How do you get someone who is experiencing depression to exercise?

Brittany P.
Start with slow body movements like yoga or walking. Just a 5 min slow morning yoga stretch on YouTube and when you feel you can do more go for a longer video or something more challenging. Don’t push yourself too hard. It takes time to build up and you don’t want to burn out.

Carlos U.
Hey! In an eight minute exercise you can do anything. Remember to take it easy on your body in the morning. This exercise is to make you feel more energetic and ready for your day. You could run, stretch, walk, etc. the possibilities are endless! If you have a hard time choosing, try doing what your mind inspires you to do 🙂

Veronica B.
The biggest thing you remember before anything is to be kind to yourself. It’s a need to get up and keep moving, but you also have to baby step yourself into it. There will be times that you start and stop, which is okay, but never give up. Try to relate your exercises to things that you like. Nature, people, music, or even locations. You don’t have to lift weights or have a routine. You can take the stairs, walk to the store, walk your dog, go take pictures at a park, or even ride a bike to somewhere fun or beautiful.