give up and move consistently and remember – you are doing perfect, if you do an effort and try to improve!
Alma P.
It is absolutely alright to start with 4mins(HIIT) but be consistent and gradually go upto 7 mins. I feel working out everyday day is more important than working out at a specific time. Work out whenever you have the time & energy to!
Irmino C.

No I don’t think it would be a complete disaster. Have you been exercising? If not, then I think you should go with your gut instinct and start with 4 minutes of HIT with the view to gradually increasing the time over a period of the next 3 months.

Erik P.
It does not matter how much you do as long as you’re doing something. You can either do less minutes or the full 7 with pauses in between, as long as you progress. If your muscles are sore see it as growth not pain. Everybody is different, again it doesn’t matter what time of the day as long as it suits you.
Laura U.
I think you should start noMatter how long… and then if it’s 4min raise a minute every 2 days… but seriously, is more important that you start already ! =)
Once you do, you can start experimenting what works better! Go for it!!!
Frida A.
If you haven’t been doing any exercise, even two minutes is a win! That’s how I actually started. I did two minutes twice a day, and ieasy, it was quick and so I had minimal resistance to doing it. Check out Tabata If you haven’t been doing any exercise, even two minutes is a win! That’s how I actually started. I did two minutes twice a day, and it was easy, it was quick and so I had minimal resistance to doing it. Check out Tabata training – four minutes equals 8 rounds of 20 seconds of exertion followed by 10 seconds of rest. I would suggest you do two different exercises for two minutes each to begin with. This is great training already and you will notice a difference quite soon. All the best
Ida Z.
I feels that if you are consistent with your four minute workout, it better than doing the odd 7 minute. Keep it up and in time you can move onto the 7 minute one. Best of luck….you got this!!!!
Doris O.
Doing 4 mins is absolutely, no doubt 100% fine. IAfter you know how much your muscles hurt the next day, then you’ll know how much you can push yourself
Kristina P.
Hey! Kudos on getting started! I was in the same boat as you as well. It’s been proven that pushing yourself too much on the first day is not the best idea. Because your body isn’t used to it and it’s likely you will get cramps (even with some mild exercise it’s possible). It’s very important to ease yourself into it. Remember, it’s not the distance or calories that matter, but that you go through with it. For the habit to actually stick, it’s easier if you don’t have burning sores on the next day itself and want to quit. Keep going, proud of you 🙂
Derek P.
You should be okay. 4 minutes exercise is still exercise, you can add more minutes the stronger you get. Not sure about the energy boost comparison between exercising in the morning and at night, probably depends on your current health, though some experts recommend getting exercise at 5:00pm.
John O.
Start at the pace you’re comfortable with! As you get used to the four minutes, you can gradually add more time. I’ve currently moved up to 15 minutes, and I probably won’t go beyond that. Adjust your plan to fit you, because no one knows you better than yourself! I hope this helps
Edward B.
I don’t know what HIIT means, but I suppose it is about exercise. I think that just do what you think is best for you, I am really not expert.
Jean Z.
My experience says that something is better than nothing. You know your body. Do what feels good, and what will leave you wanting to come back the next day.
Suzanna Z.
hi!! it’s absolutely okay! sometimes you need to recover, and that’s what you should do to help your strength improve. i try to do more than what the program says, i will usually take a day off. make sure to stretch out before and after and that will help a lot more. i hope this helps you out! 🙂
Noah P.
Listen to your limitations, so as not to scare yourself off from coming back to the exercise tomorrow. You will get better with time and be able to ramp up to the 7 Minutes eventually. Good luck!