What are your favorite and least favorite exercises and why?

Hana E.
My favorite exercises are those that exercise your abs, stretch your leg muscles, and jumping jacks. My least favorite are push ups, pull-ups, and planks because I feel like I have to build up the strength in my upper arms before I succeed at doing one correctly.

William Z.
I like running it’s so important also doing squats and planks I like a lot of exercises but running have hour a day is most important

Gary J.
Mine favoritt treninger er styrketrening for overkroppen, fordi jeg vil bygge muskler og shape kroppen. Mine minst favoritt treninger er cardio, fordi det brenner kalorier veldig fort.

Ricardo O.
I love the seven minute workout because it is short, and to the point. After each move you get a 10 second rest and you are right into the next thing. It doesn't require any equipment and doesn't take too much time out of the day. I also like to do it in the morning so I can get up and get going with the start of my day. The workouts that I don't enjoy are long. I lose motivation to workout pretty fast, and with a shorter and more concise workout, it is easier to maintain. The key to all of this is REPEAT. If you don't continue to do it, you won't want to finish. Just set a goal for yourself such as 1 week. Try it, and if you like the results, continue. Hope this helps.