This morning I’m drinking a yummy cup of herbal tea. Can I count this as my water?

Victoire O.
Almost certainly yes! Of course, it might depend on what type of herbal tea, but in general a pure (unsweetened) herbal tea is a great choice for hydrating. It’s a little more work and might make the drinking water habit slightly more difficult to complete on autopilot (how do you prepare this the night before and put it next to your bed?) so maybe it’s an occasional thing.
Jovito Q.
If its more than 16ozs, yes. Otherwise I would try and drink a seperate glass of water. The idea behind the water is to hydrate, flush out, and help feel more full.
Francisco Z.
Herbal tea is good but probably should not be counted as a substitute for water- count it as your tea for the day.

Drink water as well during the day and count only water as part of a “water tally”for the day.

Set the habit of drinking water daily in order to make it a routine and part of a ritual.

Clayton T.
I think so! I’m not sure whether tea itself can dehydrate you, but the water used to make it counts. If you want to be extra sure, maybe drink half your usual glass of water, too.
Ad Nias P.
I don't think tea counts as water because water is different than tea because of how many things/chemicals go into tea. So water is healthier than tea and fabulous is trying to have you drink water not tea
Irma N.
I would say yes! It’s getting fluids in you, and it’s definitely better than coffee or something with a lot of sugars in it! I don’t know how the fabulous feels about caffeine, but if you’re used to it and would need to drink it anyway then why not flavored caffeine water? Good luck! 🙂
Janet W.
From what I've read, yes! A lot of the water we consume in a day comes from sources other than a glass of water. I'd say it counts, especially if it's caffeine free (caffeine can dehydrate).
Vicki U.
Unfortunately tea and coffee dehydrate, which results in a loss of water. I would suggest first drinking your 8 oz water and then make tea after
Tim Q.
No, water is essential. Just plain water. The only way that it can be modified, is if you add a water enhancer to give it some flavor, like KoolAid or lemonade.
Theo W.
All fluids count I guess. But you might feel the habit sticking better if you drink just water. You might also feel mere hydrated from water. It’s also better for your teeth 😉
Robin T.
It depends on what is your goal. If your goal is to stay hydrated then yes, if it is to get used to drink only water water, maybe. I think if the drink has caffeine in it then no, but if it is only herbs (and no stimulant) then it works.
Minnie B.
There is something about nice cold (or even room temperature one) of water , right as you wake up. Before you stumble to the kitchen to put the cattle on and wait for the water to heat up
It gives you a small boost to first wake up and than stretch, say good morning and than walk to the kitchen, alert and aware to put that cattle on. So in short, no
Rafael C.
It’s great that you’re thinking this over, and have thought of a creative way to make this challenge more enticing. Just remember that the purpose of this ritual is to rehydrate the body after sleep. If you were awake and hadn’t had water for 8 hours, would you slowly drink a warm cup of herbal tea to rehydrate? Probably not. Think of the first glass of water as refueling your tank, and savor your tea as part of a scrumptious and healthy breakfast. Because you can (almost) never have too much water in the morning 🙂 Kudos again on thinking outside the box; your transformational journey will only be enhanced by your curiousity and creativity. Keep up the good work, friend!!
Debbie E.
Depends on the tea, you are drinking. For example many green teas have quite a bit of caffeine in them. As a result you will get your body dehydrated after drinking caffeine consisting drinks. Herbal tea sounds nice for the morning. Personally I would have a glass of plain water or with a little bit of lemon or laim before the tea.
Rebecca T.
I love it! You will be hydrated and it might even be better as it is calming to make the tea. :-). The only danger is that you may forget the trigger (glas of water by the bed) and therefore maybe will forget to drink altogether… But I’m sure you have a plan!
Gloria Y.
As long as the tea is not caffeinated, you can count it as water. Any caffeinated drink is a diuretic, which means it causes you to urinate and actually lose water. Herbal tea is not often caffeinated so you should be fine.
Pat S.
No, you shouldn’t count the tea as your water. If you skip the water and think you accomplished your daily task of hydrating your body with water by drinking the tea, you might tend to skip the water the next day as well with a small excuse, and so on. You should rather stick to your habit of drinking water and have the tea additionally during the day 🙂
Tracey T.
Yes! Doses of caffeine equivalent to the amount normally found in standard servings of tea appear to have no diuretic action, according to Wikipedia.
Martha O.
No water is different. I feel even if I drink tea I am still thirsty to water. So drinking water is different that drinking tea for me
Janett U.
I guess it depends how true you want to stay to your goals. Will counting tea be a slippery slope down a path you don’t want to go?
Tim S.
No, I believe water and tea play different roles in your body. Tea will give you necessary nutrients and water helps flush out toxins in your system.
Tude C.
I think this absolutely counts. Calling it yummy means you are getting some sort of reward from this action which reinforces the action, right? You could also consider the act of making it as a ritual to use as a point of reflection on your purpose or whatever you are concentrating on at the time. Perhaps a special teapot or mug or tea flavor can be a token that you are using in your journey? I have a teapot that reminds me of the style of martial arts I take which is part of my purpose. Drinking from it makes me consider my current relationship to that part of my life. Considering there is a biological component to the water in the morning it might be worth supplementing the tea with some water to ensure you are hitting the day fully hydrated.
Frida A.
Tea is a great beverage compared to ther drinks. If you drink a solid mug and not just a small cup of tea, this will do the hydration part, too.
Dejalme F.
It depends on the type of tea – some may dihydrate you. But in general everything that is not Coffee, black tea or sweated drinks from shop should be good for your body and can be counted equal to water
Chad W.
I wouldn’t because the water is used to rehydrate and flush out your system. The caffeine in tea is not the first thing you want to put into your body, but it can be consumed closely after the water.
Katie O.
That's exactly what I was thinking about this morning. I think pure water has a different effect, it's the main substance the body needs to norish and wake up. The caffeine in tea might not be the best thing in the morning on an empty stomach as far as I know.
Heidi E.
Tea does have water. But so does coffee and beer. I would say pure filtered water is your best bet for hydration first thing in the morning.
Lucas X.
I don’t think Fabulous has a rule about it. There is a separate “drink tea” habit, so I suppose there must be some people who want to get into the habit *both* of drinking water *and* of drinking tea. I drink water with medicine and before and after exercise and when I’m thirsty, and tea after meals, and call it good.
Alyssa S.
Not really. I think just drink water from the water bottle that you have or that you like. Just pure water will work from the sink or the plastic water bottles. You can use a reusable water bottle and you can look at it to see if you are drinking enough water each day.
Jennifer N.
No. As it has different herbs that go in the body. And different chemicals and hormones are released by the body. Plus the liver has to filter the tea . Etc etc etc
Christian B.
I think herbal tea can count as your water. It is the caffeine in drinks that reduces the effectiveness of water alone.
August C.
Although tea is a great substitute for coffe, I wouldn’t count it as water. Just like coffe is technically flavored water, we still don’t count it as water. Tea is a much healthier option, and pat yourself on the back for taking the first step towards healthier habits, but I wouldn’t count it as water.