How do you walk with 5 inches of snow?

Amanda J.
With high knees, slowly and with great difficulty. Or you visit a gym and walk on a treadmill or buy a treadmill and walk at home while looking out at the 5 inches of snow. Not sure if this question was looking for an existential or philosophical answer. If it was just looking for problem solving skills. But to be honest I have no more than 5 days life experience in the snow and cannot literally relate to this question. I probably wouldn't venture out to walk in that kind of snow. I would probably do laps of the house, general walking around the house or a treadmill.

Kunal X.
If i want to do something which is tough i first ask myself why i am doing this and then if the answer is reasonable and need attention i try my best day by day, second by second to cross that snowy street to fulfill that need which is the need of my good future.

Berndt I.
I’m not sure my friend. It stopped snowing here a long time ago. If I remember correctly I would get strong boots and do it. But this happened when I was a kid. I wish I had that kind of snow even for a day. I hope you’ll find your answer from somebody that knows more than me. Love