How do you keep motivated to practice a habit when there is someone who pokes fun at you?

Maria L.
Just ignore them and remind yourself constantly about your personal reasons why you're practicing this habit and visualize yourself after a couple of months practicing it and how it could affect you in a very positive way
Erna Y.
I just go with it, and let him be.
Or i just hide it, to not let him see.
My habit is for me not for him,
So i don't have to tell him that i will just be.
Sometimes i want to talk about my habit but i hide it until it's done and sometimes i don't even think about it because i want motivation and i don't have to relay on the others to give it to me.
Because if i told them i may have the need for them to relay on their motivation to me (which is "almost" always little, bad or none),
And if i didn't i don't. 🙂
So the next time you want to tell others about your habits practices and goals,
Just make sure to be the one who controls you.
or tell yourself 😉, he is always with you, helping you with your fights.

My love, Nashat.

Astrid F.
Because I know that I am better to cry and feel bad about myself because crying is not going to get me to my goal, I know that that person pointing fingers is just mad because I am better than them. I am strong, I am powerful, and I am worthy
More C6 N.
Believe it or not, I have the same problem as you! I'm mocked for trying to practice certain habits by a bunch of people who call me a fitness junkie, that I'm doing eye service etc. But what I do is just keep on going. Avoid that person as much as you can and never stop doing what you're doing! Build a positive support bubble, preferably people with the same goals and aspirations as you. Why live your life to someone else's plan? I believe in you. Let's do this together! ❤️☺️
Caleigh E.
I would talk to the person poking fun. Most likely it’s someone you’re close to. If it makes you feel unmotivated when they poke fun, tell them. Let them know that you want to better yourself and that you would appreciate their support. Or at least appreciate not having to deal with the demotivation.
Xavier G.
When someone makes fun of you for practicing one of your habits, the best way i found for making them stop is when they do, acting like they are being weird, as if they were making fun of you for eating a normal meal or brushing your teeth and answering back in that mindset. They will see that even tho they were not used to it it is a completely normal thing, and are likely to stop, or do it only once or twice before they do.

Good luck! 😉

Maja P.
Hii! I have a brother whose behaviors is changing. At first we poke fun at him but he didn't mind, after a few weeks we accepted him with his new behaviors because we got used to them! So I learned that I can have my own new things, I just must wait to others get used to mine too!
So do yours, after a while they have to accept you! ^_^
Sarah Q.
When somebody makes fun of you when practicing a habit, they have no idea how much work and effort it take you to do it. They are clueless. Only focus on yourself and remember what your goal is. When thinking about this goal, you must try your hardest to make it happen.
Ilonka O.
Not really qualified to give relationship advice, but for starters tell them to stop. If they care they should. If the relationship isn't good overall, you don't have to put up with it and could end it. Maybe they feel like bringing you down because they are jealous of you trying to raise yourself up? If so you could try to convince them to join them on your journey.
Christopher Y.
I verify my resources and my plan. Do I have faith in the science, do I have faith in my choice, do I think this person is someone who's criticism is important? If I have faith in myself, my science, or my plan – I just remind myself, this bozo doesn't have the data is coming from a place of ignorance. Bunk their criticism.
Hailey O.
Just keep going. Their thoughts on something I enjoy doing for myself do not matter. They’re allowed to have their opinions but that does not need to effect how I live my life. I create habits to better my body, mind, and life.