Is yoga harmful?

Catherine E.
No. It’s good for making you more flexible and can reduce stress aswell as help yourself recover from hard training. It’s not harmful but it’s not recommended to do too much, you need a variety of things to do.
Bia N.
I’ve never thought of yoga as harmful.

To me, it’s always been more of a way to deal with any harm done to me, mentally speaking. It helped me relax. Of course, there are certain figures that may end up being harmful to your muscles if done too soon. I believe one needs to find balance between the comfort and relaxation that yoga provides, and the progress one wishes to make wether it is in being mindful or being more flexible. Balance is key.

Cecilie X.
Yoga Can help you relax, be more flexible and have a great connection to yourself. I would recommend to do yoga, because it’s such a great way to release strees.
If you should start doing yoga you should do it either in the morning or at nigh.
Brigitta F.
No, I personally don’t think so I think it’s good for you and your body to be able to unwind or even get your mind and body ready for the day. I should do it more often, but I’m still to lazy even with this app!! 🙁
J W.
Yoga is not harmful at all, yoga just makes you stronger and more flexible, the only way yoga could be harmful is if you’re doing a pose that causes lots of flexibility incorrectly. Hope this helps 🙂
Alex E.
I personally think that from the physical point of view it is not harmful, but when you take a look into the way it makes you involve in the religion that it came from, well…. I think it is not healthy….. I personally prefer to practice a sport that does not ty me to any religion or faith, in order to be able to choose my own beliefs.
Stefania R.
I think it depends: I didn't do exercise for a very long time now, so it hurts for now, but I don't think it is harmful. Although, if there's a physical condition present, I don't know if it can be. Better inform yourself with a specialist before any kind of training, not just yoga.
Wyatt F.
I don’t believe it to be as long as you’re in the right mindset. Whether it is for physical health, for stretching and such, or if it’s for meditation, for grounding, then I don’t believe it is
Livio Z.
No yoga is amazing. Yoga has made me feel more grounded and balanced. The time you use to quiet the mind and focus on your breathing is much needed in daily life. Yoga has changed my life.
Anne N.
No yoga is not harmful! As a physiotherapist, yoga is a great way to teach flexibility, mindfulness and strength training, while giving your mind some space to think freely and relax. It is great!
Tracey U.
not that I know of as long as you don’t overstretch your limbs since that will cause your muscles to pull and bring you pain
Akanksha F.
Yoga if not benefit someone it's definitely not something which can do any harm. Breathing exercises or yoga poses gives control and stability to the body and mind at the same time make body strong and flexible. Compared to other exercises it helps to maintain inner body health with outer one and make immune system also strong. I myself prefer yoga over any other full body exercise.
Isabelle N.
I believe that yoga is not harmful. It helps strengthen and stretch the body. After a long day you can come home and do some yoga, after you will feel great because in yoga you relax your body by doing exercises meant for relaxation. So no, I believe that yoga is not harmful.
Kate S.
Any movement when done incorrectly can harm our bodies. There are different kinds of yoga, some more "intense" than others. It is important to research any kind of yoga, or program, to see if it fits your personal style, health goals and level of fitness.

But generally speaking, yoga is a great way to move, stretch, and strengthen your body. Many practices of yoga emphasize mindfulness as you move, connecting your mind and body. It can be a wonderful practice, just make sure you go into it with clear expectations and knowledge. Don't push your body past what it's capable of!

Shivani W.
No .. the yoga is not harmful it was good for your body health and heart.. it was increase strechiblity and improves the confidence..
Isabella Z.
Yoga is not harmful but the opposite it’s great for mental health and body it makes you stress less and makes you more flexible and energized
Simona U.
Yoga is a practice that I have taken up as of late and I personally found it very helpful with improving brath control and flexibility, however it's important not to force yourself to do it perfectly from the beginning, if you can't do the pose they show you then just reach to were you can and try to reach further next time, or else you'll only gain sore muscles from it
Caylan W.
not all all! to me yoga can help stretch the body by helping it relax. it is also a good way for me to exercise in a short period of time. yoga is a really good activity overall!
Simon W.
Yoga is not harmful. If you go slowly, and understand your limits, you will not hurt yourself. It helps you breathe and relax. I struggle with anxiety, so, for me, yoga helps to relax my body and mind and helps me get a good night's sleep. I suggest you try it!
Flora A.
I personally do not think it is, if you are making sure you are dying it correctly and carefully and making sure to hydrate afterwards it’s perfectly safe and is even good for you as it improves your mental and physical health
Royal G.
Oh yoga is not harmful however, there are different levels of yoga like beginners, mediums, and advance. If it’s your first time doing yoga and you are not very skillful, doing advanced yoga may strain you but overall, yoga is really nice to do, I do yoga every morning.
Bethel N.
No, I think it’s actually every relaxing and helps stretch your muscles. I find it very helpful to do yoga after a long day of school or when I’m not in a good mood. Try it out I bet you will enjoy it:)
Jade E.
I am not a professional according to that subject but I would say no. Yoga is about breathing and stretching which are really good for your body so as long as you don’t do wrong stretching exercises and dangerous poses then you cannot fall and it will not harm you
Bo S.
Yoga is not harmful. I had it first semester for school, and there was time to meditate and relax. My mental health was sm better then.
Catherine U.
No, it stretches out your body especially in the morning. It has many benefits such as, it’s relaxing and improves sleep.
Georgia C.
To be honest I've never tried yoga. But my best friend does that and I can tell she's far more flexible than I am. She's also calmer and her body is pretty toned for someone who doesn't lift weights. So I guess yoga does more good than harm
Valentina Q.
Not at all, but you need to make sure that if you are just starting with yoga you need to take it slow and listen to your body
Oksana F.
No, when approached with patience and grace, yoga is a practice for getting to know yourself, your body, your breath… and moving towards creating balance and unity within your being.
Victoria S.
No I don’t believe yoga is harmful. I’ve known it to help a lot of people. It introduces exercise to help stretch your body, but also enables us to calm our mind, and process our thoughts.
Yann E.
No yoga isn’t harmful as long as you do it the right way. Yoga was deigned in such a way that it helped your body in every way . So it helps if you focus on your body as you do yoga
Jerry P.
No, yoga isn’t harmful to any unless they push themselves past their flexibility point. Some people choose not to do yoga because it’s not calming to them
Dwight P.
I dont think so. I think our bodies perform best when they are strong and flexible. it makes recovering from injury easier. it also allows you to slow down and clear your mind
Misty Z.
Yoga generally is not harmful to a person. However, if there are any physical items that should be addressed prior to yoga and they should be addressed prior to starting (mobility, any medical condition that should require talking to your doctor first, etc.). With that being said, I modify my yoga as needed throughout. If during any session I feel like I cannot hold a pose without injuring or potentially hurting myself (or I just simply do not have it in me that day) I modify it. I do a less straining pose or put myself into a pose that my body reacts to better. Yoga is your own personal journey and the instructor is only there to guide you. Do as you please with it, even if you are sitting in the child’s pose through the entire session. You are still getting all the good meditation from it.
Saula Q.
No, as long as you go through the moves slowly and listen to your body. Just like how you can’t run a 10k on day one, you won’t be able to fully stretch out into all of the poses right away. Make sure to modify and gradually work your way to where you want to be to prevent yourself from overextending yourself or pulling any muscles.
Sarah S.
I think its a good excuse for lots of people to stretch and it's a low impact workout, for beginners at least. It is a Buddhist practice of aligning Chakras which doesn't align with my beliefs. I think many people do it without the spiritual aspect as even a thought, but I'm not sure you can really separate the two. I don't think in and of itself it is harmful, but I do think it can be.
Hanspeter J.
Yoga might be harmful but sometimes it's harmful in a good way. For example, if you're doing yoga and it starts hurting really badly, then you're doing it wrong. I hope you understood what I meant. Have a great day!
Albert P.
No, it will only help your flexibility and the muscles used. Start with some yoga that stretches your body but not to the point where it hurts and then practice that everyday until your more flexible and then move to a new yoga move to increase flexibility.
Undine C.
As long as you do the moves right, it's not harmful.
Also yoga gives you strenght and relaxation.
I think it's good for your body.
Eesha N.
Yoga helps with relaxation and has multiple health benefits from doing yoga and brings a better mood on people who do yoga. So it is not harmful. Just be careful not to over do yourself.
Katie N.
Overall, yoga is a benefit to add to your lifestyle. The only way one may be harmed is if they overstretch their muscles or try stunts that are too advanced. Take it easy, yoga is supposed to be a relaxing activity. Use your mind along with your muscles to refocus and reflect on the day.
Mikv N.
i’ve never done yoga, and i have a yoga class for tri 3. but it does relax the muscles and warm the body up for upcoming exercises, so there can’t possibly be a reason why it would be harmful.
Sof A Q.
No it’s not, if you’re planning on starting yoga I would recommend to start slow and look for some classes or videos on YouTube for beginners
Hayley N.
It shouldn’t be. If it is harmful, then you are pushing yourself way too hard. Yoga, especially if you are a beginner should be like stretching, with focus on the breath.
Esther N.
no, yoga is a way to connect with yourself finding inner peace and tranquility when reflecting, I invite you to practice yoga, you will feel changes
Catherine T.
Yoga is literally anything but harmful. It's a life saver almost. It builds up to your physical and mental harmony in the best possible ways you could imagine. Please do yoga every morning and night, as it will provide a new step of the many you have to finally set your life together.
Julie A.
No yoga is not harmful. Yoga can allow time for yourself and can be relaxing. It can also be used as a type of workout if wanted to be one.
Amy X.
He has extensively studied reports of injuries and other harms from yoga, and he drew this conclusion: "We found yoga is as safe as any other activity. It's not more dangerous than any other form of exercise." … Pranayama-, hatha-, and Bikram-style yoga practices had the most adverse events associated with them.
Abhisek C.
Nope. If you do it correctly without hurting yourself and in the right order, you are good to do Yoga. I do it. I really fresh after doing yoga, ready to start off my day.
Lucy T.
No it’s relaxing and spiritual if you do it slow enough and properly but remember to breathe slowly and take it slow to start off with.
Elias Z.
yoga isnt that harmful, infact i was wanting to do yoga, but i never got around to doing it. if i could do a daily schedule for it, yes, i would do yoga. yoga stretches out the parts that so need to be stretched out.
Student F.
i don’t think so. it is more affective in a positive way than negative. it helps you be more mindful of ur self and others.
Gauzy Phoenix N.
If you know what you’re doing, yoga is in no way harmful. However, if you try something you’re not ready for yet, it could be harmful.
Ily S E.
I don't think so? I took a fitness class at my school and yoga was recommended to improve wellbeing and flexibility. I also do a little yoga in the morning every now and then. I think just like with any exercise if you don't perform it properly you could get hurt but in that case I think you would just need a guide for how to do beginner poses and work your way up to more complicated ones. Just like you wouldn't try to run a marathon with no training since you don't want to over exert yourself. I'm not an expert though so you can also ask someone who has more experience.
Sally J.
No, it isn't. Yoga is useful your body. It refreshes your mind and soul. If you try to do yoga you will see changes in your mind and your body. I start my morning with yoga and trust me it is better than coffee for waking up 🙂
Karla N.
I personally do not think Yoga is harmful! It is a nice way to relax your body and make peace for yourself-of course it is hard with soo many loud noises, but I have never hear it's harmful.
Lelystad M.
I don’t think yoga is harmful. I actually think yoga is very healthy. It really grounds you and makes you aware of your body. It is also very good for your muscles. The only scenario I can imagine where yoga wouldn’t be healthy is if you injure yourself during your practice. Luckily this is unlikely to happen if you take small steps and really listen to your body!
Aida P.
Doing Yoga correctly shouldn’t be harmful. Trying to do complicated positions or moves you aren’t ready for can cause an injury but with patience and dedication yoga can be very helpful
Maria C.
I don't think so, it's actually very helpfull for some people. But if you don't feel comfortable or if it hurts you just stop doing it and find other alternatives.
Roxana Z.
It can be if you try some complex exercises even though you never practiced yoga before. Take it step by step and start with a training for beginners. There are plenty of them to choose from on youtube
Evan W.
No it’s really good for you. who is it going to harm? That is a strange question to me. Who told you it was harmful. I would question their advice. they do not seem to have your best interests at heart!
Alyssa C.
Definitly not. Yoga teaches us to be present in the moment, calm down and be patient. Why? Because when you are in the hard pose, you are shaking and sweating then you can force hard situation, learn to stay strong and calm.
Gui E.
No at all, to me, yoga helps in relieving muscle tension as well as increasing your flexibility. It is also a form of exercising
Cl Mence P.
No never.
Yoga is very useful for our body and brain.
Yoga is good for bones too ( i think).
Streching and relaxing our body at same time fells Like mirecle.
It is also the definiton of yoga
Landon P.
I m not familiar with yoga. But I believe that yoga is best for any human being. In near future I will start with Pranayam and surya namaskar..
Sol Ne Y.
I don’t think yoga is harmful as long as it’s done properly and the people that someone does it with makes them feel comfortable to be around.
Martinha C.
Yogesh not harmful for anyone. It's mental and physical benefits are endless and you might take some time to to get used to the exercise but the wait is worth it.
Grete N.
I have been doing yoga alone and woth my friend for many years and I can say that it's not harmful until you do some preparation before and you don't break any bones etc. if you're having fun, it's all that matters.
William A.
No, yoga is not harmful. I have never tried it but only heard great things. Its good for stretching, relaxing, and feeling good.
Eliott T.
If you listen to your body as you do the practice then it won't be harmful. Infact Yoga is a great exercise that promotes mindfulness, deep breathing, stretching and toning. Like swimming it's a form of exercise that is gentle on your joints…. And still has great benefits.
Sandro Z.
No. Yoga is able to help me take a step back and focus on how my body and mind are connected. I feel mentally and physically rested after it.
Cea P.
Nope, i really don't think so, as far as I've heard it helps you physically, mentally and also spiritually. I'd recommend yoga to every single people in this world.
Josie T.
Not at all! It helps strengthen your muscles and helps relive stress. Although one time I pulled a muscle too much. So make sure you don’t do too many poses per day. About 10-8 poses is healthy. If a pose hurts you, don’t do it. Yoga isn’t meant to hurt the muscle at all.
Annekatrin H.
Probably not, if you do the poses correctly and if you’re not too injured or sick. One yoga pose was kind of painful to me, but a yoga instructor showed me what I was doing wrong 🙂
Apolline E.
Not at all. It is one one the most relaxed set of exercises you can do. It helps you calm down yourself and you are energetic throughout the rest of the day.
Noah Q.
No, I dont think yoga is harmful IF, you learn how to do it correctly and slowly. I think yoga can be very helpful for almost everyone..
Zanete E.
A great breakfast is something you can walk away from feeling full, and ready for the day, a not so great one may taste good but you don’t feel quite as full
Piper G.
Yoga can be harmful if you are not careful and you push yourself to hard but if done right and you don’t push it yoga can be relaxing and it can be a form of meditation. I think if you do yoga and you like it, it can be just as good and helpful and healthy as any sport.
Robyn N.
As long as you’re not over extending muscles it isn’t. It’s a very safe, relaxing & low impact workout when done correctly. Just be sure not to demand to harshly of your body & to ease into the movements/poses slowly as you progress. What your body may be able to do one day might not be the same as the next so always ask a question of it as you stretch, never make a demand of it.
Id Rio P.
Not at all. Yoga is one the most relaxed set of exercises you can do. It helps you to calm down yourself and you are energetic throughout the rest of the day.
Lucie S.
Yoga as an exercise, at its core, focuses on stretching and flexing muscles specifically in order to build strength, flexibility, and burn fat. It has more variations than I could list here, due to its extensive history, but yoga in many forms is typically considered safe and healthy! The important part is to not push yourself to the point of pain. It depends on your level of mobility but speaking as somebody whose been homebound for 13 years and spent most of it sitting around, it's helped my energy immensely.
Nora N.
i don’t do much yoga myself but as of what i know, no, it’s not harmful. unless you go too fast in some moment without stretching first. so be careful and take things slow but no, it shouldn’t be harmful 🙂
Jarrett N.
I’m not really sure. It’s something that I have been looking at trying. I’m definitely interested. I want to buy a mat first and maybe take a class or two.
Miguel F.
Anything that is done too frequently is harmful. Exercise too much and you'll ruin your body. That being said, it is hard to do too much yoga.
So then, unless you have a specific disease or injury or characteristic that stops you from doing yoga, yoga is not harmful.
Leonard J.
Not at all! Yoga is a great work out for everyone. Sometimes i even prefer yoga the regular work out. It really connects me with my body and relaxing.
Sarah N.
Anything can be turned into something harmful , example- doing asanas (physical movements of yoga) for 12 hours a day is not going to be the healthiest approach . If you have concerns about injuring yourself please consult your doctor and find a yoga teacher that is quite educated in anatomy and the effects of movement on the body . The practice of yoga can be a life changing and quite positive addition to your daily routines .
Sabrina G.
No it very beneficial on body and mind. It starches and strengthens the body and connects the mind to the minor things around you
Maria W.
No never!! The great thing about yoga is that you can adjust it right to your needs! I suffer from back pain and specific yoga stretches help me with this pain while also adding some exercise!
Clara Y.
Yoga isn't harmful for you. Its pretty good actually, it stretch your body, makes you more flexible and is useful in weight loss. Make sure to stretch before you start and don't jump off to some really advance yoga poses because it will cause damage to your body. Take baby steps and slowly move up. And most importantly don't overdo it. (I'm not a doctor but I know some stuff so do your research lol)
Ahmad E.
Yoga is not harmful, if fact stretching and breathing are very important. But you have to start everything slowly- yoga can be harmful if you push your body too far too quickly. So take ot easy and practice – that's what I'm doing!
Alexander G.
I would say no. However as any physical exercise yoga can do some damage if you do it either incorrectly, or without proper care
Josi U.
No yoga is not harmful it is a natural relief of distress and anxieties that you have had from that day it comes you down and great for falling asleep and waking up
Ludmilla F.
When i need to stetch my body yoga is my first choice. Even my mind is peace and when i do yoga or exersise i forget about everithing else.
Trinity C.
Yoga is like a warm bath… it replenishes you in way that allows you to reflect on your week but also teaches you to be present in the moment – making every breath count
Oscar N.
yoga is not harmful it is calming and gives you strength mindfully and physically. So no yoga is not harmful. unless you do something really bad and break your neck.
Gavin C.
Yoga is good for your body in many ways. It helps your mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. It improves your health, flexibility, and moods.
Gaelle X.
I can be if you aren't doing it correctly. Yoga is beneficial in many ways and is really good for your body. But if you don't know how to do it or are pushing yourself to much in your stretches you could hurt yourself.
Lisa Z.
Any physical activity can hurt you if you overdo it or have an injury or condition that it exacerbates, but besides that, no! Yoga is a good way to maintain balance, flexibility, and strength. Many people also find it calming.

I do have an injury in my wrist, so if I do yoga I modify or skip poses that put pressure on my wrist. It’s about knowing your body and what is safe for you.

Afridi X.
It actually depends on how you define it, if it's just sitting on a yoga mat and tilting your body parts here and there, then obviously it could be harmful. But, if you can extract the real essence of it through proper practices, it'd be fruitful and calmful!!
Ana Y.
No it is not, when you do it the right way. You must take it slow while focusing on your body. How long can I do this exercise? How far can I strech this leg? Ask yourself such questions and listen to what your bady says. Don't force your body in things it doesn't want to do because then it is going to be harmful.
Mechtild U.
I can't see how yoga could be harmfull even tho I don't perform it myself. It streches out the muscles and gets you feeling grateful for the day.
Eva U.
Yoga is a good way to become flexible as well as ground and control your breath, as long as you take is easy and dont puah yourself to do things you are not yet able to do,its not harmful. Never push yourself especially if you have never stretched like that before because you may risk injury.
Pedro T.
No with proper instructions and supervision is very safe and have many good benefits. I gave multiple sclerosis and it has help me a lot. I modify some to work for my condition and limitations and it works for me
Marius Z.
No. Yoga is great for you in every way. It helps exercise the mind and the body. You might want to ask yourself, what is making me ask this question instead of taking action to better my health? Avoidance is a very real pattern that can heavily manifest itself in our lives. You can choose to stop questioning and start working towards your goals or keep sitting around and wasting away. It’s all up to you.
Kai N.
I’m American so;
-Oatmeal with fruits and nuts
-Eggs and toast
-Eggs any way you can think of
-Yogurt with fruit and nuts
-Or, if I’m late, just 2 seasonal fruits

My partner is Syrian so;
-Pita with olive oil and zatar, hummus, labneh, olives, and usually we slice up tomatoes and cucumber
-Scrambled eggs with garlic and tomatoes
-if late, bread with hummus

We eat the same thing just showing some options

As for yoga, yoga itself is not harmful, and generally considered low-risk. However, yoga can be triggering when we have trauma stored in our bodies. Also, anything can be harmful when done in the wrong way or in the wrong amounts. Try to find a yoga teacher who can ensure your safety, even if that’s following a YouTube video.

Personally, I find yoga triggering andI have steered clear of practicing yoga for years. That’s okay I have other things in my life yoga doesn’t have to be for everyone. After all, my Indian friend tells me “yoga” marketed in the US is so warped from the original practice.

Heinz Gerd F.
Only if you don’t like it. Physically, most likely not, but search specific things on the internet if you are afraid to hurt your body (for example if you have a health condition).