Should you do your morning exercise before or after breakfast?

Edit F.
I eat breakfast before my morning exercise. If I don't eat before, I become more nauseous the more I work out. Being too full also makes me feel sick during a workout. Knowing this helps me not over eat because I don't want to feel terrible during exercise.
Alain O.
Hi! That’s a great question and there are plenty of opinions on that. My trainer advised me to do my exercises before breakfast so that I get a chance to really burn up fat rather than simply the calories and sugar I took in a few moments ago during breakfast.

I think it is important to note though that you should do what works best for you at the start. It’s more important that you start working out, than that you set that extra barrier of effort you need to surpass simply because 'it is considered more effective’. It's all about building habits at first. In my particular case, after failing 5 weeks to get up early to do my trainer-advised-before-breakfast run, I simply switched to evening runs, and have since been burning fat every evening for the past two months.

Do whatever gets you moving, may that be before or after breakfast 🙂

Olivia N.
I've thought about this question too, and for me the answer is simple: I like breakfast more than I like exercising, so if I exercise first I can have breakfast as a reward!! Also, some studies have shown that exercising before food can kick-start your metabolism and burn more fat.
Gail U.
A short workout session is great before breakfast. However if the session is longer than an hour, I have a snack during. And i dont do a "fasted workout" if its longer than 90 min
Maddie B.
I personally don’t eat in the mornings so my answer would be to eat something small nothing to big like a fruit and water bottle, or like a granola bar and a fruit or a fruit smoothie
Shaked O.
Eating a good protein full breakfast after morning exercise builds the muscles, plus exercising after eating can make you feel nauseous.
Clarisse Z.
I do it after. So i would advise before. I get lazy and don’t want to be full so my morning exercise ends up being afternoon
Stephen Q.
I think it's better to do it before breakfast, it's not good to exercise while digesting food. If energy is an issue then having something small but energy rich before is a good idea (a banana for example)
Sara Z.
When I wake up I'm often very hungry, so I do my work our after breakfast. I use to wait about 30 minutes before working out, reading, cleaning or studying.
Le Nidas S.
I think it depends on your preferences. Personally i dont like doing anything before breakfast but i know that a lot of people think its easier to get the exercise done first thing in the morning. So i think you should just go with whatever feels most right/makes most sense to you
Kay E.
I think it really depends on your body, generally I dont eat or drink anything before / during my workout because I get a lot of cramping from even the tiniest sip of water, but if you need the fuel first then go for it!