Do reps really matter or could I just keep doing a specific exercise until I get tired and try to do more the next day?

Lauryn C.
For me, reps just help to control my progression. If I slowly increase my reps, I see strength growing and weight loss. However, this can easily also work as growth. By doing the same workout and making it harder, you are effectively doing the same thing
Niquel O.
I mean, they matter if you're an actor preparing for a role. Or someone trying to sculpt a very specific physique. Sure, in the case, they matter. If you're just trying to tone up and be healthier, consistency is all that matters. Some days you'll do more, some days you'll struggle, and that's just the ebb and flow. Nothing to be frustrated or guilty about, just something to notice and accept.
Agenor E.
Which ever you find fits in best with you and what u are doing!
Mix it up for a holistic workout!
Keep up the good work!You are Fabulous!
Best wishes
Margot N.
My attitude is that it’s better to only do the amount you’re comfortable with. Pushing your body too hard can not only be discouraging but also cause you unnecessary pain and increase the likelihood of injury. Especially if you haven’t exercised before- go slowly and feel what’s goid for your body.