Does it take a little while for you to get up in the morning, drink water, and do exercise, like you have to make a decision to do so? Or is it automatic for you?

Mathias C.
It definitely takes me a little while, especially since it is still something new. I find that it does get easier with time to convince myself to get up in the morning, as the experience of doing so helps me know it will be rewarding. I think the effort needed to convince myself can help further cement the habits in stone, as something that comes easily can be easily forgotten.
Grace P.
I wake up quite early and get up quickly. Drinking water and getting out for exercise is normal and therefore automatic for me
Jenny Z.
At first it was very complicated to remember that I had to drink water in the morning for example.
But after some days doing that it’s now always in my routine like I can’t start a day without drinking water first .
Louane E.
It takes a while to get up in the morning; but drinking water is an immediate, easy no brainer; and then exercise is usually later in the day.
Lauren B.
It still takes a while to make the decision, to be honest. But I push trough because I know I have to re-write my brain to do the healthy habits.
Sandra W.
I have been doing it for many months and it is now automatic. I do this when I get up each morning. I have a set time that I get up each morning so that I can get my exercise and drink my water before I start my exercise routine.