How can I train in those busy days where there’s not so much time to move before leave home?

Doina N.
I use short exercises that usually find on YouTube. I created a list so that I have them handy and pick exercises that I think I need that day i.e 10 min abs workout or 10 min arms workout. I then walk to the office instead of driving or taking the transit. I’m lucky that I live close (about a 20 min walk). To make this work I wake up about 30 minutes earlier so that I won’t have to rush or have to chose the transit to get to the office.
Trang A.
Just 5 to 10 minutes each day is enoough. Play a workout video on youtube and do along. You dont have to perfom it perfectly. The goal is do it consistently
Madhvi V.
Try to find a time that works best for you, this could be achieved by waking up a few minutes earlier or cutting that tv/whatever time in the evening. And nothing says that you have to workout at the same time everyday.
Angelique H.
Hey, great question. Do the 7 minute workout on Fabolulous. It will take just 7 minutes but it's a very intense and effective exercise routine. Go for it!
Eleanor C.
For me, the hardest part of exercising is just starting, so commit to exercising for 2 minutes. Jumping jacks and squats are great. Once you start, it’s easier to continue. Even doing 5-10 minutes of exercise is better than not exercising! Currently, I like the Nike Training Club because they have a “Short Workouts” section that shows workouts from 5-22 minutes.
Amber T.
If waking up earlier isnt an option, do you have any time where youre just waiting? Like, waiting for coffee to be done, or waiting for your shower to get hot. You can use this free time to do body weight exercises!
Glen Z.
On mornings when you don’t have time to change into your exercise gear, just do a bit of movement in the bathroom. 30 or 40 air squats. 30 or 40 tricep wall pushes. Getting in some muscle contraction in those large muscle groups is MUCH better than doing nothing. And it takes less than two minutes to do.
Rose C.
You can wake up earlier. 5 mins will be enough for a little train. It is better to make a short exercise every day, that do a long one once a week. 😉