How do you get motivated again after you get sick?

Wyatt O.
Think about why you have started youre journey. What was the goal you wanted to achieve? If necessaty, go back a few steps and take it from there. And remember, every step you take is a win. You don't have to be perfect.
Frederik A.
If you don’t want to get back after illness(back to exercise or back to work or whatever habit) then have to want to want to get back. If you don’t even want to want to get back, then you have to want to want to want to get back. Do not persist in the emotion of not wanting to, but catch the smallest sliver of wanting to and focus on it. Why is that sliver different. How is it different than the huge desire not to get back to whatever you need to start. Then follow this focus with even the most simple action, like saying out loud what you want, or jotting down a note and sticking it on your desk mirror or fridge. Something to temind you of that different sliver
Matteo E.
Rest enough, and restart.
Don’t think too much, if you could achieve only lower level than before.
Inch by inch, but don’t quit.
Till you die.
Simon C.
I like to start small, take a walk around the block. Be sure to drink lots of water and eat some nutritious food to help you get over the
Sophie E.
I guess it depends on the sickness. But in general, the best option may be to start off slow but consistent. I think the goal would be to re-establish the routine but not necessarily the same intensity or duration that you had before you got sick.
Candice O.
You have to tell and remind yourself that being healthy and staying motivated to do what you were doing before will help you in a major way to prevent from being ill again!
Paula F.
Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Start slowly with with a few stretches morning and evening.. do not rush into things as your body needs to fully regain it's strength. But most of all.. believe in yourself. Push yourself to do these exercises. You'll thank yourself in some years to come
Baptiste Z.
When you got sick it meant that you hadn’t gaven up before. Congratulate yourself for doing that but dont push yourself to hard . Really all I can say is keep going.
Betina Z.
Omg! That is so tough! I dont have a great answer. All I know is that once I get myself to start up again it becomes alot easier to get into the routine. That sometimes is all I need to keep going.
Sherri P.
It’s possible that getting sick can be discouraging. It means the rules changed, and you can’t do what you were hoping to do, if only temporarily. It may seem as though what you gained is lost.
This is a period to recommit to making improvements in your life. Give yourself permission to start again, maybe from a different place, with goals that match where you are right now. Whatever your situation, there is far more right with you than there is wrong with you. Habits can help you, even if you are living with illness and are not sure whether you are on the road to better health.
Helena T.
I get motivated to start a healthy routine for myself by taking one day off of work, school, and life outside. I stood in my natural habitat to clean the house, read some old books and actually finished them. The internet is also a great motivator because I get inspired to create my own post by scrolling through and learning about what’s ACTUALLY going on outside.
L Cio A.
I ofte get motivated when i get away from the stresses Work environment and get to gear Down and relax – that’s when i get to reflect and think about my habits and what I can do better.
Thibaut Z.
Wen sick, I give myself permission to just heal. It also helps to know that if I never stop pushing, my body can't properly heal. As soon as I feel better, I start small, like stretching or walking for half an hour. It helps to have a smooth transition and not to have the pressure of "I'm 10p% again so I should hit the gym hard".
Maxime Q.
I try not to think in terms of motivation. The point of creating habits is building the routines that do not require motivation, but instead operate automatically. The only way to build a habit is to intentionally repeat the desired routine until it becomes automated. Consequently, the only way I see to find motivation is to imagine no longer having to try, but reaching the goal of involuntarily performing your habit without effort
Elisabeth S.
It is difficult, that's for certain. But when I'm sick I get so tired of being weak, sometimes when the sickness passes all I really need to do is remind myself that to get strong again I have to work for it and take care of myself.
Tara Z.
I take my time, choosing to complete the actions I can. I have Chronic Fatigue and some days, exercise just isn't happening, other days it's light yoga. Build up, take smaller steps and skip it if your body isn't ready.
Andreas A.
I’m finding with stuff like that it’s easier to approach it from the mindset of “this is just something I do.” I just try to make it automatic so it isn’t a decision
Silas C.
Not exercising and not being fit are the reasons to fall sick. So my motivation is mainly not to fall sick , which means I need to get back to exercising and staying fit
Annette Q.
The Main motivation for me is the reason why I'm start this. When I have sucseed I feel myself great and in this time I want to do many things I took inspiration That not always come to me.
Sergio N.
Just start. When you’re feeling better, take it easy—take one step, one day at a time. If you’ve been pretty successful at keeping your habits before, then you will be again in due time.
Graciete A.
Just tell myself, if I don't pick it up now, I'll lose it and never do it again. That's usually motivation enough for me.
Timmothy S.
I start recognizing the small amounts of discipline I show which snowballs into being disciplined in the other areas of my life which makes it easier to just adopt my good habits consistently again 🙂
Ferdi Q.
I don't know if I'm the right person to answer this as I'm currently managing chronic illness, so I'm always tired and very easily get sick. But that's what is so great about this app – if you fall off due to sickness, hectic schedule, whatever, you take tiny steps to get back on track. Just remember to make a small commitment so if you do get sick for a few days, it's not overwhelming to get back on track. Listen to your body and rest when you need it. It will be better in the long run.
Antonio F.
Take your time to get back on track and don’t start with all of the habits at once. Do everything one step at a time. Think about why you first started to use this app and what was your motivation then. You can also talk to friends and family to ask for advice.
Micheal E.
I feel that I have to give time for my body to adapt to this situation. I start small again and try to not over-exhaust myself , because I know that my body is not in the same condition
Justin Q.
I try to reframe things. Being sick is like a car going in for a pit stop. After refueling you are ready to tackle your goals again with renewed health.
Judith O.
After I am sick I ease myself back into my routine. I always try and keep doing as much as my routine as possible when I am sick.
Evelyn U.
It is true that whether you are sick for a brief period or, a long duration it makes your body weak and vulnerable. After a bout of sickness it is necessary to get back to form however, you should not push yourself to exhaust yourself too much. Start fresh and with small exercises and replenish your body with vegetables, protein food and consume fruit juice on a regular basis to provide the body the right balance of vitamins and minerals. Being a diabetic I have to ensure that I keep fit by doing the right exercises, eat small and frequent meals throughout the day and never miss my morning and evening walks.