What do you do to halt cravings? Mine are mostly for bread and for sweets.

Sibylla I.
It depends how strong my will is at that moment. If I am in a good mood I eat something different. Ny cravings are usually sweet things, so instead a biscuit, I eat a date. I think that it is important to have the right items at home. Instead of a big bag of crisps , a small one so even if you eat it, it will be small amount. With bread, maybe choose a healthier option – wholemeal for example.
Mahira X.
My cravings are for sweets as well. I am a sweet tooth. But not all the time we must consume what we crave for. So, I just distract myself from that thought of sweet dishes inside my head. I try to read, watch series. That works as instantly but temporarily. For a long term solution you can try that, keep reminding yourself that what harm can they cause to your body. Nothing is good if its excessive. Read articles, follow healthy diet related posts. I hope that will help ya.
Leeza E.
I find myself craving a lot of sweets as well, but I try to curb it by eating fruits and natural sweeteners, like coconut sugar.

Also, try to bake or eat paleo desserts to eat sweets with natural sugars AND tons of protein to keep you from stacking up on sugar and carbs. That seems to help me a lot.

L Rke Z.
In all honesty, when I crave something, I usually end up eating it… But, maybe it is possible to substitute it, with a glass of water, since water gives you a lot benefits