What do you do when you just don’t have the physical stamina to really push yourself but you still just kind of go through the motions, does that still count?

Bertha J.
I use to go through the motions. But I am starting to value and really understand the meaning of hard work pays off. So I am doing my best trying not to go through the motions anymore. I am doing my best to push myself everyday and be as consistent as possible. My physical strength and stamina is very important to me. So I am trying to be the best me. Mind, body and soul.
Uta T.
I think it does still count to go through the motions. We’re not always able to be 100 committed to our goals, but by keeping our commitment to ourselves and doing what we set out to do will keep us in track for our goals. If every day for a long time you’re “not feeling it” then it’s time to re-evaluate if this habit is supporting your true goal. Usually, you’ll feel it sometimes and at least a couple times a week get in touch with why you’re doing it and feel gratitude to yourself for just keeping it going.
Harper F.
I just read a fantastic post by another ex-“smart kid” who was also raised to be a perfectionist. Somehow we picked up a belief that we’re better off getting a zero than a crappy grade like 30 or 50%. but it turns out in real life, every bit counts. brushing teeth once a day is better than none at all. if we can’t make ourselves go on a 30 min run, 10 minutes of stretching is worlds better than the same of couch sitting. Everything that you’re doing is contributing some amount to moving you where you want to go. keep it up 🙂
Avery C.
Yes it does count . All excersise count. It seems for me if I get up and do my morning routine and start it works my stamina returns the more I go through the motions. Keep pushing one day at a time . Soon it just becomes part of your day
John E.
Yes it counts. Going through the motions keeps the habit alive. Not all days will be home runs. Just showing up is important for consistency. Some days you can push yourself and some days you can't.
Janice O.
I take a moment to weigh the consequences of not doing the task at hand to the best of my ability. Then I say to myself, "How you do anything is how you do everything."
C Lio P.
It isn't always about the physical stamina but the mental stamina as well. We can easily think to ourselves "Oh, I'm tired now" and just give up. The real work is pushing through you head telling you, you can't do it or you're too tired! It's true what they say… Healthy body, healthy mine. I was always told, when you feel like you're going to give up, push yourself as hard as you can to get through that.. You never know how close to the end you are. Don't give up!
Sara F.
I think what matters in those moments is that you are doing your best and giving it all that you got. I know that way for me I can't lay a guilt trip on myself knowing I did my best.
Chris Y.
It absolutely counts, to me even more so than when I’m “up for it” because you are putting in the extra effort just to be there
Zora S.
Juts take your time and breathe through each of the exercises and don’t give up and keep motivating yourself going through it and try your best. The most important thing is to ask questions when you need to.
Heather X.
Say aloud that you care and love your future self. That you are about to give them the same gift that you have received from your own past. The gift of a real effort to improve.
Tim Teo P.
You shouldn't push yourself too hard. Stamina comes with practice. You should find something you like doing. If you don't enjoy something it will be hard to become a habit
Nicky S.
I think as long as you’re trying that’s enough, you don’t have to pour your heart and soul into it if you don’t have the stamina or the energy, even just doing half as much as you usually would is better than nothing.
Joel T.
Yes it counts. Im still reinforcing the habits that I’ve built. The action will bring reflection whether it is 100% or not that particular day. We are human and energy levels ebb and peak.
Aleixo Y.
Showing up always counts. If you are also moving in a way that honors what your body is telling you today (maybe to push harder or maybe to ease up a bit) – that is a triumph in showing up for yourself.
Lucineide S.
OF COURSE IT STILL COUNTS! I read the other day that exercise isn't about how motivated you are all the time but rather how committed you are to the process. Commitment is what matters.
Regino Q.
If you need to rest, or do somerhing more pressing, then do it. Then get back on track. Maybe look for motivation, for example, if I exercise on my own then I'll join a class to push myself a little more..
Ingridt F.
Not exactly. You definitely won’t get the same results from if you pushed yourself but I still include it as exercise and it can still be beneficial.
Milan Q.
i'm not sure i understand this question. are you saying you feel exhausted before you even feel your muscles working? if that's what you mean, the problem is that the weight is too low. increase the weight, but don't go to the point that you can't do the motion correctly because that's unsafe. my goal is to do three sets of 10 reps. when i can do that easily, i increase the resistance. but you shouldn't forget endurance also. for that you should do three sets of 20 with a lower resistance.
Carlindo Z.
There’s two sides to this I think. The first part of my answer has to do with physical stamina. If you’re physically drained, sore, beat up, or just plain tired… it’s ok to take a rest day.

I’d also ask that you see if it’s not emotionally, mentall, willpower drained amplifying how tired you are. If you are drained of those things, I’ve found it’s best to push through. However, it’s ok to change your expectations.

If you’re trying to build a habit to work out…. The goal is to get into the gym regularly. The workout is important but if you keep but that happens after you get here. So simplify the goal of just doing one.

It’s like imagining if your goal is to do 20 push-ups, start with trying to something crazy simple such as 1 push up a day. Make it so small it’s super easy. The reps and the regularity are why build the habit. Eventually over time your pattern, habit, or muscle memory will kick in in spite of what you’re feeling.

Zulma F.
I think so— it keeps the habit going, even when you don’t feel like it. I used to run medium to long distance and there were many days I didn’t feel like it, but afterwards was glad I did.

I imagine we get more out of exercise when enjoying it, though!! Good luck and keep at it!!

Constance T.
I think it counts because at least you are keeping to the routine. Lack of stamina could be indicative of what, if anything, needs to change. Is it tiredness due to external factors? Emotional stress? Or is there an underlying, possibly undiagnosed health reason? Or is it really boredom of the routine parading around as lack of stamina?
Lucy B.
Hi, do not be to hard with yourself but not trick you in the meantime. So, try your best everyday but exceptionally you can skip your habits…we are not our personal jail!
Dorian Z.
It’s best to keep up the habit, even if you’re tired. If you don’t have the stamina that day, then make it a recovery day. Think through what you can do differently. Maybe you take a walk instead of a run. Maybe you stretch instead of lift. Maybe you have a breakfast bar because you sontnhabe enough time. Just get up, get rolling, do the habit and appreciate the results.
Mirco E.
It's better than nothing. Thing is I don't much trust theze Q bits cos ot feels like market research. Why are you asking is to do it?
Mille G.
Yes, absolutely. I often also find that once I’ve started something, I will find some energy and become able to do more than I had anticipated. But even if that doesn’t happen, it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t have to achieve perfection every time. Allow yourself to go through the motions and accept the best you can do in that moment.
Javier E.
Well yes of course that counts. It is all about the habit. That's what's important. You cannot expect all your days to be filled with enthusiasm and energy. Sometimes you will be tired, sad, bored etc. And those are the moments when you need the exercise and the habit the most. So be proud and content! You did it.
Gerald F.
Yes. I am a cancer survivor and for a long time after main treatment I lacked so much energy that it seemed I was doing nothing and it was still so hard I felt like giving up. But those small actions pushed me through, and now I’m stronger than I thought I could ever be again. Still hard but I learned to keep trying, because better can come, even when setbacks occur, I still keep going. Mentally it feels better.
Fanny E.
My personal belief is yes it does. It keeps you on the routine, it continues to program your mind and body that this is something you are committed to. There are always going to be tough days – showing up and doing something is a real victory.
Carmim E.
Depends.. sometimes it’s good if the result is more important than the journey. But when your desired result is the motion itself.. like exercising, studying, meeting people, etc. then better charge and do it when it’s the right time.
Otniel O.
I would count that as a win. You did do it all. But be careful in pushing yourself too hard. If this happens once, fine. If it happens multiple times a week you might need to step it down a notch. Push yourself little by little and celebrate the little improvements. Rome wasn't built in 1 day.
Diane X.
Take a water break. If that doesn't help, it's not good to continue and I don't think it will help strengthening body. It's best to lower it down and build strength by slowly revving it up over weeks.