How do you get started running?

Mathis O.
I prepare a music playlist that I will for sure enjoy running to. I get ready, put on the music, and it gets me started.

Sheila J.
You must build up to running. Start walking and take deep breaths in a brisk walk. Have your shoes and socks ready for a time you have determined will be good for you to walk or run. Make a personal statement that you repeat to help your determination, something like “I step ahead”. Saying this statement every day will be foundational to your success. Dismiss negative thoughts through the use of the statement and also by having your gear ready all the time.

Judy Z.
Set a goal for yourself, for example, running a half marathon by the end of three months. Then set smaller goals like running a mile in under 7 minutes. Then run a mile or two a day until you can run faster, work on increasing your pace for a while then increase your distance. Like run one mile for a week, faster each time. Then two miles each day for a week, faster each time. Eventually, you will be able to run long distances at pretty fast paces. If this didn’t help, they have beginning running regimens online which may help also.

Alberte Z.
I use the running app TrainAsOne to give me my optimal running schedule, which is updated daily to your own needs. If you are a beginning runner it will limit your running needs to a level that there is no need to not start running.

Nina O.
I wanna live a long life, that's how I first get motivated. I don't want to miss great things in life just because one day I have health issues that make me disabled from experience exciting things, especially in the future.

Tracey C.
I just started. I set the goal, wrote it down, and stop making excuses. I am using the fab app running program to train for my first 10 km race. Today – I was feeling great so I doubled it up.

Melissa W.
Start with a short jog. Just get out there. Note the time when you just can’t run any further and need a break. Then the next day, see if you can run even just a bit further than that. The improvement will be encouraging!

L Vian A.
i started running because i felt that it would help me become the best version of myself. my best advice would be to set goals for yourself. ask yourself: “what do i want to be able to accomplish by the end of this run?” depending on your fitness level, it might be being able to jog for 3 minutes, or sprint at a speed of 10mph. set small goals for yourself and expand these goals as you go along your fitness journey.

Daline S.
I just put on trainers and went out. At first I might only run for 10 minutes, or 2km, but now I run for about an hour or 8km. I don’t like the interval running apps, they don’t suit my mentality. I need to just get stuck in and then finish. You’ve got this! 🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏼‍♀️💪🏻🤸🏾‍♀️🥳🎉

Julie A.
I started with a small distance : 1km and when it became easy, I started to add bigger objectives : 2km, then 5 and then 10. Each time I could run more, it made me even more happy and proud so I kept running more and more and it quickly became a habit. Now I can't imagine my life without running!

Sara U.
You need to set time aside for it. Don't think when I have time, think: I have to make time. Set a schedule. Make sure you have your workout clothes and shoes ready and very visible. Make sure that you can see it right away . Have food ready for after your run- food that is healthy, full of stuff you need after workout (carbs and glucose usually), and that will double as a reward for you having done your running. Have a route you'll enjoy running through 💕

Katerina A.
I started get running when i feel like I'm going to get fat if I'm not exercise from now on. And it's because i feel like my body isn't light as before and i don't like it

Roberta T.
I did not start running. I have a knee injury so running is not an option for me. My main exercises are biking, swimming and going on the rebounder. I am not always successful everyday, but I schedule a time to do it and I aim to do it.

Mason U.
I love to run! Firstly make sure you have decent shoes, having the wrong shoes can make running a nightmare. If you have not been running, you need to start off slow and set short goals. Gradually at time and distance. You’ll alternate walking and running at first. Also, do a little stretching prior to and after every run.

Louella W.
The main thing is to start slow. It’s tempting to set off running as fast as you can but two minutes in you’re exhausted and you never want to run again. Start by jogging for 1 minute then walking for 90 seconds for 20ish minutes. Building it up gradually over weeks, but the main thing is not to rush it