One of my friends suggested I sweat out my puffiness (I do hold water). What are tips to sweat more or reduce swelling all over?

Jacinda N.
I sit in an infrared sauna daily (I have one in my bathroom), but I don’t do it for puffiness. I’ve never heard of that before. If you’re feeling “puffy”, you might actually be suffering from chronic inflammation. I would try following an anti-inflammatory diet. Also, if your body is holding onto water, it’s probably a sign that you aren’t drinking enough of it or that you are doing something that is dehydrating.
Diana E.
Hmm. You may be dehydrated or are consuming a diet high in sodium. The best advice I can offer is to make sure you're drinking MINIMUM 2 litres of water a day and being mindful of diet. Puffiness might be connected to a food sensitivity, so perhaps be mindful if what you're eating (I know dairy in particular can be a bad one) . Hope that helps! As always though, don't forget to reach out to your healthcare provider; they are the best experts out there 🙂
Wanda F.
Reduce sodium intake! Drink lots of water; you hold water because you are dehydrated and your body is trying to hold on to that water that you have. It also cleanses your body of excess sodium. You can also do some cardios like simple high knees.
Reinhard X.
Good question. Not sure about how to stop swelling but to sweat more I have some ideas!
1. Exercise before eating. For me I find I sweat more + have more energy before I eat but that could be different for you.
2. Do a HIT session. They may not be fun but it gets your blood pumping and make you work harder in short period of time.
3. Workout at the warmest part of the day and in the sun 😅. Just sitting in the sun you start to melt haha! But make sure to sip water if you do this so you don’t get dehydrated.
Armando B.
The quick answer to this is to exercise vigorously. However, to exercise to these point of losing water retention probably isn't the healthiest thing to do. Be safe!
David Q.
Not a doctor nor trainer, but I think through the consistency of exercise, this will slowly improve your ability to overcome this issue. I also find that I like to challenge myself and using devices (heart monitor) to track can highlight when you need to challenge yourself more to help reach your goals. Advice based on my experience don't push yourself to hard the body needs time to recover. You can injure yourself sabotaging all the hard work to that point. I can suggest if this consistency does not bring the results, your nutrition or exercises could be the cause. Constant evaluation, research and growth can help fine tune your routine for optimal results. Keep up the great work, you're on the right path to a fabulous new you.
Leonie F.
If you have access to a gym with a sauna , that might be an option? Otherwise try to avoid salty foods and drink a lot of water in the morning, rather than in the evening 🙂 Good luck!
Kylie Z.
Eat less good. Exercise daily. Don't binge on food. Avoid late night snack. Think of long term benifit. You will have more energy to do stuff you want
Inaya O.
Drink more, not just water. If you are tired of it, add a bit of lemon juice or another fruit, it will have natural sugar in it so don't add too much. Water+carrot juice is good too, it's sweet, healthy and something different by just water.
Do more exercises, like walking or doing steps on stairs, start with 1 minute and add more in the week. If you can do steps for 5 minutes per day, it will help your health.
Jen N.
Taking a diuretic (water pill) or possibly an antihistamine might help, but before you start taking ANY medications or start any intense exercise programs that will affect your health and your weight, especially in a significant way, talk to your doctor to make sure it is safe for you to do so. And above all, DO NOT stop drinking water just because you are afraid of being "puffy"….you don't need to be dehydrated too.
Curtis U.
I mean, you could start off by keeping your amount of water the same. For example, if you drink a gallon of water one day, and don't drink any water the next day. You'll get really dehydrated and that'll put your body in sort of a storing mode, but with water. So when you deink a gallon the next day after no water, you'll get really puffy. Another thing is to go on a and sweat alot. Wear alot of clothes. I don't really want you to get dehydrated though, but it works. Maybe, try to lose some fat and some puffiness might go away 🙂