What type of music is good for recharging you and giving you the motivation to work out?

Sandy N.
Instead of listening to music, I watch TV…and I only watch this particular series when I am in the gym!! It's a motivator to exercise!!!
Laura C.
It depends on my mood. Sometimes it needs to be very energetic even agressive, from alt-rock, ska, pank too heavy metal/hardcore. Sometimes when i feel the inner need to have a calm recharging i prefer some light folk,country or jazz.
Ellie X.
Good electronic dance music is good because you can exercise to the beat. It also can make you move more. To be honest it's what suits you and get you energised
I wouldn't recommend slow sad music as it can slow you down and make you feel less able to exercise.
Julie W.
As a music teacher I enjoy literally all kinds of music as I find something to appreciate.

For you, I would recommend it be music that relaxes you. For some people, classical piano or orchestral music, but for others this would put them on edge.

Personally, I love relaxing and exercising to chilled out Lo-fi electro vibes, but sometimes I switch it up with other choices depending on my mood.

You may love up beat pop hits to find your happy place, or bring back nostalgic memories with heavier rock from your teen years. Perhaps some crooner or smooth jazz will hit the spot.

Trust your ear and keep moving the musical dial with your tastes and moods.

Amber Z.
I like high energy music with strong lyrics that I can concentrate on instead of concentrating on the movement. Rap is good for this purpose.
Ringo E.
Personally, as an artist, I get motivated by quality and complexity. Experiencing great art that took talent and time to create gets me motivated to make myself better and more functional in my existence as a creator of (hopefully) great things. In other words, I don't tend to use music as a motivator simply on the basis of volume or quickness of rhythm; I tie it to my purpose and find music that can best make me reflect on my life's pursuit and motivate me to chase it. For non artists, that can still be finding music that lyrically speaks to what you desire, or a beautiful melody that just sparks your appreciation of the world around you and what humans can accomplish.
Point is, great art ties us together in unity of purpose.
Michael E.
Everyone’s taste in music is different, so I would suggest finding something more fitting for your own taste. Personally, I like listening to BTS. They’re songs are upbeat, and I always want to dance!
Sharon G.
I usually go back to my older music that I listened to in my younger days. I keep my favorite tunes in a category. I need fast music and it has to be tunes I like that I can sing to it try to sing!!
Beatriz Z.
I listen almost everything when it turns to music. But I like to start with some good vibes uplifting music, then i turno into something with more rythm as hip-hop, so you work out with the beat. Then I slow down to finish, stretch a little with some chillstep. But in the end it's all about listening to what makes your body move.