How do you continue your exercising routine when you can’t follow it, like when you’re traveling or visiting friends?

Thibault P.
I’ve committed to do some kind of body work everyday.
Whether it’s gym, or stretching, or body mapping or a mountain bike ride. And to be kind to myself if I don’t always get to do it.
Ars Nio C.
I have a set of TRX ropes that can go right in the suitcase and some Pilates workouts on my phone. If there’s a gym available, I have a couple of weights workouts stored in my Gymatic app, so knowing *what* to do isn’t a problem.

When I’m on business travel alone I like to do body weight exercises in the room – I have PTSD, and I don’t feel safe going to the gym by myself.

If I’m with someone else, I’ll go to the gym if it’s not too crowded.

At a minimum I can do TRX squats and rows, some desk pushups, and a short Pilates workout.

If I were visiting friends, I’d do the same thing. If they are gym goers I can go with them as a guest. If not, I can take a half hour a day to do TRX and Pilates.

Jacqueline G.
What is done is passed, I usually think. It is more important to keep your routine than exactly what you do for an exercise. On an everyday routine I do a short yoga routine every morning, but when I am away traveling or late, I do 5 squats. Just like that, 5 squats and nothing more. It may not be a lot, but it helps in keeping the routine going ^^ at least for me.
Diane O.
I will continue to do my little excerise routine when I first wake up I will go to the gym at the hotel for about 30 mins
Livio Y.
Sometimes I miss a few days, it is important to remember that does not mean the whole routine is lost.
Mostrly I try to do at least some exercise, even if it is shorter the usual or at a different time of the day.
Liam T.
The key is to find a way to move your body that feels good. Routine can have it's own benefits, but try to take advantage of whatever is around you! Traveling: use the opportunity to explore new surroundings by renting a bicycle and going sight seeing. With friends: how about a game of frisbee or doing an internet fitness video together?
Using your resources well shows gratitude to the universe and prepares you to receive greater abundance!
Ramazan F.
Well that is a great question. I haven’t tried it yet. But I’ve been thinking about it. I’m going from Colorado to New York for a week and I plan I hanging out at friends houses this summer. I’ve been thinking that since I’m going to New York with pretty close to strangers. I’ll get to know them and then say well I have a routine and hope go follow it. I have a simple exercise plan. You guys can join me or just watch either way is fine. And with my friends we just walk around town and talk and sometimes bike. So I consider that enough workout.
Zeki X.
I’m not always great at this but setting your alarm a little earlier than you need to get up helps! Just make some time for it.
Sander Z.
I do them anyways. Where I can, in the bathroom, at night when everyone is asleep. It doesn't matter, its all about discipline. Its all about comitment and ypur desire.
Daniela W.
To stick with my exercising routine when traveling I couldn’t do my workout either early in the morning or late at night. If I’m with a friend when I need to do my workout I could ask for the friend to join.
Elisa Y.
There are two extremes: No exercise or be rude and exercise.

This App has a great, 7-minute routine, that gets your heart pumping. What you can or try to do within this routine is up to you. SEVEN minutes! You might be taking longer than that, just to wake up.

Yes, there will be times where your “regular” routine is disrupted, but, you still have a choice.

With friends? Try walking and talking or walking incorporating dance steps (weird, but hey, it’s exercise AND coordination).

Be flexible with your routine. You can do exercises to include your friends, indoors or out.

Have you played with balloons? You can do this alone, but it’s more interesting with a group. Being seated, knock a balloon to others in the room. The object is to keep it off the floor. Be sure to safely store objects that can be damaged, before starting. How about a Hacky Sack? (I hate this), but use hands, too. Keep this in the air.

Use your imagination. You can always think of alternative ways to exercise in lieu of “normal” routine. This not “cheating” it is a modification, a compromise.

Ethan F.
My exercise goals was a very easy one. So I'd keep hearing the voice from the fabulous letters is my head and that made it easier to get up and exercise
Elfie X.
Walking is the easiest workout to implement. On vacay or with family. When visiting relatives encourage one of more family members for a walk and talk after meals . Chances you're not the only one trying to stay healthy. As far as vacay. Make an effort to workout in the gym in the a.m. at a hotel. If driving add 10 minute power walks at rest stops.
Amy C.
I simplify it and make sure it’s something I can do while not at home. Could be just a few sun salutations or 10 pushups and jumping jacks or a 5 minute walk. Consistency is key.
Ida A.
I love doing yoga, and when I cant make it to my studio, I will watch Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube. She is amazing, and releases a new video frequently. I can even get by without using my mat.
Tanya F.
That one isn’t a easy one, but I find that just taking some jumping jacks and push ups (and so on) in the bathroom when I usually would go for a run (or such) makes it easier to do the full routine when I’m back home.
Darryl J.
This is the reason I go running, no equipment needed, no appointment necessary and important: better a little 8minute workout than nothing.
Aiden E.
You can try walking for 30 min or do a 7 min/10 min workout. The aim is to train your mind to workout everyday, even if its for few minutes you should ensure to have some physical activity. Hope this helps
Isabella B.
Mostly I view it as do anything get moving more than you technically have to. Take the stairs, walk the block, dance a little more.
Ana S I.
I typically to to find some type of exercise, either before I meet up with folks in the day (like a walk through the neighborhood), or I try to incorporate it into the activities we’re doing (like a hike, a walk through the park or a walking tour).
Zdenka G.
Hm, well thats interesting that I got this quetsion because I'm about to go on vacation soon and have been it wondering myself. But I would invite the friend to go on a run or do a workout with you. Having someone to workout with is super encouraging. You could also plan to do an activity like hiking or rock climbing with them so you can stay active while having a good time!
Otelo C.
In my opinion, you can create your exercise routine to be 'easy to do'. What I mean by that is doing exercises that don't require any equipment. There are resistance bands that work just as good as using any exercise equipment.
Ricardo Z.
Honestly, I've been thinking about the same problem. Maybe do similar exercises that don't require equipment, e.g., push-ups, torture twists, etc. Do it when you have free time. I don't think your friends would care if you threw in a few push-ups here and there and you definitely have time in your hotel room if you're traveling.
S L Na Y.
I often get my exercise by walking and doing physical activities like gardening. Digging holes for plants, moving heavy plants, equipment.
Mitchell Z.
There are many mobile applications which use only staff you have anywhere. Like chair floor…
I use the following application: loss wight for Android
Lawrence E.
I tend to keep my routine short and precise. That way I can squeeze it in anywhere, hotel room, even the office sometimes. I know this isn't the best answer but that's how I manage to keep up my routine even when the rest of my life is hectic.
Clayton E.
I try to find a way to fit in exercise when I can, even if it’s a walk outside and my friends could walk with me if they wanted to
Freja C.
I think the way you do that is by remembering smaller things you can do for some exercise in place of your normal routine. You can do a nitric oxide flush. That take a little under 4 minutes and you can do that 3 times a day. It's good for your heart and for your body. It'll help boost oxygen to your muscles and brain. Also add a small routine is simple push ups and sit ups and a few stretches.
Maiara A.
It’s not so much the routine or what you do it’s the habit of just doing something. Even if it’s hiding out in the bathroom and doing some squats or triceps dips on the tub. When you’re out your normal space you have to be a little more creative! You can do it!
Julio J.
Well, I usually exercise in the morning when I'm in home. But when I am on a trip or with my friends or girlfriend this routine changes.
Ronald T.
I follow the 7 minute exercise, so I can do it in any small place. Try to break your exercise and do small bits. If I can't do it, I will dance with my frnds. This is equivalent to working out 😁
Dorothea O.
I try to make it simple when traveling. If visiting a friend, ask them to go on a walk with you. If you are in a new city, check out the parks by walking around. I also take a travel yoga mat with me, and I try to do a few poses when I get up and when I get ready to go to sleep. That way when I get home it's easier to go back to my regular routine. Hope this helps!
Leroy O.
I always ask myself, what a healthy person would do?What kind of choices would they make?
If I’m driving, I park as far as I can to get in extra steps. I stand as much as possible.
Because I’m vegetarian it makes it easy to eat out. It cuts out half my choices, sometimes all. I’ve learned to eat a little before and have a healthy snack later.
I always put fruits and veggies on my plate first then I put the other stuff ie sweets and carbs.
Water always. Usually free and cheapest. We’ve also made it a habit to bring hydroflasks so we can stay hydrated no matter where we are. We also save a ton on plastic waste and money 💰 💰💰
Yoga is the best form of total body workout and you can do it everywhere!! Best form of stretching your muscles too. I also do push-ups. I started with 5. I’m up to 20 each set I do. Which ranges from 1-3 sets a DAY. It’s not much.
Brandon P.
You can spare the time wherever you are…once in a habit you do it automatically…you get less time but you need not miss the routine whether you are visiting a friend or traveling.
Giulia Z.
I think in both scenarios you mentioned, you can still do your morning routine, or if it requires a gym you could set a specific routine for those special days 😀