What vitamins do you take to help your journey of being successful?

Evelyn E.
They aren't exactly vitamins but I take Lion's Mane and Chaga mushroom extract with my coffee, and it significantly helps my mood!
Mildred I.
I wish that success were as easy as taking a daily vitamin. However, it might surprise you to see how simple the solution actually is. The pill takes on many shapes, depending on your definition of success, and you already have this pill available to you free of charge.
So what is that pill?
Small habits are your daily vitamin that will lead you to success.
That’s right, it is that simple. Small habits are the bricks and mortar of success. Think about what you could do in a year if you worked on your small daily habits. It may not feel like much when you do them for one day, but if you can learn how to continue in your habits, they can be THIS powerful:
– Let’s say you want to be a writer. If you wrote a page a day, in one year you could have the novel you have always wanted to write: A FREAKIN’ FULL-OUT NOVEL!!! Like Lord of the Rings! (Ok, so maybe only Fellowship of the Ring. But you get my point).
– Let’s say you want to be healthier. If you walked 10 minutes a day, imagine how different you would feel! Let me just run some quick numbers here for all you math nerds: The average person walks about 3 miles an hour according to Google so…. 3miles/60minutes = 0.05 miles per minute …. 0.05 x 10minutes= 0.5 miles a day ….. 0.5 x 365days = 182.5 a year…. That means you would walk about 183 miles in a year!!!
– Let’s say you want to be a musician. If you composed a song a week, you would have five 10-song albums by the end of the year! Just a song a week. You could write the lyrics to Verse 1 on Monday, Verse 2 on Tuesday, the Chorus on Wednesday, and then spend the rest of the week writing the music.
But our problem isn’t realizing how powerful habits are. It’s this:
The hardest part about habits is keeping them up for more than a week!
Habits are powerful tools. The problem is most people can’t make habits last…at least not positive habits. Because trust me, I can make binge watching Netflix for two hours a day a habit without thinking twice!
Are the people who make habits last some sort of mutant-human-super-productive-dream-chasing-machines?
I don’t think so….
Anyone should be able to make habits last. You just need the right ingredients.

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Andre Y.
Actually I prefer eating foods rich in natural vitamins for example if I want a large dose of Vitamin C I just eat fresh orange or make myself a cup of limonade as for vitamin E I try to include olive oil in my breakfasts and so on, so dear friend I suggest you take the vitamins in their natural form that is available in fruits and veggies, ai used to take iron pills but they weren't as effective as the iron I take from spinach and nuts, it made me feel more alive and healthy and it gave me a dose of energy that pushed me to go through my day and complete my journey😊😊
Cathy F.
I take a daily multivitamin in the form of a gummy vitamin since my toddler also takes a gummy vitamin and we have them together each morning.
Aaron R.
I'm 61 and work with a nurse practitioner in a clinic that works to optimize blood test numbers, rather than being satisfied with numbers that fall into the normal range. I take pre-natal vitamins each day. I also take a Vitamin D supplement, Iodine with Tyrosine, and a B vitamin combo. These supplements are tailored to my blood test and to my specific requirements. I buy a good quality brand of supplements to ensure not only the active ingredient is available to my body but that the filler is also good quality. I checked buying guides and reports.
James P.
I just snack on plenty of different types of fruit throughout the week and try to eat fish at least once in the week. I also try to fill my dinners with plenty of vegetables. No supplements yet.
Marie W.
Well it does not madder what kind of vitamins it is but it needs to at lest have some kind of vitamin C or vitamin D in them
Gl Ria T.
A multi vitamin, vitamin C + zinc, vitamin D and a natural hormone balancer (agnus castus) and I should probably add a vitamin B complex to that mix, and some omega oils…..