How do you really get your yourself back in a routine? Tried to do my yoga this morning for the first time in 11 months and there was a BELLY in my way!

Isis J.
Keeping yourself motivated starts internally. Think about your goals for your future. It may seem far away or impossible but reaching those large goals starts with accomplishing smaller ones. Getting back into your routine will make you feel amazing. Try rewarding yourself. Every time you do yoga do your favorite thing afterwords, or have your favorite drink or snack. Maybe watch your favorite show if you have time. Also, don't let the physical changes your body might go through discourage you. Beauty comes from within. Stare into your mirror today and give yourself a bunch of compliments. It might seem strange, but it's scientifically proven to boost your mood. Have a wonderful day!!
Wyatt N.
It’s always hard trying to get back into routine and being consistent with it as well. But I think just trying to start small instead of trying something big that you haven’t done in long time can be helpful. For example, I’m been trying to get back into working out for a long time but I have been struggling. So, I wanted to start small by stretching in the morning for about 5-10 minutes instead of doing a big workout. So, if you want to do yoga again just start off working small by doing about 5 minutes of yoga everyday in the morning or do three days a week of yoga in the morning but it’s mainly about whatever works with you and what helps you start your routine. Also I would right down reminders to myself on my phone that pop up on the screen first thing in morning which will keep me consistent with myself. I believe if you want to do yoga try writing reminders to yourself first thing to do yoga in morning after you wake up also wearing your yoga outfit asleep in bed will help you next morning because you’re already for your morning yoga and you get your pop up on the phone remind you to do your yoga this morning.